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Article: Birmingham Mail - A Midland Round-up by Alan Towe - 2023-05-03

Birmingham Mail - A Midland Round-up by Alan Towe - 2023-05-03

The Sheldon and District Winter League played their Doubles Knockout down to the last eight pairs and battling it out in the quarter-finals will be Richard Mills and Luis Barberan, Jason Jennings and Pete Healy (Dunky's Boys), Matty Holt and Micky Holt (Willclare Sports & Social), Nigel Davies and Pete Carrey, Chris Millward jnr and Dave Howlett (Sheldon Marlboro Arrows), R Richard and Ray Evans, Stephen Shepherd and Kevin Richards (Kingshurst Labour Club) plus Aaron Nixon and Daniel White (Langley Arrows).

Full Results:Doubles Knockout:Last Eight Qualifiers:- Richard Mills & Luis Barberan, Jason Jennings & Pete Healy (Dunky's Boys), Matty Holt & Micky Holt (Willclare Sports & Social), Nigel Davies & Pete Carrey, Chris Millward jnr & Dave Howlett (Sheldon Marlboro Arrows), R Richard & Ray Evans, Stephen Shepherd & Kevin Richards (Kingshurst Labour Club), Aaron Nixon & Daniel White (Langley Arrows).


Warwickshire County Darts Organisation staged their qualifying knockout for the UKDA National League Doubles Knockout which produced a quality night of darts at their headquarters Hen Lane Club, Beacon Road, Coventry, CV6 4DS. The eventual winners were Noel Grant and Samuel Charles Price who defeated Danny Lauby and Jamie Atkins in the final 5-4, both pairs however will go through to the national finals.


The Kings Norton League are up to game number three and leading the field with a perfect three wins in those games are Northfield whose latest fixture saw them win their home tie with bottom of the table Kings Norton Flights 7-0. Despite the big win Northfield are only one leg of average to the good on second in the league Bourneville who had a much closer 4-3 home win over Cock Inn who are in the bottom half of the table. After the unbeaten top two teams come a quartet of sides who have lost just the one game, Copper Fox, Coppice, Thurlestone and Rubery Social Club who in turn had wins over Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club (6-1), Grant Arms (5-2), Longbridge (6-1) and Bournebrook (4-3). Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club, Longbridge and Kings Norton Flights are the only teams from the starting line-up of twelve not to have gained a point so far.

Full Results:Game 3:- Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 1 (L.Pearce 2x100, D.Whitecombe 140,180, S.Carr 125) Copper Fox 6 (E.Simpson 2x100,111f,2x140, D.Marsh 2x100,119, A.Beagrie 3x100,110f,140, G.Dews 2x100,140, T.Hamilton 3x100, D.McConomy 2x100, M.Hamilton 116,129, R.Mann 2x100), Longbridge 1 (C.Evans 100,101, J.Woodward 100,125, S.Facey 100, K.Malone 2x100,121, P.McCormack 2x100, L.Adams 100) Thurlestone 6 (N.Watts 2x100,122,140, T.Garfield 3x100, R.Waldron 2x100, B.Andrews 135, M.Deeley 100,132,162, J.Downer 100,121,133, A.Savage 2x100,118f,135), Northfield 7 (R.Hitchmouth 2x100,101,2x140,17 darts game, L.Allen 2x100,137, A.Busby 100,119,140, M.Lloyd 121,140,17 darts game, O.Draper 100,123, S.Busby 2x100,105,125,138, P.Draper 100) Kings Norton Flights 0 (P.Lilley 100, D.Willis 2x100,126), Coppice 5 (D.Hill 2x100, B.Heath 100, A.Ward 100, A.Chidley 100, A.Aindow 2x100, S.Jacques 120,140) Grant Arms 2 (A.McGowan 117,125, S.Hale 2x100, A.Dewsbury 100,125, V.Walton 100, P.Smith 108,119), Bournebrook 3 (M.Welsh 2x100, T.Cullen 100, T.Jeffs 2x100,125, K.Mason 125,177,15 darts game, D.Collins 3x1003,136,156f,15 darts game, M.Bathurst 100, C.Ryan 2x100) Rubery Social Club 4 (P.Medlicott 140, J.Grainger 121, J.Higgins 4x100,16 darts game, A.Faulkner 3x100,101,121,140, M.Cormell 4x100,140, J.O'Neill 2x100,140, J.O'Neill 180), Bourneville 4 (N.Hurst 4x100, M.James 100,105,115,2x140,19 darts game, P.Smith 4x100,125, M.Collins 5x100,140, G.Carver 123, A.Deeley 3x100, J.Guy 100,171) Cock Inn 3 (P.Hughes 4x100,140, L.Fox 100, A.Vaughan 2x100, Joe Fox 116,140, S.Cartwright 100,134,140).


