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Article: A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

The Small Heath League played off two of their competitions the Singles Knockout and the John Young Plate Knockout. There was an encouraging thirty three entries to the singles event with the title eventually going to a man that has collected a numerous amount of winners titles from local leagues Neil Parsonage who with a maximum and a seven darts leg beat Nigel Davis 2-0 in the final. The semi-finals saw Parsonage win 2-1 against M.Turner (Cob’s Bar) and Davis win 2-0 against S.McCormack (Heartlands Club) to set up an all East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association final. The last four games of the John Young Plate saw 2-0 wins for Ian Genge (Sheldon Marlborough Flights) and Pete Hopkins (Emerald Club) who in turn defeated A.Colley and Julie McGuigan. The final was another straight 2-0 result with Hopkins the winner and Genge runner-up. Full Results:Singles Knockout:Last Sixteen:- M.Cain 0 N.Parsonage 2, A.Fisher 0 M.Turner (120b) 2, S.McCarthy 2 M.O’Sullivan 0, C.Austin 2 A.Downes 0, A.Cheshire 0 N.Davis (2x100) 2, Jim Frost 1 D.Shakespeare 2, M.Cooper (140) 2 B.Lysaght 1, S.McCormack (140) 2 D.Bons (120b,140) 0, Quarter Finals:- N.Davis (2x100) 2 C.Austin 0, N.Parsonage 2 M.Cooper 0, S.McCarthy 0 M.Turner 2, S.McCormack 2 D.Shakespeare 1, Semi-Finals:- N.Parsonage (East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association, 134,112,137) 2 M.Turner (Cob’s Bar, 100) 1, S.McCormack (Heartlands Club,100) 0 N.Davis (East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association) 2, Final:- Neil Parsonage (180,152b,133,7 darts game) 2 Nigel Davis (105b,131,100) 0, John Young Plate Knockout:Quarter Finals:- A.Ridgeway 1 P.Hopkins 2, M.Cunningham 0 A.Colley 2, R.Cooper 0 I.Genge 2, Julie McGuigan 2 A.Peasrson 1, Semi-Finals:- A.Colley (140) 0 I.Genge 2, P.Hopkins 2 Julie McGuigan (140) 0, Final:- Pete Hopkins (Emerald Club) 2 Ian Genge (Sheldon Marlborough Flights, 121) 0.
Avenue C Fox took their undefeated run in the Kings Norton League to five games with a convincing 6-1 result at Harborne C Fox to keep them to of the table. As the only team with a 100% win record Avenue C Fox have an average lead over second placed Grant Arms who in their sixth game of the season had a close 4-3 win over Weoley Hill who are sixth in the table but level on eight points with the three teams above them E57, Bournbrook and Rubery RBL, E57 and Rubery have played five games compared to the six played by Bournbrook and Weoley Hill. Full Results:Game 6:- Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 4 (C.Davenport 100, D.Whitecombe 100,120b, M.Bloomer 100,101,11 darts game, P.Corbett 101b, T.Shaw 100) Dingle 3 (A.Faulkner 100b, C.Burke 100, A.Bailles 123, M.Ferriday 100), Harborne C Fox 1 (S.Sheridan 100, M.Harding 2x100,120, J.Garghan 140, A.Poolton 107) Avenue C.Fox 6 (E.Simpson 100,115,125, D.Marsh 2x100, C.Whitehouse 2x100, R.Mann 100,122,160b, T.Hamilton 180, G.Dews 2x100), Cock Inn 3 (L.Caven 105, M.Naylor 140, P.Hughes 100, A.Vaughan 100,131, L.Fox 140, Joe Fox 100,101b,120,12 darts game, K.Vaughan 100, John Fox 100) Rubery RBL 4 (I.Medlicott 120b,170,8 darts game, R.Higgins 104, B.Heath 116b, J.Ford 100, R.Packer 121,140), Bournbrook 6 (T.Cullen 100, T.Jeffs 100, L.Arnold 125, R.Orton 112, D.Collins 2x100, P.Gossage 100) Thurlestone 1 (J.Downer 100, D.Garfield 100,101b, T.Hill 140), Grant Arms 4 (P.Taylor 100,125, Monte Davies 100,125, V.Walton 100f,121) Weoley Hill 3 (M.Lloyd 125, R.Broadhurst 100, L.Preece 122,140), E57 6 (D.Logan 115b,121, R.Morris 100, J.Good 100b,105, T.Roberts 11 darts game, N.Porter 100, L,Brotherton 100, J.Calt 104 140, M.Ellis 121) Coppice 1 (A.Chidley 140,10 darts game, M.Mooney 100).
