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Article: Birmingham Mail - A Midland Round-up by Alan Towe - 2022-10-19

Birmingham Mail - A Midland Round-up by Alan Towe - 2022-10-19

The Sheldon and District Winter League have got their new season underway with a healthy starting line-up of twenty-five teams made up of three divisions, two with eight teams and one with nine. Topping the premier division with an opening 9-0 whitewash over visiting Sheldon Dukes are current reigning champions Langley Arrows who’s Bob Nixon checked out on 141 and Paul Nixon chalked up a 10 darts game. Close on the heels of the leaders are last season’s runners-up Sheldon Marlborough Arrows who won their first game at Kingshurst Labour Club 8-1.

With an 8-1 win at The Dingle, Shirley Misfits lead the way in division one having a two legs advantage over second placed Langley Flights who won their away game at Hornet 6-3.

Hampton and Solihull Cricket Club are setting the pace in division two kicking off their season with an 8-1 win at Castle Bromwich WMC to give them a slender one leg lead on second in the division Iron Horse Rebels who were 7-2 winners at The Irish Centre.

Beginning the new season with a maximum in the very first games were Neil Parsonage (Sheldon Marlborough Arrows) and Nathan Fields (Hollywood Social) while Mick Bown of Shirley Misfits had a 160 game shot and a nine darts leg.

Full Results:Week 1:Premier League:- Kingshurst Labour Club 1 Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 8 (Neil Parsonage 180), Raven Arrows 6 Hollywood Social 3 (Nathan Fields 180), Langley Arrows 9 (Bob Nixon 141f, Paul Nixon 10 darts game) Sheldon Dukes 0, Highwood Gerry’s Boys and Dunky’s Boys had a bye, Division One:- Hornet 3 Langley Flights 6, Willclare Sports and Social 5 Journeys End 4, The Dingle 1 Shirley Misfits 8 (Mick Bown 160f,9 darts game), Yardley Ex Colts and Maggies had a bye, Division Two:- Castle Bromwich WMC 1 Hampton and Solihull Cricket Club 8, Lyndon Old Boys 4 Brian’s Flights 5, The Irish Centre 2 (Tudor Evans 105f) Iron Horse Rebels 7, Sheldon Marlborough Ridge 3 The Trident Spears 6, The Raven had a bye.


Copper Fox kept their title hopes on track in the Kings Norton League with a 6-1 win at Cock Inn to make it thirteen wins in fourteen games. Rubery Social lost ground as they went down 4-3 at home to sixth in the league Bourneville and as a result drop from second to third in the table with Thurlestone taking over in second place following their 5-2 win at Kings Heath. Both Thurlestone and Rubery Social are on 22 points, four behind Copper Fox. Fourth placed Bournebrook were the week’s biggest winners handing out a 7-0 whitewash to their hosts Grant Arms to leave them six points off the top of the table.

Finding the three treble twenties were T.Hamilton (Copper Fox) and A.Chidley (Coppice).

Full Results:Game 14:- Cock Inn 1 (D.Vaughan 120,121, L.Fox 100b, A.Vaughan 121, Joe Fox 136b) Copper Fox 6 (M.Hamilton 100,114b, E.Simpson 100,136, A.Beagrie 115b,140, K.Bedder 119,140, T.Hamilton 180, D.McConomy 100,101, R.Mann 121), Bournebrook 7 (T.Jeffs 100,105b, K.Mason 136,140, T.Bathurst 100) Grant Arms 0 (P.Taylor 100, M.Ellis 102b), Kings Heath 2 (M.Marshall 120f) Thurlestone 5 (T.Garfield 100, V.Pickford 100, R.Waldron 100, S.Deeley 151f), Coppice 4 (A.Aindow 123, R.Packer 2x100,121, A.Chidley 100,180, M.Mooney 100, S.Jacques 2x100) Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 3 (S.Corbett 100), Rubery Social 3 (J.Higgins 100, R.Higgins 2x100,133, A.Faulkner 100b) Bourneville 4 (M.James 100,105,140,11 darts game, P.Smith 2x100, J.Guy 100, M.Ferriday 120, A.Deeley 140).