Leaders of division one in the Four Oaks and District League Nomad Flights suffered a setback to the title aspirations in game eighteen going down 5-4 playing away to Red Lion who are fifth in the division and ten points behind their opponents. However despite the defeat Nomad Flight hold on to pole position with twenty-eight points from their eighteen games but have had their lead reduced to just two points as their nearest rivals Old Horns Lions won their game away to third placed Old Oscott Arrows 6-3. Old Oscott Arrows with twenty-two points are now on the same number as fourth placed Bishop Vesey who won 5-4 at Highcroft Social.

Pint Pot Flights drop one place in the division two table to sixth following their 7-2 home defeat by divisional leaders Minworth Flights who with thirty-two points have a two points lead over second placed Oscott Social Club. Oscott Social Club had a close 5-4 win at home against fourth in the division Erdington Arrows while third placed Scott Armers won 5-4 at home against Deer’s Leap to leave them eight points short of leaders Minworth.

Full Results:Game 18:Division One:- Red Lion 5 (Ryan Lowe 105b, Dane Vickers 130b, Lee Vickers 128,100) Nomad Flights 4 (T.Colley 120b, C.Winters 137, N.Fields 101f), Old Oscott Arrows 3 (Mick Maher 136, B.Trayhern 2x100,112b, Andy Lea 100, D.Parsons 112b, Phil Locke 120b, D.Page 140) The Old Horns Lions 6 (J.Greaves 100b, Tony O’Kereke 101b, Mark Ashton 100, Dave Pickering 140,103b, Fred Naylor 3x100), Highcroft Social 4 (Kevin Shorthouse 120b, Jack Alexander 2x140, Sid Pritchett 100,140, Lee Shorthouse 100) Bishop Vesey 5 (Stuart Abbott 113f, Dave Sammons 100, Alan Jones 102b,123, Chris Sammons 101b,140, Mark Wild 100, Nigel Smallwood 100b), Heartlands 6 (Jordan Rogers 120b,103b,100, Steve Cain 100, Alex Downes 100, Matthew Cain 2x100) Charley’s Flights 3 (Kevin Hewings 100, Adam Gough 100b, Paul Nicholls 100, Rob Vann 100b, Tony Barnfield 100), Division Two:- Sutton Sharks 5 (Jon Boden 120, Michael Taylor 113b, Chris Gardener 103b) Rosey Mac’s 4 (Steven Wintle 136,2x100,118b, Steve Wright 100, Neil Bradley 100,118), St Thomas Arrows 5 (Mick Avery 140, Martin J Andrews 100, Gill Lynch 101b, R.Nelson 100, Gary Stait 121) The Funky Bear 4 (Mike Lucas 100, Lee Williams 100, Ervine Stambollin 2x100, Simon Robotham 112), Oscott Social Club 5 (Pete Graham 100,107b,120, Alan Whitehouse 100, Gary Bushell 115b,130,9 darts game, Simon Shorthouse 120b, Ian Lloyd 123) Erdington Arrows 4 (L.Dells 110f,100b,121, A.Linehan 125, M.Edwards 100), The Scott Armers 5 (Tom Kelly 100b,2x100, Jamie Sabin 140, Luke Parry 100,140, Lee Gumbley 100) Deer’s Leap 4 (Luke Sinclair 100, Anthony Kimberley 115, Darryl Rodgers 2x100, Adam Dunn 100,112b,101), Pint Pot Flights 2 (Jim Moon 123, Pete Smith 100,120b, Nigel Robbins 2x100,118,140, Mick Bagnall 100, Martin Phillips 100) Minworth Flights 7 (Keith Deeley 2x100, Karl Reynolds 2x100,125, Martin Partridge 100, Chris O’Neill 133).


While leaders of the Camp Hill League Edington Nomads had a comfortable 6-1 home win over bottom of the league Sedgemere Devils second and third placed Tyseley WMC and Clumsy Swan squared up to each other on the latter’s board. The result was a 5-2 win for Tyseley WMC to put them on twenty points, two short of Erdington Nomads but two to the good on Clumsy Swan with a game in hand on their hosts. Fourth and fifth placed Tyseley Bears and Cotterills Lane EBAHA Club are both eight points off the top each having fourteen points following their respective 5-2 wins over Peaky Blinder and Moseley Arms. Michael Forsyth hit a maximum for Tyseley Bears.