Centurion lost ground in the tile race for group one in the South Birmingham League when they lost their home tie with leaders C’s Hot Shots 5-3, Centurion now have a game in hand on Hot Shots but with four points trail by four points. Also on four points are Trident and C’s Flights, the former beating the latter 6-2 in their latest fixture. Only average separates the top two teams in group two, C’s Top Guns top the division with Coleshill Social drawing level on five points with them following their 5-3 win away to bottom of the tale C’s Bullets who after four games are without a point. Full Results:Game 4:Group One:- C's Arrows 2 (D.Green 2x100,123, S.Cahill 152,100) Banbury Arrows 5 (A.Cooksey 5x100,120,140,126f, J.Moss 3x100, P.Moran 135,121), Centurion 3 (G.Bulldock 121,120, M.Farquharson 120, M.Phillips 122, D.Whitehouse 4x100,121,104, A.Hoey 100,140) C’s Hot Shots 5 (D.White 140,120, W.Cooper 100, K.White 140,100,130, S.Moran 2x100, J.Masfield 123,100), Trident (Smithswood) 6 (J.Buttle 2x100,140,180, C.Vann 108, L.Vann 3x100, R.Barritt 100) C's Flights 2 (C.Meigh 140, S.Beale 140, R.Meigh 100, J.Pitts 2x100,140, R.Beale 100,118), Group Two:- Toby Jug 5 (I.Beattie 133, T.Adams 2x100, M.Blair 114) Trident Flights 3 (N.Hogan 2x100, S.Ahmed 100, P.Shipley 2x100, R.Green 100,2x120), C's Bullets 3 (S.Kearney 119,180,100, G.Vasou 4x100,125,121) Coleshill Social 5 (S.Sweetman 2x100,2x140, P.Bryant 2x100,140, S.Jones 100, N.McCrave 100, R.Jones 2x100,123, B.Jones 100, G.Jones 100), Late Results:Group Two:- C's Bullets 2 (M.McMullan 2x100,140, L.Wilson 2x100, G.Vasou 140,100, S.Kearney 2x100) Trident Flights 6 (P.Shipley 2x100,140, P.Wilde 132,2x100,104, A.Harvey 121,2x100,140, J.Lawton 133, S.Ahmed 125, B.Scott 133).
Golden Hind ended their season in division one of the Sutton and District Summer League with a 7-2 win at Bodmere Tap and as champions they finished the campaign with a total of 22 points, four more than runners-up Boldmere St Mike’s who were also 7-2 winners in their home fixture against Erdington Arrows. Despite their defeat Erdington Arrows won the division one Shadow League title, their four points and superior average seeing them just get the edge on Oscott Social who also finished on four points. In the second division champions Walmley Darts Club rounded off their campaign with a close 5-4 win away to Bishop Vesey who with sixteen points finished level on points and average with second in the table Old Oscott Arrows whose final game saw them win 5-4 at Oscott Sports. Although Oscott Sports finished next to bottom of division two they had some consolation in that they won the divisional Shadow League with a total of six points, Boot Inn were also on six points but lost out by the narrowest of margins, just one leg of average. Full Results:Week 14:Division One:- Boldmere St Mike's 7 Erdington Arrows 2, Boldmere Tap 2 Golden Hind 7, The Boat 6 Oscott Social 3, Division Two:- The Boot 5 Drakes Drum 4, Bishop Vesey 4 Walmley Darts Club 5, Oscott Sports 4 Old Oscott Arrows 5.
There were 6-3 results for the top three teams in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League in week 24 but unfortunately for the leaders Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ their result was a defeat by third placed Rose and Crown. Despite the defeat the Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ hang on to pole position with 42 points two more than the chasing duo Roebuck and Rose and Crown, Roebuck having a 6-3 win away to Dudley Sports ‘B’. Dudley Sports ‘A’ moved up one place from their previous second from bottom with a 7-2 win away to Fox and Grapes who are five laces above them and with twenty have twice as many points. Fourth in the table and former leaders High Oak were the week’s top scorers as they accounted for their hosts bottom of the table King William with an 8-1 result. Full Results:Week 24:- Rose and Crown 6 Dudley Ex Servieman’s Club ‘A’ 3, Limes Club 6 Brickmakers Arms 3, Wombourne Pool Bar 4 Portway 5, Swan 5 Bull and Bladder 4, Fox and Grapes 2 Dudley Sports ‘A’ 7, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ 6 Lamp Tavern 3, Delph Bell 4 Mount Pleasant 5, Dudley Sports ‘B’ 3 Roebuck 6, King William 1 High Oak 8.
