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Copper Fox took their undefeated run in the Kings Norton League to thirteen games when they won their home fixture with next to bottom of the table Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 6-1. The win keeps Copper Fox two points to the good on their nearest rivals second placed Northfield who also won 6-1 in their game away to bottom of the table Kings Norton Flights. Third and fourth placed Rubery Social Club and Bourneville are both on twenty points, six short of the leaders after Rubery had a close 4-3 win at home against Bournebrook and Bourneville handed out a 7-0 whitewash to their hosts Cock Inn. Despite maximums from S.Deeley and N.Watts Thurlestone still lost their home tie with Longbridge 4-3, Northfield’s M.Lloyd another player to find the three treble twenties.

With the league now up to week fourteen M.Lloyd remains undefeated having won all fourteen of his games. T.Cullen has the highest finish of 161 and the least darts of thirteen has been achieved by both E.Simpson and T.Garfield.

Full Results:Game 14:- Copper Fox 6 (D.Marsh 100,125,2x135,140, G.Dews 100,135, K.Bedder 2x100, T.Hamilton 140, D.McConomy 100,101,121,122,135, R.Mann 135,145) Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 1 (M.Bandy 113,119, T.Shaw 100, C.Davenport 100,120,140, J.Howell 104, S.Carr 128), Thurlestone 3 (N.Watts 2x100,121, T.Garfield 121, R.Waldron 125,2x140, B.Andrews 125,140,16 darts game, S.Deeley 100,135,140,180, N.Watts 180_ Longbridge 4 (C.Evans 100,121,135, J.Woodward 100,125, S.Facey 121, J.Steward 100, D.Watts 100), Kings Norton Flights 1 (P.Lilley 140, D.Willis 120, L.Rooney 100,121,125, G.Saad 100, R.Fisher 140) Northfield 6 (R.Hitchmough 100, L.Allen 4x100, A.Busby 140, M.Lloyd 4x100,121,180, S.Busby 2x100, J.Taylor 3x100, M.Hopkins 125,135,140, R.Broadhurst 100), Rubery Social Club 4 (J.Grainger 4x100,125, A.Faulkner 4x100, R.Higgins 128, K.Manger 4x100, J.O'Neill 2x100,121,122) Bournebrook 3 (T.Cullen 100,118, K.Mason 107,140, C.Smith 100,123, M.Welsh 100), Cock Inn 0 (P.Hughes 100, A.Hopkins 2x100, L.Fox 2x100, John Fox 100, Joe Fox 2x100, K.Vaughan 100) Bourneville 7 (M.James 3x100, 140, M.Collins 3x100, G.Carver 3x100,125,135,140, A.Deeley 2x100, G.Bailes 100, A.Hughes 100, D.Murray 100, P.Smith 100).


Highcroft Hotdogs kept their winning run in division one of the Sutton and District Summer League going making it four straight wins when they beat Heartlands 6-3, and being as they are the only team without a defeat they have a two points lead over Bishop Vesey who also won 6-3 playing away against The Nomads. Nomads drop one place to third with Vesey replacing them in the number two spot, two points short of the Hotdogs. After the leading trio come five teams, Old Horns Lions, Nomads, Red Lion, Aston Manor CC Flights and Old Oscott Arrows all four points off the top with four points. Gerry McCormack recorded a 160 break for Hotdogs and team mate John Frost a 149 game shot.

There are two teams in division two with a 100% win record, leaders Scott Armers and and third in the division Rosey Mac’s who have only played three games. Scott Armers were in fine form winning their home game against bottom of the table Pint Pot Flights 7-2 to put them two points ahead of Erdington Arrows and Scott Armers, Erdington Arrows were also 7-2 winners playing away against Rosey Mac’s Bar.