Full Results:Game 14:- Moseley Arms 2 Cotterills Lane EBAHA Club 5, Erdington Nomads 6 Sedgemere Devils 1, Tyseley Bears 5 (Michael Forsyth 180) Peaky Blinder 2, Clumsy Swan 2 Tyseley WMC 5, Sheldon Marlborough Flights had a bye.


Just the one rearranged fixture played in the South West Birmingham Clubs League which saw home team Bournebrook win 6-2 against Perfection, the result having no effect on the top positions in the table.

Full Results:Game 18:- Bournbrook 6 Perfection 2.


The Stourbridge and District Monday Night League played round one of their Singles Knockout and making their way into the next round were S.Hall, C.Hart, S.Tipper (Old Liberal Club), R.Purchase, M.Pye, D.Homer (Netherton Conservative Club), J.Jackson, S.Bloomer, B.Fitzgerald, C.Morton (Cross, Oldswinford), S.Smith, M.Hodgetts (Church Tavern), S.Johnson, K.Safe, T.Cunningham (Ten Arches), S.Kendall, B.Stevens, N.Gordon, J.Stevens (Seven Stars), M.Davies, C.Slater, N.Wyer (Gate Hangs Well), A.Dimmock, A.Nicholls (Bell), Gemma, J.Prescott (Glasscutters), D.Edwards, M.Foxall, D.Morton (Princess), I.Kelly, P.Hill (Bird in Hand), P.Chandler (Mount Pleasant).

Full Results:Singles Knockout:Round One Winners:- S.Hall, C.Hart, S.Tipper (Old Liberal Club), R.Purchase, M.Pye, D.Homer (Netherton Conservative Club), J.Jackson, S.Bloomer, B.Fitzgerald, C.Morton (Cross, Oldswinford), S.Smith, M.Hodgetts (Church Tavern), S.Johnson, K.Safe, T.Cunningham (Ten Arches), S.Kendall, B.Stevens, N.Gordon, J.Stevens (Seven Stars), M.Davies, C.Slater, N.Wyer (Gate Hangs Well), A.Dimmock, A.Nicholls (Bell), Gemma, J.Prescott (Glasscutters), D.Edwards, M.Foxall, D.Morton (Princess), I.Kelly, P.Hill (Bird in Hand), P.Chandler (Mount Pleasant).


The final of the Black Country Windscreens Trophy was the order of the day for the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League which brought together local rivals and currently the top two team in the league Allen’s Bar ‘A’ and Allen’s Bar ‘B’. The result was a 6-1 win for the ‘A’ side but the game was closer than the scoreline suggests and the outcome could have been much closer.

Full Results:Black Country Windscreens Trophy:Final:- Allen’s ‘A’ 6 Allen’s ‘B’ 1.


After including all the results from game twenty-one in the Netherton Thursday Night League there was no change in the order of the table whatsoever. League leaders Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ had a decisive 8-1 win in their home game against their local rivals and ‘B’ side to put them on thirty-four points and maintain their two points advantage over second in the league Bulls Head who had a 6-3 success playing away against Spring Meadow. Third in the league Netherton Sports and Social Club ‘A’, like the leaders beat their ‘B’ side 8-1 to keep them within four points of the league leaders and two ahead of fourth in the table Hill and Cakemore who were 5-4 winners at fifth placed Townsend Social Club.

Full Results:Game 21:- Spring Meadow 3 Bulls Head 6, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ 8 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’1, Townsend Social 4 Hill and Cakemore 5, Netherton Sports and Social ‘B’ 1 Netherton Sports and Social ‘A’ 8.


Gornal Labour Club moved another step closer to clinching the Sedgley and Gornal Tuesday Night League title when in their eighteenth fixture they handed out a 9-0 whitewash to their hosts and next to bottom of the table Chainyard. The win keeps the Labour Club four points clear of their nearest rivals and reigning champions Old Bulls Head who also had a 9-0 win in their game at Pensnett Liberal Club, but the four points lead and only four games to play should now see Gornal Labour Club pick up the winners silverware and in turn Old Bulls Head finish as runners-up as they have a similar four points advantage over third in the league New Inn who had a close 5-4 verdict at Red Cow.

Full Results:Game 18:- Pensnett Liberal Club 0 Old Bulls Head 9, Red Cow 4 New Inn 5, The Cabin 6 Meadow Lark 3, Chainyard 0 Gornal Labour Club 9, Five Ways 4 Jolly Crispin 5, White Horse 9 Griffin 0.


