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SightRight2 - Perfect Dart Vision

SKU: Z0110
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SightRight2's 4 easy steps gives perfect dart vision, enabling you to position yourself perfectly on the oche time and time again. SightRight2 prevents sighting across the line (like 99% of TV dart professionals).
How to use:
1. Centre the SightRight2 using the plumb line to get the white SightRight2 line centre to the bullseye.
2. Take your normal position at the oche and look at the SightRight2 to see if the line is broken or kinked, or if it is a continuous white line.
3. Re-position yourself so that you can only see a perfect straight line.
4. Continue to practice and play as much as possible with SightRight2 from your new aiming position.
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SightRight2 - Perfect Dart Vision
SightRight2 - Perfect Dart Vision Sale price£18.95