A 7-2 win at Copper Fox ‘R’ keeps Bugle Horn top of the Harborne and District League with a perfect fourteen points from their first seven games. However Bugle Horn are currently only top on average as second in the league Northfield Conservative Club won their away game against Cock Inn 9-0 to put them on the same fourteen points as Bugle Horn but from eight games and with an inferior average. Northfield Town are placed third with a game in hand on the Conservative Club, they kept within two points of the Club with their 8-1 home win over Weoley Castle WMC.

At the other end of the table bottom team Avenue Social took on the team directly above them Quinton RBL The result was a 5-4 win for Avenue their first win of the season to put them level on both points and average with their opponents.

Full Results:Game 8:- Northfield Town 8 (S.Busby 100, J.Taylor 100,140, A.Busby 2x133, M.Hopkins 100, L.Allen 2x100, D.Hopkins 140,2x180,15 darts game) Weoley Castle WMC 1 (S.Pasetti 100, M.Bolton 100, S.Joyce 100,126,140, P.Coombes 140, D.Cornwell 101), Bourneville 2 (N.Hurst 100, D.Miguel 123, P.Smith 100,131, A.Bailles 121,140, M.Ferriday 3x100) Smethwick Cricket Club 7 (A.Beagrie 116,121,125, T.Brennen 2x100,2x140, F.Johnson 100,105,140, M.Collins 2x100,140, P.Brookes 2x100,140, V.Gould 3x100), Copper Fox ‘R’ 2 (E.Simpson 5x100, T.McGlone 4x100,121, N.Porter 100, R.Mann 2x100,140, T.Hamilton 108f,125,140, M.Hamilton 100, T.McGlone 180) Bugle Horn 7 (A.Poolton 3x100, S.Sheridan 3x100,2x140, J.Hykin 100,140, D.Nicholls 100,125,180, P.Sitshebo 100,104,134), Avenue Social 5 (V.Gilliland 140, C.Morgan 100,120, L.Grant 108, S.Gilliland 117,124, P.Gilliand 116) Quinton RBL 4 (D.McConomy 2x100,2x140), The Mill 3 (J.Goulding 2x100,2x121, N.Burton 140, K.Pearsall 6x100,18 darts game, T.Goulding 100) Copper Fox ‘M’ 6 (D.Kent 140, K.Jukes 2x100,140, J.Loughran 100, A.Harvey 3x100,125, J.Downer 100,140, G.Dews 2x100,125), Cock Inn 0 (A.Underwood 125, D.Vaughan 4x100, A.Vaughan 2x140, Joe Fox 100,140, K.Vaughan 100,134,140, John Fox 140) Northfield Conservative Club 9 (J.Hill 100,121,123, T.Shipley 140, T.Garfield 100,130,2x140, S.Caretwright 120f, D.Hill 4x100,101f,140, S.Jones 3x100,125,140, A.Sutton 118,2x121).


The Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League played their Singles Knockout down to the last thirty-two players and winning through to the next round were, C.Moreton, A.Marson, J.Harper, A.Moreton, K.Safe, M.Jones, G.Churchill, S.Skidmore, J.Churchill, A.Smith, D.Hand, J.Moule, B.Bishop, M.Halliday, J.Poole, A.Nicholls, A.Dimmock, K.Aspinall, R.Rubery, J.Bristow, C.J.Smith, M.Hall, K.Bambrick, C.Hipkiss, I.Kelly, K.James, L.Williams, I.Bishop, L.Zirra, C.R.Simpson, G.Jones, S.Perry.

Full Results:Singles Knockout:Round One:Last 32:- C.Moreton, A.Marson, J.Harper, A.Moreton, K.Safe, M.Jones, G.Churchill, S.Skidmore, J.Churchill, A.Smith, D.Hand, J.Moule, B.Bishop, M.Halliday, J.Poole, A.Nicholls, A.Dimmock, K.Aspinall, R.Rubery, J.Bristow, C.J.Smith, M.Hall, K.Bambrick, C.Hipkiss, I.Kelly, K.James, L.Williams, I.Bishop, L.Zirra, C.R.Simpson, G.Jones, S.Perry.