Full Results:Game 4:Division One:- Aston Manor CC Flights 2 (Alan Whitehouse 100,135, Ryan Barritt 100, Martin Partridge 140b, Gary Bushell 100) Old Horns Lions 7 (Tony O’Kereke 100, Barry Stephens 100, J.Greaves 140, Andy Kimberley 120b), Old Horns Arrows 4 (Clive Matthews 100, Neil Goldie 140, Alan Lilley 100,121, James Clarke 100,102b,121), Red Lion 5 (Ted Birkett 133b, Tim Vickers 100,120f, Dane Vickers 101, Jimmy Collins 148b) Brian Hughes 100), The Nomads 3 (Tony Colley 135,108, John Green 100b, Carl Winters 140, Kevin Smith 2x100) Bishop Vesey 6 (N.Birch 100, Nigel Smallwood 121,100, Stuart Abbott 100, Dave Walton 100, Mark Wild 100,140, Nick Sammons 100), Highcroft Hotdogs 6 (Simon Shorthouse 100, Karl Neale 100, Sid Pritchett 120, Jack Alexander 140) Heartlands 3 (Gerry McCormack 160b, John Frost 100b,149f, George Drennan 2x100,105, Ryan Cain 100), Walmley CSC Flights v Old Oscott Arrows to be rearranged, Division Two:- Rosey Mac’s Bar 2 (George Averil 140, Jordan Nolan 100, Andrew Colley 101b) Erdington Arrows 7 (Martin Edwards 115, Karl Tooze 100), Plough and Arrows 4 (Steve Johnson 100, Stuart Gow 140, James O’Connor 100, Kieran Gow 100,106,108b) Rosey Mac’s 5 (Derek Sargent 111, John Carr snr 100, Stephen Wright 100), St Tom Cats 3 (Kevin Coleman 100) Sutton Sharks 6 (Niel Holmes 100, Jason Meadows 140, Michael Taylor 100, Jonathan Boden 120, Ally Jarvis 140,100, Chris Gardener 120b), The Scott Armers 7 (Mark Felkin 160b,102b, Luke Parry 100, Ollie Day 100) Pint Pot Flights 2 (Phillip Southall 140, Martin Phillips 121,100, Joolz Fountain 100,100b, Louie Lemathy 2x140).


Average is the only difference between the top two teams Copper Fox ‘R’ and Northfield Conservative Club in the Harborne and District League. Game number eight had no effect on that situation whatsoever as both teams chalked up 8-1 wins with Copper Fox ‘R’ remaining in pole position after their win at Weoley Castle WMC and Northfield Conservative Club second, eight legs of average adrift after winning at home against Quinton RBL. Smethwick Cricket Club were previously second but a 5-4 defeat at Northfield Town has seen them drop to third place two points short of the top two teams.

There were four 180’s this week and they were supplied by R.Hosey (Northfield Conservative Club), D.Davy (The Mill), J.Hykin (Copper Fox ‘R’) and A.Harvey Copper Fox ‘M’).

Full Results:Game 8:- Northfield Conservative Club 8 (R.Hosey 100,130,140,180, D.Hill 3x100,2x140,15 darts game, S.Jones 100, C.Airey 135, S.Cartwright 100, D.Hill 104f) Quinton RBL 1 (D.McConomy 100, F.Goldsby 100,114, C.Millward 2x100, D.Windsor 140), Avenue Social 4 (C.Morgan 100, T.Williams 114) The Mill 5 (D.Davy 180, O.Gough 140, J.Goulding 2x100, K.Pearsall 3x100), Northfield Town 5 (A.Busby 140, L.Allen 3x100, D.Hopkins 2x140, S.Busby 100, R.Needham 3x100,140, M.Hopkins 3x100,135, D.Hopkins 111f) Smethwick Cricket Club 4 (A.Bomber 100,134,140, M.Collins 100, V.Gould 100, M.Smith 3x100, S.Sheridan 3x100,119,2x140, F.Johnson 2x100,121, P.Brookes 100), Weoley Castle WMC 1 (S.Joyce 100, M.Simmonds 100, M.Bolton 100,140, A.Heath 2x100,105, P.Coombes 100) Copper Fox ‘R’ 8 (E.Simpson 2x140, M.Hamilton 116,120,125,140, J.Hykin 100,140,180, A.Hykin 3x100, T.Hamilton 100,125,171, N.Porter 4x100,118f,125,140,15 darts game, J.Good 135), Copper Fox ‘M’ 8 (J.Downer 100,121,125, A.Harvey 2x100,121,125,140,180,15 darts game, J.Loughran 2x100,121,140, N.Steventon 100, K.Bedder 100,121, M.Davies 100,101, K.Jukes 100,125, D.Kent 140) Cock Inn 1 (L.Fox 2x100, A.Underwood 100,108, N.Hurst 2x100, A.Vaughan 100, Joe Fox 100,123,140, K.Vaughan 100).