Woodside ‘A’, leaders of the Silver End Sunday Morning League played away to bottom of the table Kings Head ‘B’ in game number eighteen and returned with a 6-2 win to put them on 40 points with a lead of four over Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club whose 7-1 win at High Oak sees them replace Glasscutters ‘B’ in second place as they had a bye this week. Glasscutters ‘B’ are on the same 36 points as the Ex Serviceman’s Club with a game in hand. In their home tie with Three Crowns Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ handed out a 8-0 whitewash to put them within one point of the two teams above them and five behind the leaders Woodside ‘A’. Full Results:Game 18:- High Acres 5 Brickmakers ‘A’ 3, Woodside ‘B’ 3 Glasscutters ‘A’ 5, Old Star 5 Kings Head ‘A’ 3, High Oak 1 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 7, Kings Head ‘B’ 2 Woodside ‘A’ 6, Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 8 Three Crowns 0, New Talbot 5 Dudley Sports 3, Bell and Glasscutters ‘B’ had a bye.
The top of the table clash in the Netherton Thursday Night League between leaders Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club and Bulls Head was postponed and although the Ex Serviceman’s Club remain in pole position with 51 points from 18 games Bulls Head drop one place to third behind Riddins Tavern whose 5-4 win away to Townsend Social Club has taken their points tally to 42 from nineteen games. Bulls Head, now third in the table have 39 points but have two games in hand on Riddins and one on the Ex Serviceman’s. Full Results:Game 19:- Townsend Social Club 4 Riddins Tavern 5, Saracens Head 2 Fairfield 7, Netherton Conservative Club 2 White Horse 7.
Hop House with a 160 break from A.Dean were the only losers in the top eight teams in the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League as they lost their home tie with Glasscutters 5-4, they drop one place to fifth in the table while their victors remain in seventh place on 10 points, Hop House have a similar 10 points. Top of the table is Brickmakers Arms, their 8-1 win at Bird (Stourbridge) giving them a perfect score of 14 points from their seven games and a lead of two over Stourbridge RBL and Britannia. The RBL won their home fixture with Gigmill 6-3 while Britannia had a 7-2 home success against Lion (Stourbridge). A 160 break from A.Nicholls and a 6-3 team win at Swan has put British Oak just one leg of average to the good on the team they have replaced in fourth position Gate Hangs Well who won their game at Bird (Wordsley) 5-4, both teams are on ten points. Full Results:Game 7:- Ten Arches 9 Kingswinford Conservative Club 0, Hop House 4 (A.Dean 160b) Glasscutters 5, Bird (Wordsley) 4 Gate Hangs Well 5, Hare and Hounds 4 Rose and Crown (Wordsley) 5, Stourbridge RBL 6 Gigmill 3, Swan 3 Britiah Oak 6 (A.Nicholls 160b), Bird (Stourbridge) 1 Brickmakers Arms 8, Fox Inn (Lye) 3 Church Tavern 6, Britania 7 Lion (Stourbridge) 2.
George suffered a setback to their championship hopes in the Rowley Monday Night League when despite a 160 break from Matt Wakefield and a 180 from Karl Hopton they lost 6-3 at home to Cradley Sports and Social Club who with 42 points have replaced them in second place in the table with 42 points, George slipping to third on 40 points. Top of the table Bell kept intact their four points lead with a somewhat surprisingly close 5-4 home win over Bulls Head who are currently bottom of the table, they took over at the foot of the table after Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ chalked up only their fourth win in 24 when they beat Loyal Lodge 5-4, both Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ and Bulls Head are on 8 points with the former having the superior average. Full Results:Game 24:- Bell 5 Bulls Head 4 (walkover), Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ 5 Loyal Lodge 4, Spring Meadow 5 (Simon Edmonds 160b) Ivy Bush 4, Hare and Hounds 2 Three Diamonds 7, Cottage 7 (Lance Hackett 180) Wonder 2, George 3 (Matt Wakefield 160b, Karl Hopton 180) Cradley Sports and Social 6, Windmills End 3 Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ 6.
Big scores for the top three teams in the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League as leaders The Vine won 6-1 at Horseley Tavern, second placed Tipton Sports beat Sportsman 7-0 and third placed Dewdrop ‘A’ won 6-1 against Ivy Bush. So there is no change in the top three Vine lead with 38 points, George are just two points behind them and Dewdrop ‘A’, who have played one game fewer than the two above them are on 28 points. After a 6-1 home defeat by Miners Arms and despite an eight darts leg from G.Roper, Wonder remain at the foot of the table with just three wins from twenty games. Full Results:Game 20:- Waggon and Horses 6 Dewdrop ‘B’ 1, Horseley Tavern 1 The Vine 6, Wonder 1 (G.Roper 8 darts game) Miners Arms 6, Tipton Sports 7 Sportsman 0, New Talbot 1 Island Inn 6, Cottage Spring 3 Merry-Go-Round 4, Dewdrop ‘A’ 6 Ivy Bush 1, Hayes Social had a bye.