The Silver End Sunday Morning League have completed their domestic fixtures and taking the league title with a convincing final 8-0 win over bottom of the table Kings Head ‘B’ were Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club. The Ex Serviceman’s Club won the league with a total of 59 points four more than runners-up Dudley Sports who ended their campaign being held to a 4-4 home draw by Bell ‘B’ who finished the season in sixth place sixteen points short of their hosts. Third in the league Old Star finished on a high with a 6-2 win at Bell ‘A’ which left them on the same 55 points as Dudley Sports but well behind them on average. Fourth in the table Tenth Lock were further nine points behind Dudley Sports and Old Star, their last game of the season seeing them win 8-0 at Black Horse ‘A’.

Full Results:Game 24:- Bell ‘A’ 2 Old Star 6, Black Horse ‘A’ 0 Tenth Lock 8, Brickmakers Arms 4 Black Horse ‘B’ 4, Crestwood 4 New Talbot 4, Dudley Ex Servicemen’s Club 8 Kings Head ‘B’ 0, Dudley Sports 4 Bell ‘B’ 4, Kings Head ‘A’ had a bye.


With the majority of teams still having another five fixtures to play in the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League Waggon and Horses by handing out a 7-0 whitewash to their visitors Horseley Tavern now have one hand on the winners silverware as they have a massive ten points lead on second placed Dewdrop ‘A’ who had a bye this week. Third in the league Miners Arms ‘B’ fell another two points short of Waggon as they lost 4-3 at home to fifth in the league Vine ‘A’.

Sow and Pigs moved further away from the foot of the table as they won 4-3 at Albion who replace their victors in a next to bottom position.

Full Results:Game 26:- Dewdrop ‘B’ 4 Miners Arms ‘A’ 3, Miners Arms ‘B’ 3 Vine ‘A’ 4, Vine ‘B’ 6 Tamebridge 1, Waggon and Horses 7 Horseley Tavern 0 S.Cliff 160b), Albion 3 Sow and Pigs 4, Dewdrop ‘A’ had a bye.


The Rowley Monday Night League played their doubles knockout down to the last eight pairs and lining up on finals night battling for the title will be C.Whitehouse & A.Lynch, O.Ghaley & M.Hadley, Connor Allen & James Allen, I.Hartland & M.Redding, B.Gillies & E.Price, S.Slim & D.Timmins, S.Bullimore & S.Thompson and S.Siviter & T.Barr.

Full Results:Doubles Knockout:Round One:- S.Hadley & S.Jones beat J.Archer & J.Rose, D.Phillips & N.Taylor lost to O.Ghaley & M.Hadley, M.Meacham & S.Tromans lost to C.Whitehouse (180) & A.Lynch, Last 32:- C.Eaves & C.Ford lost to C.Whitehouse & A.Lynch, L.Jones & P.Skeldon lost to O.Ghaley & M.Hadley, M.Smith & R.Grigg lost to S.Hadley & S.Jones, D.Locke (160b) & P.Holyoak lost to I.Hartland & M.Redding, B.Gillies & E.Price beat A.Tolley & B.Tolley, S.Slim & D.Timmins beat F.Vinnicombe & T.Jones, J.Bunn & D.Shilvock lost to L.Bowen & M.Wakefield, L.Wallace & J.Timmins lost to S.Siviter & T.Barr, L.Sims & A.Ferkins beat M.Davis & I.Grigg, A.Wallace & Callum Allen beat N.Mansell & J.Green, K.Wright & M.Jones beat Connor Allen & James Allen, S.Windmill & M.Smart lost to M.Perkins (180) & M.Tedstone, B.Melvin & J.Harrison lost to M.Archer & S.Wakefield, N.Priest & A.Ghaleb lost to D.Stanton & T.Pike, S.Bullimore & S.Thompson beat K.Bridge & J.Olover, M.Hill & O.Hill beat R.Popesco & J.Walley, Last 16:- C.Whitehouse & A.Lynch beat L.Sims & A.Firkins, O.Ghaley & M.Hadley beat A.Wallace & Callum Allen, S.Hadley & S.Jones lost to Connor Allen & James Allen, I.Hartland & M.Redding beat M.Perkins & M.Tedstone, B.Gillies & E.Price beat M.Archer & S.Wakefield, S.Slim & D.Timmins beat D.Stanton & T.Pike, L.Bowen & M.Wakefield lost to S.Bullimore & S.Thompson, S.Siviter & T.Barr beat M.Hill & O.Hill.


