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Article: 3rd WDF Polish Open 2012

3rd WDF Polish Open 2012

WDF/BDO Polish Open 2012 was held in March 2012 in small city Police, near Szczecin.

The host of the tournament was Hotel Dobosz with the fantastic venue, a lot of hotel places and fantastic restaurant and bar.

On Friday 23rd a lot of players arrived to take part in a warm-up pairs tournaments. Almost 120 men pairs and 20 ladies pairs competed until the evening. In all British final, Steve Douglas and Gary Robson won 3-2 against Tony O’Shea and Darryl Fitton. The best Polish pair was Mariusz Golly and Krzysztof Kciuk. In the ladies tournament, Swedish pair Forsmark and Bomander were victorius. It was a fantastic evening with a lot of emotions on show.

On the next day, Saturday 24th, the players were all ready to compete in the WDF/BDO Polish Open. There was a large turnout for the Mens tournament, with 331 players competing. In the Ladies tournament, 43 players turned out for the competition, along with almost 20 youth players. The first round was made up by ^Round-Robin^ groups, with a single KO bracket. Round robin groups give the players much more playing practice and help all the players from lot of countries to make a new friendships in the tournament.

After the whole day of playing on the stage, it came down to the semi-final and finals of the tournament.

With the walk-on music and lights, the stars of the tournaments entertained the crowd with some fantastic darts, and brilliant games. The great showman Tony O^shea showed that he can both have some fun and banter with the crowd, and be on target with his darts too, winning a thrilling final against Sweden^s Johan Engstroem 5-4.

In the Ladies tournament, Deta Hedman repeated her success from the previous year and won her final against Tamar Schuur from Holland


Results Polish Open mens:

1. Tony O^Shea (UK)

2. Johan Engstroem (SWE)

3.Gary Robson (UK)/Vladimir Andersen (DEN)


Results Polish Open ladies:

1. Deta Hedman (UK)

2. Tamara Schuur (HOL)

3. Anna Forsmark (SWE) /Iveta Bruska (CZECH)


On the third day of darts, was the second WDF Tournament - The WDF Police Masters 2012. Again the tournament kicked off with a round robin style in the first stage, and the next stage was a single KO. In the group phase, there was a big upset with Darryl Fitton losing and failing to qualify for the Single knockout stage. The next big shock was when Tony O^Shea lost against Ryan de Vreede from Holland. Krzysztof Kciuk continued his good form from the previous day and reached a respectable last 8 finish.

The final saw Gary Robson beat his good friend Steve Douglas. 

The Ladies Tournament was again won by Deta Hedman, this time playing Sweden^s Kistin Bomander.

Results Police Masters men:

1. Gary Robson (UK)

2. Steve Douglas (UK)

3. Pavel Drtil (CZECH)/ Michael van den Horst (HOL)


Results Police Masters ladies:

1. Deta Hedman (UK)

2. Kristin Bomander (SWE)

3. Ivana Skaro (GER)/ Sarah Rosen (SWE)


It was a fantastic weekend, with a lot of players from 14 European countries, with some great games, and what the most important with the good weather and fantastic atmosphere.

We will see you again next year.

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