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Article: Ask Khayat reviews SightRight

Ask Khayat reviews SightRight

When I was sent the SightRight I^d heard so many amazing things about it I was very eager to try it out.

The SightRight is very straight forward to use and can be set up in just a few minutes.

When starting to use the SightRight in my practice I could instantly see that I was offline and the difference in the angle that my darts were hitting the board and how straight they were was amazing....


SightRight is superb for practicing as it made me stand directly in the centre of the oche for my eye position, and I found I wasn’t forcing the darts into the twenty.


I^ve found I have hit so many more 180s whilst using the SightRight as it keeps your throw so nice and straight.

As for doubles at first I found it difficult to adjust to the different position on the oche and the angles I was looking at the doubles from, as I used to stand to the far left hand side of the oche which meant the doubles on the board were at different lengths and not equal as they are now.


After a few practice sessions I found it a lot easier as my throw adjusted to the changes in weight and I started hitting the doubles far more regularly than before and wasn^t blocking the doubles bed making it much easier to get darts in.


In my first competitive darts matches I found it hard at the start to get used to standing in the correct position without the SightRight being there but after just a month using the product its like second nature to me and stand in the same spot every time.


Overall I loved the SightRight and would recommend it to any darts players who are just starting their career or even people who feel they need to improve by 5% because it really does make a difference to your game. I think if it is used correctly it could easily put 3 or 4 points on a person’s average without a doubt. It certainly has with my game and I am really happy with the progress I have made while using SightRight.

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