As early as week two in the Netherton Thursday Night League and just two teams Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ and The Clock remain undefeated. Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ top the table following up their opening 7-2 win at Bulls Head with a similar 7-2 result at home against Spring Meadow Social Club. This second victory gives Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ a one leg of average lead over The Clock who after their opening 5-4 win at Netherton Sports and Social ‘A’ they beat Netherton Sports and Social ‘B’ 8-1.

After the top two come four teams Netherton Sports and Social ‘A’, Townsend Social Club, Spring Meadow Social Club and Bulls Head all on two points, Netherton Sports and Social ‘B’ and Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ are both still seeking their first win.

Full Results:Game 2:- Netherton Sports and Social ‘A’ 7 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ 2, The Clock 8 Netherton Sports and Social ‘B’ 1, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ 7 Spring Meadow Social Club 2, Townsend Social Club 4 Bulls Head 5.


Dunky’s Boys, leaders of division one of the Shirley and District Monday Night League gained a vital win when they won 6-3 at Tippetts Bar who are their nearest rivals in the division.

Division two leaders Leo’s Vikings were also 6-3 winners beating bottom of the division Saracens Slingers to keep them two points ahead of Legion Royals who had a closer 5-4 win at Saracens Misfits.

Full Results:Week 32:Division One:- The Lions 5 Cider House 4 (M.McCallion 112f), Lodge 3 Saracens Swords 5, Solihull Municipal 5 Wythall Legion 4, Tippetts Bar 3 Dunky’s Boys 6 (B.Nixon 14 darts game), The Wharf had a bye, Division Two:- Saracens Misfits 4 (D.Barrows 18 darts game, H.Williams 100f) Legion Royals 5 (T.Payne 103f,18 darts game), Yardley Wood Social 3 HSCC 6 (T.Allcott 180,15 darts game), Sharmans Cross 4 Highwood 5 (M.Andrews 114f), Leo’s Vikings 6 Saracens Slingers 3.


Quarry Bank Labour Club made it three straight 7-0 wins in the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League when they beat Netherton Conservative Club in their third fixture. Second in the league Cross (Oldswinford), Gate Hangs Well and Ten Arches are all on the same six points as the two teams above them and the three teams are all level on the same average after Cross (Oldswinford) won 5-2 at home against Raven, Gate Hangs Well won their home tie with Britannia 6-1 and Ten Arches had a 5-2 win at home against Bird in Hand.

Full Results:Game 3:- Fox Inn (Lye) 3 Mount Pleasant 4, Church Tavern 3 (C.Hodgetts 10 darts game) Cat Inn 4, Crestwood 7 Glasscutters 0, Gate Hangs Well 6 Britannia 1, Quarry Bank Labour Club 7 (G.Jackson 110f) Netherton Conservative Club 0 (R.Lawley 160b), Rose and Crown ‘A’ 2 Bell 5, Seven Stars 5 The Princess 2, Ten Arches 5 Bird in Hand 2, Cross (Oldswinford) 5 Raven 2, Rose and Crown ‘B’ had a bye.