After completing week thirteen fixtures in the Rowley Monday Night League it’s as you were for the top nine teams. Only average separates the top two, Gate Hangs Well leading on average from White Swan after they won 6-3 in their home tie with Tividale FC and White Swan reduced the average deficit to four legs with an 8-1 home success over bottom of the league Huntingtree. Third in the table Bell also won 8-1 in their home fixture with Rowley Bar and Grill to leave them two points short of the top two teams but with a two points lead over fourth placed Hill and Cakemore who had a much closer 5-4 win over Romsley Cricket Club.

Individual honours this week went to J.Tart (Tividale FC) who hit a maximum, J.Young (Plough and Harrow) and A.Lynch (Bell) who both recorded a 160 break and J.Dolan (Whiteheath Tavern for registering a ten darts game.

Full Results:Week 13:- Gate Hangs Well 6 Tividale FC 3 (J.Tart 180), White Swan 8 Huntingtree 1, Plough and Harrow 3 (J.Young 160b) Wonder 6, Rowley Labour Club 2 Whiteheath Tavern 7 (J.Dolan 10 darts game), Hill and Cakemore 5 Romsley Cricket Club 4, Loyal Lodge 6 Waterfall 3, Spring Meadow 4 Windmills End 5, Bell 8 (A.Lynch 160b) Rowley Bar and Grill 1.


Leader of the Black Country Thursday Night Singles League Nick Fullwell began week ten with a comfortable 7-1 win over Shane Price and then won 5-3 against Cheryl Allcock to give him a total points of 149 from eighteen games. Although Rich Bowen won 6-2 against Gareth Johnston and 8-0 against Danny Knight it was not enough for him to hang on to the number two spot as Shane Price played four games in which he had a 7-1 win over Alex Howells, 8-0 success against Cheryl Allcock, lost 7-1 to Fullwell but then bounced back with a 7-1 win over Shane Passey to take his points tally to 147 from twenty games to give him a slender one point lead over third placed Bowen but from two games more. After the top three there is a huge seventeen point’s gap to fourth placed Gareth Johnston who has played nineteen games which have given him 129 points.

Full Results:Week 10:- Shane Price 7 Alex Howells 1, Nick Whitehouse 5 James Davies 3, Gareth Johnston 8 Danny Knight 0, Alex Howells 8 James Davies 0, Shane Price 8 Cheryl Allcock 0, Grace Angell 5 Nick Whitehouse 3, Rich Bowen 6 Gareth Johnston 2, Danny Knight 7 Alex Mason 1, Danny Bridgwood 5 Sarah Jane Parker 3, Cheryl Allcock 4 Nick Whitehouse 4, Alex Howells 5 Neil Murphy 3, Benjamin Hollowood 8 Ashley Ralph 0, Nick Fullwell 7 Shane Price 1, Shane Passey 8 James Davies 0, Alex Howells 8 Alex Mason 0, Gareth Johnston 7 Grace Angell 1, Nick Whitehouse 7 Sarah Jane Parker 1, Neil Murphy 5 Benjamin Hollowood 3, Shane Price 7 Shane Passey 1, Nick Fullwell 5 Cheryl Allcock 3, Rich Bowen 8 Danny Knight 0, Danny Bridgwood 5 Ashley Ralph 3, Neil Murphy 6 Nick Whitehouse 2.


It’s Nick Fullwell who also tops the Ashwod Premier League. Fullwell played two games in week fifteen winning 5-2 against both Kevin Harris and Ash Marson to give him 180 points from twenty-nine games, he not only has a six points lead over second placed Josh Pickett but also has three games in hand on him. Pickett began his night in style with a 7-0 win over Ash Marson and then followed that with a 6-1 win against Mitch Pickett, his 174 points giving him a lead of eleven over third in the league John Green who won 6-1 against Jake Robinson then 5-2 against Tony Bennett, although he has an eleven points deficit on Josh Pickett he does have two games in hand on him.

Full Results:Week 15:- Sam Aitkens 5 Andy Vellender 2, Shane Passey 4 Carl Hipkiss 3, Josh Pickett 7 Ash Marson 0, Chris Eacock 4 Mitch Pickett 3, Alan Bate 6 Jack Pritchard 1, Ash Marson 4 Jon Underhill 3, Dave Simpson 7 Jake Robinson 0, Nick Fullwell 5 Kevin Harris 2, Chris Fox 5 Craig Lowin 2, Gavin Smith 5 Rob Pierce 2, Jayden Harper 4 Sam Aitkens 3, Chris Eacock 7 Tony Bennett 0, Dave Simpson 7 Tony Bennett 0, Alan Bate 7 Craig Lowin 0, Martyn Harper 7 Carl Hipkiss 0, John Green 6 Jake Robinson 1, Nick Fullwell 5 Ash Marson 2, Rob Pierce 6 Neil Murphy 1, Jayden Harper 5 Jack Pritchard 2, Neil Murphy 6 Kevin Harris 1, Shane Passey 4 Gavin Smith 3, Martyn Harper 4 Ash Marson 3, John Green 5 Tony Bennett 2, Josh Pickett 6 Mitch Pickett 1, Jon Underhill 4 Chris Eacock 3, Andy Vellender 5 Chris Fox 2.