Although Lee Hodges recorded two maximums for his team The Dingle in group one of the Sheldon and District Summer League it was not enough to see his team win as they went down 6-2 at Langley Arrows whose Daniel White had a 158 finish, the defeat sees Dingle drop from pole to third in the division and be replaced at the top of the table by Highwood who were held to a 4-4 draw by bottom placed Willclare Sports and Social. Second placed Raven Arrows and Dingle are both on the same nine points as Highwood but have both played one game more than them, Raven Arrows latest fixture seeing them win 5-3 at Yardley Ex Colts.

Sheldon Dukes and Brian’s Flights held on to their unbeaten record in group two the former winning 5-2 at Maggies who as a result of their loss drop to the foot of the table despite maximums from their D.Carter snr and Stuart Jones while Brian’s Flights had a bye. Sheldon Dukes lead the group with nine points with Brian’s Flights second with seven. Hornet moved off the foot of the group with a 5-3 win at Shirley Misfits to take over in third place with four points.

Week seven results had no effect on group three, Trident Spears 8-0 win at Sheldon Marlborough Ridge cementing their place at the top of the table with ten points, one more than second placed Kingshurst Labour Club and two better off than third in the group Langley Flights, the former beating Lyndon Old Boys 7-1 and the latter held to a 4-4 draw at The Bell Inn.

No change in the top three places in group four Banbury Club taking their points tally to ten from six games with a 7-1 home win over Sheldon Marlborough Flights and second placed Smithswood Social Club also moving up to ten points but from seven games with their 6-2 win over Hampton and Solihull Cricket Club. Third in the group Moseley Rugby Club won 5-3 at The Raven to give them eight points from seven games.

Full Results:Week 7:Group One:- Langley Arrows 6 (Daniel White 158f) The Dingle 2 (Lee Hodges 2x180), Yardley Ex Colts 3 Raven Arrows 5, Willclare Sports and Social 4 Highwood 4, Group Two:- Maggies 3 (D.Carter snr 180, Stuart Jones 180) Sheldon Dukes 5, Shirley Misfits 3 Hornet 5, Brian’s Flights had a bye, Group Three:- Sheldon Marlborough Ridge 0 Trident Spears 8, The Bell Inn 4 Langley Flights 4, Kingshurst Labour Club 7 (Stephen Shepherd 117f) Lyndon old Boys 1, Group Four:- The Raven 3 (Alan Eden 130f) Moseley Rugby Club 5, The Banbury Club 7 Sheldon Marlborough Flights 1, Smithswood Social Club 6 Hampton and Solhull Cricket Club 2.


Longbridge United continue to head the singles and pre-match divisions of the South West Birmingham Clubs League, their latest fixture in the singles seeing them win 5-2 at home against Northfield Town to put them on twenty-four points from thirteen games and giving them a two points breathing space over their nearest rivals West Heath CEM who also won by the same 5-2 margin at Stirchley Flights. A further two points adrift in third place are Bournbrook who once again won 5-2 in a home tie against Perfection.

In the pre-match doubles Longbridge United are on 178 points and have a huge lead of 22 points over once again second placed West Heath CEM. Just the one score of 180 this week provided by Moseley All Services player S.Corbett.

Full Results:Game 13:- Avenue Social 4 Northfield Conservative 3, Bournbrook 5 Perfection 2, Longbridge United 5 Northfield Town 2, Moseley All Services 2 (S.Corbett 180) Stirchley United 5, Stirchley Flights 2 West Heath CEM 5, Kings Norton Ex Service 3 Quarry Club 4.


The Netherton Thursday Night League played off their Captains Cup in which Tony Brannon (Netherton Sports and Social Club ‘A’), Paul Skeldon (Netherton Sports and Social Club ‘B’) and Will Cairns (Townsend Social Club) made their exits in the quarter-finals. Both the semi-finals finished with straight 2-0 results with Paul Nicholls (Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’) beating Hayden Johnson (Spring Meadow) and Phil O’Brien (Bulls Head) winning against John Green (Hill and Cakemore Ex Serviceman’s Club). Phil O’Brien lifted the winner’s silverware with a 3-1 result with Paul Nicholls finishing as runner-up.

Full Results:Captains Cup:Quarter Finals:- Paul Nicholls (Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’) 2 Tony Brannon (Netherton Sports and Social Club ‘A’) 0, Hayden Johnson (Spring Meadow) 2 Paul Skeldon (Netherton Sports and Social Club ‘B’) 0, John Green (Hill and Cakemore Ex Serviceman’s Club) 2 Will Cairns (Townsend Social Club) 1, Phil O’Brien (Bulls Head) had a bye, Semi-Finals:- Paul Nicholls 2 Hayden Johnson 0, Phil O’Brien 2 John Green 0, Final:- Phil O’Brien 3 Paul Nicholls 1.