Last season in the Sedgley and Gornal Tuesday Night League Old Bulls Head went through the whole twenty-two fixtures without losing to clinch the league title, but as early as the sixth fixture in the new season they lost 5-4 at Seven Stars to see them now having to share pole position with Gornal Labour Club who have moved up from third place to joint top after winning 8-1 at The Cabin. With the two top teams level on ten points and average third and fourth placed Five Ways and Seven Stars also have ten points and in turn are two and seven legs of average short of the leading duo.

With Cabin losing to Gornal Labour Club, Meadow Lark have moved off the foot of the table despite losing 6-3 at Red Cow, neither of the bottom two teams have a single point so far but Meadow Lark have one leg of average more than Cabin.

Full Results:Game 6:- The Cabin 1 Gornal Labour Club 8, Chainyard 4 Jolly Crispin 5, Pensnett Liberal Club 4 New Inn 5, Five Ways 5 Griffin 4, Red Cow 6 Meadow Lark 3, Seven Stars 5 Old Bulls Head 4.


The Ashwood Premier League have completed their 52 games season and winning the season three title is Nick Fullwell who ended the campaign with 334 points which was a massive amount of 49 over runner-up Tom Stockton. Fullwell had already finished his fixtures before the final night but Stockton, who began the last round of games in fifth position added a 5-2 win over Gaz Cartwright before losing 4-3 to Jayden Harper. He then recovered to round off the season with a final 5-2 success against Chris Fox to seal his place at number two. Five points behind Stockton is Adam Edgar whose 6-1 win over Jon Underhill helped him hold on to third place while Geoff Marson who began the night in second place but had played all of his games finished the season in fourth place with 278 points.

With season 3 now ended, presentation night will be on Monday the 31st October. Season 4 will get underway on the 7th November and there are already some 33 confirmed players for the new season which is six upon last season.

Full Results:Week 33:- Tom Stockton 5 Gaz Cartwright 2, Chris Fox 6 Jon Underhill 1, Kevin Harris 4 Jayden Harper 3, Gaz Cartwright 5 Jon Underhill 2, Jayden Harper 4 Tom Stockton 3, Andy Vellender 5 Martyn Harper 2, Kevin Harris 6 Mark Glaze 1, Paul Pollard 5 Craig Lowin 2, Josh Pickett 4 Mitch Pickett 3, Jayden Harper 6 Gaz Cartwright 1, Ash Marson 4 Matt Davies 3, Andy Vellender 7 Mark Glaze 0, Chris Williams 5 Craig Lowin 2, Gaz Cartwright 5 Tony Bennett 2, Matt Davies 5 Jayden Harper 2, Kevin Harris 4 Martyn Harper 3, Adam Edgar 6 Jon Underhill 1, Tom Stockton 5 Chris Fox 2, Martyn Harper 7 Mike Cullis 0, Josh Pickett 7 Mike Cullis 0, Paul Pollard 7 Mike Cullis 0.


The latest round of fixtures in the Black Country Men’s Super League saw no change whatsoever in the top six place but the main question is, is any team going to stop the Allens Bar ‘A’ charge in the league as in game sixteen they added a further 5-0 win over The Maverick to their total to give them 106 points from a perfect sixteen games won. Railway Tavern are in second place they were also 5-0 winners as they accounted for their visitors Bell, Kingswinford 'B' to put them on 92 points, fourteen short of the leaders but ten more than third placed Yeltz Bar who had a narrow 3-2 victory over their local rivals Yeltz Bar ‘A’ who with 80 points are fourth.

Full Results:Game 16:- Gilbert’s Bar 4 Horse and Jocksy ‘A’ 1, Bell, Kingswinford ‘A’ 4 Whiteheath Tavern 1, Haleswoen Cricket Club 3 The Ashwood 2, Railway Tavern 5 Bell Kingswinford ‘B’ 0, Rowley Bar and Grill 4 Horse and Jockey ‘B’ 1, Allens Bar ‘A’ 5 The Maverick 0, Allens Bar ‘C’ 4 Allens Bar ‘B’ 1, Yeltz Bar 3 Yeltz Bar ‘A’ 2.