As a result of Ben Johnson not playing in week fourteen of the Gilbert’s Bar Monday Night Singles League he has forfeited his number one spot in division one to reigning champion Scott Baker who in the two games he played he won 6-2 against John Simms and then 5-3 in his game with Steve Lynch. Baker has now played thirteen games and has a total of ninety-seven points which gives him a lead of twelve over Johnson who now has two games in hand on Baker. Third in the division Jon Blakemore played just the one fixture in which he beat Reece Cook Lucas 5-3, he has played one game more than Johnson and even though he has a game in hand on Baker he is a massive thirty-three points short of the leader.

Clark Cook continues to lead division two, he took his number of points to 101 from fourteen games with a 7-1 win over Jason Lloyd to extend his lead over second placed Baljinder Gill to nine points after Gill won 6-2 against Max Law. Gill however does have one game in hand on Cook. A former leader of the division Tony Singh was also a 6-2 winner in his game with Nathan Jones to keep him third in the table and within three points of Gill and just one ahead of fourth in the division Jason Hough who beat Neville Quinton 5-3.

Alan Melling continues to impress in division three taking his undefeated run to fourteen games with a 7-1 win over Jamie Aplin who is second in the division but now some twelve points behind Melling with both players having played fourteen games. Third placed Michele Pritchard has played sixteen fixtures the latest of which saw her win 7-1 against Eddie Gripton to leave her four points behind Aplin.

Full Results:Week 14:- Ian Stanton 3 Martin Price 5, Scott Baker 6 John Simms 2, Reece Cook Lucas 3 Jon Blakemore 5, Scott Baker 5 Steve Lynch 3, Reece Cook Lucas 1 Martin Price 7, Phil Clarke 6 Simon Pritchard 2, Martin Angell 2 Steve Lynch 6, Keith Hollowood 4 Max Law 4, Jason Lloyd 2 Allan Davies 6, Ben Smith 6 Jon Williams 2, Nathan Jones 2 Tony Singh 6, Neville Quinton 3 Jason Hough 5, Colin Wood 6 Nathan Jones 2, Max Law 2 Baljinder Gill 6, Jason Lloyd 1 Clark Cook 7, Ben Smith 5 Malcolm Pugh 3, Colin Wood 5 Chris Hill 3, Thomas Hollowood 6 Helen Sims 2, Artur Lubkowski 2 Warren Bower 6, Sandra Beardsmore 4 Joe Bartolo 4, Sara Emma Jones 3 Alex Bryant 5, Jamie Aplin 1 Alan Melling 7, Helen Sims 4 Andy Poole 4, Jacqui Simmons 2 Robert Harris 6, Michele Pritchard 7 Eddie Gripton 1.


In the Singles League of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League Wednesfield Legion suffered a 5-2 home defeat at the hands of the ECC ‘A’ team to see them drop from pole position to fifth while their victors moved up one place to third on the same six points as the two teams above them. Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ head the table, their 7-0 home success over Railway giving them a two legs superior average over second placed Woodfield who won 4-3 at Dog and Partridge to leave them one leg of average to the good on ECC ‘A’.

In the Doubles League Corpus Christi ‘A’ and Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ continue to lead and share the number one spot after Corpus Christi ‘A’ won 3-0 against their ‘B’ team and Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ won by the same 3-0 scoreline against Railway. ECC ‘A’ lost their joint top spot after their closer 2-1 win at Wednesfield Legion. All of the three top teams are on six points.

Full Results:Game 3:Singles League:- Corpus Christi ‘A’ 6 Corpus Christi ‘B’ 1, Dog and Partridge 3 Woodfield 4, ECC ‘B’ 2 Ring of Bells 5, Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ 7 Railway 0, Three Crowns 5 Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’ 2, Wednesfield Legion 2 ECC ‘A’ 5, Doubles League:- Corpus Christi ‘A’ 3 Corpus Christi ‘B’ 0, Dog and Partridge 0 Woodfield 3, ECC ‘B’ 0 Ring of Bells 3, Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ 3 Railway 0, Three Crowns 3 Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’ 0, Wednesfield Legion 1 ECC ‘A’ 2.


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