The Stourbridge and District Monday Night League played their doubles knockout down to the semi-finals at two venues with the final four pairs going through to finals night. At the Mount Pleasant the last two games saw 2-0 results in favour of M.Abbot & R.Purchase (Netherton Conservative Club) and A.Dimmock & A.Nicholl (Cottage) over respective opponents N.Cooper & A.Floyd (Old Liberal Club) and C.Hart & S.Tipper (Old Liberal Club).

At the Netherton Conservative Club both of the last games went to a deciding leg with K.Bamrick & J.Batham (Old Liberal Club) winning against D.Powell & K.Hipkiss (Cottage) and W.Green & R.Green (Fox Inn, Lye) beating S.Hall & C.Penzer (Old Liberal Club).

Going through to the finals night are A.Dimmock & A.Nicholl, M.Abbot & R.Purchase, K.Bamrick & J.Batham and W.Green & R.Green.

Full Results:Doubles Knockout:At Mount Pleasant:- S.Bloomer & B.Fitzgerald (Cross, Oldswinford) 0 A.Dimmock & A.Nicholls (Cottage) 2, N.Cooper & A.Floyd (Old Liberal Club) 2 D.Homer & R.Lawley (Netherton Conservative Club) 1, D.Edwards & C.Clewes (The Princess) 0 M.Abbot & R.Purchase (Netherton Conservative Club) 2, C.Hart & S.Tipper (Old Liberal Club) 2 S.Smith & R.Whale (Church Tavern) 0, Semi-Finals:- M.Abbot & R.Purchase 2 N.Cooper & A Floyd 0, A.Dimmock & A.Nicholl 2 C.Hart S.Tipper 0, At Netherton Conservative Club:- K.Bambrick & J.Batham (Old Liberal Club) 2 C.Moreton & A.Moreton (Cross, Oldswinford) 0, W.Green & R.Green (Fox Inn, Lye) 2 P.Probert & P.Gill (Rose and Crown ‘B’) 1, D.Powell & K.Hipkiss (Cottage) 2 W.Inch & J.Jackson (Cross, Oldswinford) 0, S.Hall & C.Penzer (Old Liberal Club) 2 P.Russon & I.Kelly (Bird in Hand) 0, Semi-Finals:- K.Bamrick & J.Batham 2 D.Powell & K.Hipkiss 1, W.Green & R.Green 2 S.Hall & C.Penzer 1.


Allen’s Bar ‘A’ consolidated their number one spot in the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League by handing their opponents Ivy Bush a 7-0 whitewash to maintain their six points lead over second placed Vine ‘A’ who won 6-1 at Albion. Third and fourth in the league Cottage Spring and Horseley Tavern are both two points behind Vine ‘A’ on twenty-eight points, Cottage Spring having a close 4-3 win at Tamebridge while Horseley Tavern had a bye.

Full Results:Game 20:- Vine ‘B’ 3 Waggon and Horses 4, Tamebridge 3 Cottage Spring 4, Sow and Pigs 7 Allen’s Bar ‘B’ 0, Albion 1 Vine ‘A’ 6, Allen’s Bar ‘A’ 7 Ivy Bush 0, Horseley Tavern had a bye.


The Rowley Monday Night League played their Top Half of the League Singles down to the last eight and making the quarter-finals were Grant Jackson, Adam Bunce, David Whittle, Bob Gillies, Shane Price, Trev Brennan, Connor Whitehouse, Jason Bland.

Full Results:Top Half Singles Qualifiers:- Grant Jackson, Adam Bunce, David Whittle, Bob Gillies, Shane Price, Trev Brennan, Connor Whitehouse, Jason Bland.


With only two more games to the halfway stage of the Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League leaders Old Liberal Club remain undefeated. In their latest fixture they had a 7-0 win away to Woodman but despite their fine record they only have a slender two points advantage over Hollybush who have taken over second place from Bird in Hand ‘E’ who lost their home game with fourth placed Stourbridge FC 4-3 and drop to third two points behind Hollybush after their 4-3 win at Kings Head.

Full Results:Game 13:- Woodman 0 Old Liberal Club ‘A’ 7, Bird in Hand ‘E’ 3 Stourbridge FC 4, Shovel 3 Garibaldi 4, Kings Head 3 Hollybush 4, Ashwood 5 Fox Inn (Lye) 2, Netherton Consservative Club 2 Brickmaker’s Arms 5, Dudley Sports 0 Cottage 7, Old Liberal Club ‘B’ 4 Wheatsheaf 3.