It was a week of rearranged fixtures in the Cradley Tuesday Night League which included two local derbies with both finishing with huge 8-1 scorelines as league leaders Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ with maximums from Nick Fullwell, Jeff batham and Shane Passey beat Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ and second in the table Netherton Sports and Social ‘A’ beat second from bottom Netherton Sports and Social ‘B’ to keep within three points, one win of the top team. There were two other players to find the three treble twenties this week Bryan Neal (Riddins Tavern) and Jess Archer (Gate Hangs Well), both players finishing on the losing side as Riddins lost 9-0 at Wheatsheaf and Gate went down 5-4 at Roost. Full Results:Rearranged Fixtures:- Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 1 Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 8 (Shane Passey 180, Nick Fullwell 180, Jeff Batham 180), Netherton Sports and Social ‘B’ 1 Netherton Sports and Social ‘A’ 8, Wheatsheaf 9 Riddins Tavern 0 (Bryan Neal 180), Roost 5 Gate Hangs Well 4 (Jess Archer 180).
The Brierley Hill Friday Night League have been engaged in their singles knockout in which there were straight 2-0 results for both of the semi-finals with W.Page and R.Powers in turn defeating J.Barrowman and J.Ward. The final was a very close affair going to the fifth and final leg before Powers claimed the title with a 3-2 result over Page. Full Results:Singles Knockout:Quarter Finals:- W.Page 2 D.Haywood 0, P.Wakeman 1 J.Ward 2, A.Bedford 0 R.Powers 2, J.Barrowman 2 D.Male 1, Semi-Finals:- W.Page 2 J.Barrowman 0, R.Powers 2 J.Ward 0, Final:- R.Powers 3 W.Page 2.
The Henley and District Summer League played the quarter finals of their League Cup which produced a shock for league leaders Studley Conservative Club. Unbeaten in eight in the league the Conservative Club lost 5-4 at home to Wootton Bears who are fifth in the league and some ten points behind their opponents. No such problem for second in the table Studley Cricket Club who handed their hosts Beausale a 9-0 whitewash. In the other two games played it was all Wythall as the RBL won 6-3 at Dorridge and the Legion won by the same 6-3 margin at home against Village Inn. Full Results:League Cup:- Dorridge 3 Wythall RBL 6, Beausale 0 Studley Cricket Club 9, Studley Conservative Club 4 Wootton Bears 5, Wythall Legion 6 Village Inn 3.
The Pip Club League having been playing their divisional Shadow League games and in division one Dolphin Wanderers defeated Sports Bar ‘180’ while in the division two game Dolphin were unable to field a team and in stepped Kettlebrook to face Wigginton Arms with Wigginton the winners. Full Results:Shadow League:Division One:- Dolphin Wanderers beat Sports Bar ‘180’ (Terry Molineux 101, Emily Jones 140,125,100), Division Two:- Wigginton Arms beat Kettlebrook Club. (Kettlebrook stepped in to play as Dolphin couldn’t field a team)
It’s a similar story in both the singles and doubles divisions of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League as Riley’s ‘C’ added a 5-2 win over Gilberts Bar in the singles division to head the table with an unbeaten 36 points from eighteen games. Second in the division Railway handed their visiting team Royal, Albrighton a 7-0 whitewash to keep them within four points of the leaders with a game in hand. In the doubles division once again it’s Riley’s ‘C’ who top the table with 34 points from eighteen games after adding their 2-1 win over Gilberts Bar and like the singles table Railway are second four points behind with a game in hand after they beat Royal, Albrighton 3-0. Full Results:Week 22:Singles Division:- Dog and Partridge 0 Bull 7, Mount Tavern 5 Wednesfield Legion 2, Penn Bowling 4 Riley’s ‘A’ 3, Railway 7 Royal, Albrighton 0, Riley’s ‘C’ 5 Gilberts Bar 2, Village Inn 3 Jones Road 4, Doubles Division:- Dog and Partridge 0 Bull 3, Mount Tavern 3 Wednesfield Legion 0, Penn Bowling 0 Riley’s ‘A’ 3, Railway 3 Royal, Albrighton 0, Riley’s ‘C’ 2 Gilberts Bar 1, Village Inn 1 Jones Road 2, Pendulum, Wednesfield Conservative Club and Yale Club had a bye.
By Alan Towe Website:

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