The finals of the doubles knockout was on the agenda for the Cradley Tuesday Night League and lifting the title were Mark Archer and Steve Siviter (Plough) who defeated Lee Banner and Keith Morris (Netherton Sports and Social) in the final.

Losing out in the semi-finals were two Chop House pairings Grant Jackson and John Jasper and Adule Galeb and Nick Browne.

Full Results:Doubles Knockout:Winners:- Mark Archer and Steve Siviter (Plough), Runners-Up:- Lee Banner and Keith Morris (Netherton Sports and Social), Losing Semi-Finalists:- Grant Jackson and John Jasper (Chop House), Adule Galeb and Nick Browne (Chop House).


The big question in the Gilbert’s Bar Monday Night Singles League is can Scott Baker go through the season undefeated? So far Baker has played twenty-eight games, won twenty-seven and drawn one the latest fixture seeing him win 7-1 against Adam Teasdale who is fifth in the league on 203 points from 31 games.

John Simms is Baker’s nearest rival he suffered a surprising 5-3 defeat at the hands of Mal Pugh in the latest round of fixtures, surprising as Pugh is currently seventeenth in the table on 136 points from the same 31 games as Simms. However Simms did recover and went on to win 6-2 against Sandra Beardsmore.

Ben Johnson in third place has only played 26 games, his latest 8-0 win over Gemma Barrett Jenkins taking his points to 213 which is just two short of Simms and he has a huge five games in hand.

Full Results:Week 33:Board 1:- Sarah Maybury 0 Jon Williams 8, Colin Wood 5 Artur Lubkowski 3, Martin East 8 Sarah Maybury 0, Simon Pritchard 5 Phil Clarke 3, Board 2:- Jamie Aplin 0 Jon Blakemore 8, Warren Bower 2 Steve Lynch 6, Mal Pugh 5 John Simms 3, Ben Johnson 8 Gemma Barrett Jenkins 0, Board 3:- Alex Simmons 1 Andy Jervis 7, Chris Hill 4 Keith Hollowood 4, Jamie Aplin 4 Michele Pritchard 4, John Simms 6 Sandra Beardsmore 2, Board 4:- Martin East 7 Reece Cook Lucas 1, Neville Quinton 4 Tom Hollowood 4, Adam Teasdale 1 Scott Baker 7, Jamie Webb 6 Colin Wood 2, Roger Ward 0 Andy Jervis 8 (walkover), Riley Ward 0 Alex Simmons 8 (walkover).


A 4-3 defeat at Hurst Hill has cost Gilbert’s Bar their number two spot in the singles division of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League as they dropped two places to fourth but they are on the same 26 points and have a game in hand on ECC the team who have replaced them in the number two spot. ECC had a convincing 6-1 win at home over Wednesfield Legion to leave them six points fewer and from one game more than leaders Railway who went one better with a 7-0 win at Cleveland Arms to make it sixteen wins from seventeen games. Third placed Woodfield who are on the same 26 points as ECC and Gilbert’s Bar won 4-3 at home against Dog and Partridge. Fifth placed Hurst Hill are on 24 points and have played 18 games.

And it’s Hurst Hill who top the doubles division, despite losing 2-1 to Gilbert’s Bar they lead the division by a single leg of average over ECC whose 2-1 win over Wednesfield Legion put them on the same 30 points as Hurst Hill. Third in the division Railway have a game in hand on the top two teams but are a huge ten points behind them even after their 2-1 win at Cleveland Arms.

Full Results:Week 21:Singles Division:- Cleveland Arms 0 Railway 7, ECC 6 Wednesfield Legion 1, Hurst Hill 4 Gilbert’s Bar 3, Jack’s Bar 5 Red Lion (Wednesfield) 2, Woodfield 4 Dog and Partridge 3, Moreton Arms had a bye, Doubles Division:- Cleveland Arms 1 Railway 2, ECC 2 Wednesfield Legion 1, Hurst Hill 1 Gilbert’s Bar 2, Jack’s Bar 1 Red Lion (Wednesfield) 2, Woodfield 2 Dog and Partridge 1, Moreton Arms had a bye.


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