With Nick Fullwell not playing in the Ashwood Premier League in week twenty-seven leader John Green took the initiative and extended his lead to seven points over third placed Fullwell. Green only played the one game in which he won 5-2 against Alan Bate to put him on 270 points from forty-nine games. Chris Williams moved up into second place losing his first game of the night against Shane Passey 4-3 but then winning by the same margin against Andy Vellender. Williams then ended his night on a low losing 5-2 to Martyn Harper to give him a total of 263 points but from fifty-five games.

Full Results:Week 27:- Ash Marson 7 Wozza Pritchard 0, Rob Pierce 7 Tony Bennett 0, John Green 7 Craig Lowin 0, Andy Vellender 4 Josh Pickett 3, Alan Bate 4 Matt Davies 3, Mitch Pickett 6 Carl Hipkiss 1, Gavin Smith 6 Chris Manoila 1, Cayden Smith 5 Jon Underhill 2, Sam Aitkens 4 Martyn Harper 3, Rob Pierce 6 Ben Watts 1, Chris Fox 6 Carl Hipkiss 1, Dave Simpson 5 Jayden Harper 2, Chris Manoila 7 Neil Murphy 0, Shane Passey 4 Chris Williams 3, Jack Pritchard 5 Jon Underhill 2, Chris Williams 4 Andy Vellender 3, Neil Murphy 4 Craig Lowin 3, Gavin Smith 5 Chris Fox 2, Kevin Harris 4 Ben Watts 3, John Green 5 Alan Bate 2, Josh Pickett 7 Ash Marson 0, Matt Davies 7 Wozza Pritchard 0, Sam Aitkens 5 Kevin Harris 2, Cayden Smith 5 Tony Bennett 2, Martyn Harper 5 Chris Williams 2, Shane Passey 4 Ben Watts 3, Rob Pierce 4 Dave Simpson 3, Jack Pritchard 4 Wozza Pritchard 3, Jayden Harper 4 Mitch Pickett 3.


There were 5-0 wins for the top two teams in the Black Country Men’s Super League, leaders Allen’s Bar ‘C’ winning at home against Whiteheath Tavern and second placed Railway Tavern, who also had a home game, won against Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ to put them on forty-one points four short of Allen’s Bar ‘C’. Third placed Quarry Bank Liberal Club are on the same forty-one points as Railway Tavern after adding their latest 3-2 success over Townsend Social. At the other end of the table The Vine, Blackheath moved off the foot of the table with only their second win in eleven games when they beat Soccer Zone 4-1 leaving them just two points behind their opponents with a game in hand.

Full Results:Game 12:- Railway Tavern 5 Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ 0, Quarry Bank Liberal Club 3 Townsend Social 2, Townsend ‘A’ 5 White Swan 0, Horse and Jockey 3 Allen’s Bar ‘B’ 2, Allen’s Bar ‘C’ 5 Whiteheath Tavern 0, Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’ 4 Old Bulls Head 1, The Vine, Blackheath 4 Soccer Zone 1, Allen’s Bar ‘A’ 3 Coseley Tavern 3, Ashwood 3 Halesowen Cricket Club 2.


Leader of the Black Country Thursday Night Singles League Danny Nicholls began week three in style handing his opponent Danny Bridgwood an 8-0 defeat, following that he was held to a 4-4 draw by Rich Bowen to give him total points of forty-eight from six games. Second placed Mark Jones is eight points short of Nicholls and on the night he began with a creditable 4-4 draw with Nick Fullwell and then won 7-1 against Benjamin Hollowood. Third placed Shane Passey, like the two players above him played six games, after losing 5-3 to Rich Bowen he then won by the same scoreline against Benjamin Hollowood. Rich Bowen in fourth place has only played four games and has twenty-eight points, Fullwell, after his draw with Mark Jones had 8-0 wins over Danny Bridgwood and Ashley Ralph to put him fifth in the table on twenty-three points from four games.

Full Results:Week 3:- Nick Fullwell 4 Mark Jones 4, Danny Nicholls 8 Danny Bridgwood 0, Rich Bowen 5 Shane Passey 3, Sarah Jane Parker 7 Alex Mason 1, Nick Fullwell 8 Danny Bridgwood 0, Shane Passey 5 Benjamin Hollowood 3, Jack Rolo 6 Alex Mason 2, Nick Fullwell 8 Ashley Ralph 0, Mark Jones 7 Benjamin Hollowood 1, Danny Nicholls 4 Rich Bowen 4, Danny Bridgwood 5 Sarah Jane Parker 3, Shane Passey 8 Ashley Ralph 0, Jack Rolo 5 Gareth Johnston 3.


In the West Midlands Men’s Super League second placed Kings Head ‘A’ had a 4-1 home win over Gilbert’s Bar ‘C’ while third placed Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’ suffered a somewhat surprising 3-2 defeat playing away against Corpus Christi who are in the lower half of the table.

Full Results:Week 24:- Kings Head ‘A’ 4 Gilbert’s Bar ‘C’ 1, Corpus Christi 3 Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’ 2, Chase Social 4 Three Crowns 1, Bridgtown Social 4 ECC 1, Kings Head ‘B’ 3 Gilbert’s Bar ‘D’ 2.


It’s as you were for the top three places in division one of the Gilbert’s Bar Monday Night Singles League with leader Scott Baker adding a 7-1 win over Simon Pritchard and an 8-0 win against Reece Cook Lucas to his account to give him a total of 166 points from 21 games and a lead of 33 over second placed ben Johnson who didn’t play on the night and now has two games in hand.

Jason Hough Continues to lead division two his 6-2 win over Ben Smith taking his points to 148 with a lead of five over Tony Singh who beat Max Law 5-3 to give him a three points advantage over third in the division Clark Cook who won 6-2 against Chris Hill.

Alan Melling is sailing away to the title in division three, a 5-3 win over Robert Harris pushing his opponent down one place to third and taking his points to 181. Michele Pritchard takes over in second place following her 6-2 win over Alex Bryant, the win taking Michele to 152 points from 23 games, 29 short of Melling and from two more games. It was a good week for Sara Emma Jones as she recorded her second win in twenty games when she beat Helen Sims 5-3.

Full Results:Week 22:- Martin Angell 1 Wayne Willis 7, Jon Blakemore 3 Phil Clarke 5, Ian Stanton 4 Rushpal Bhogal 4, Steve Lynch 7 Paul Price 1, Ben Hollowood 1 Martin Price 7, Simon Pritchard 1 Scott Baker 7, Jamie Webb 2 John Simms 6, Reece Cook Lucas 0 Scott baker 8, Jon Blakemore 7 Reece Cook Lucas 1, Allan Davies 4 Keith Hollowood 4, Baljinder Gill 5 Jon Williams 3, Tony Singh 5 Max Law 3, Chris Hill 2 Clark Cook 6, Neville Quinton 8 Jason Lloyd 0, Jason Hough 6 Ben Smith 2, Chris Hill 4 Malcolm Pugh 4, Thomas Hollowood 7 Sandra Beardsmore 1, Robert Harris 3 Alan Melling 5, Gemma Barrett Jenkins 1 Joe Bartolo 7, Sara Emma Jones 5 Helen Sims 3, Jacqui Simmons 4 Andy Poole 4, Helen Sims 1 Artur Lubkowski 7, Michele Pritchard 6 Alex Bryant 2.


The results from game sixteen in the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League saw no change in the singles division placing’s with ECC ‘A’ continuing to lead the field with 30 points after their latest 4-3 win over fourth in the table Corpus Christi ‘A’. Second placed Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ went one better with a 5-2 win Wednesfield Legion to keep within two points of the leaders as are third in the table Woodfield who also won 5-2 at Ring of Bells.

In the doubles division it’s ECC ‘A’ again who head the table, their 2-1 win over Corpus Christi ‘A’ taking them to thirty points, four more than second placed Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ who won by the same 2-1 margin at Wednesfield Legion.

Full Results:Game 16:Singles Division:- Corpus Christi ‘B’ 3 Dog and Partridge 4, ECC ‘A’ 4 Corpus Christi ‘A’ 3, Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’ 4 ECC ‘B’ 3, Railway 4 Three Crowns 3, Ring of Bells 2 Woodfield 5, Wednesfield Legion 2 Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ 5, Doubles Division:- Corpus Christi ‘B’ 2 Dog and Partridge 1, ECC ‘A’ 2 Corpus Christi ‘A’ 1, Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’ 2 ECC ‘B’ 1, Railway 2 Three Crowns 1, Ring of Bells 1 Woodfield 2, Wednesfield Legion 1 Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ 2.


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