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Article: Wrighty swaps clogs for eggs!

Wrighty swaps clogs for eggs!

Peter Wright has swapped clogs for eggs as he gets used to life in lockdown after taking the world crown. The Livingston ace should have been strutting his stuff for two nights in front of a sea of orange 22,000 Dutch fans in Rotterdam this week. But due to the coronavirus lockdown, instead of the bright lights and glamour of the Premier League, Snakebite has been supplying eggs to the elderly from his farm in Suffolk and clearing out poop from the chicken coop. World Champ Wright, 50, said: “We’ve been giving out eggs to the local community during this time. Jo put it out on our Facebook community page that eggs can be collected and we’ve given the neighbours some as well. “All this shutdown stuff works, we've all got to do it for everyone's health and everyone's benefit. “Just be safe, just be careful and help the elderly if you can. All these little bits. “Jo put up on our local shop if any of the elderly needed any eggs because they're running out in some shops and supermarkets, then we'd also take them round from a distance, obviously. “It’s been quite nice to hit the pause button in some ways. Instead of just being home for one and a half days a week, I’m here full-time which is great. “I’ve just managed to put the Christmas decorations away at last, it’s been that hectic since the Worlds! “I’ve been doing all the odd jobs that haven’t been done for years. I’ve even cleared out Jo’s sewing room.” Wright admits that darts isn’t the main thing on his mind right now but would be gutted if he couldn’t bid to retain the World Cup for Scotland with the event on June 18 under threat because of the Covid-19 outbreak. He said: “Obviously darts isn’t a priority right now. I wanted to retain the World Cup for Scotland with Gary (Anderson) and we don’t know if that will happen right now. I miss the competition of playing but everyone’s health comes first, end of story.” The caring star, crowned World Champ on New Year’s Day, has even taken on a lodger in double World Youth Champ Dimitri van den Bergh - and he’s also been helping with farm duties. Wright added: “We’ve got young Dimitri staying with us. He’s been here since the last Pro Tour in Barnsley, he didn’t want to chance travelling home because of the restrictions and he’s been here since. “Dimitri is helping me out with a bit of practice every now and again. Two world champions practising together can't be bad. “It's a bit tough - he wants to go home and see his parents, stuff like that. It's tough on him but he's thinking of moving to the UK soon anyway to try the darts 100 per cent. Being UK based gives him a taster, I suppose. “We were out on the farm collecting eggs the other day, I said 'your job is not to drop them', so he's having fun. “I’ve been practising a lot with Dimi, but just using all sorts of different darts. It will take a year for me to get through using all the different darts I use! “Seriously though, I do change a lot as I practice otherwise I get bored and I won’t want to use them again when the Premier League starts up again.” Wright’s wife Jo was meant to be in hospital yesterday (Thurs) for a major spine op but it was cancelled at the last minute because of the Covid-19 crisis. He added: “The hospital phoned her up and it was OK, they definitely wanted to go through with it. They said their beds are OK for another fortnight. But then she got a message at 7am on Thursday morning to say it was off under Government authority. “It was a massive worry for us. It’s a very big operation as it is on her spine. But it would have also put her into the vulnerable category for coronavirus. We’ve been through this as a family and Jo was adamant she wanted to go ahead with it. “The operation could have gone wrong and she could have ended up in a wheelchair. “I’m always a house husband anyway, I do all the work. I can’t even escape now to play darts all over Europe, so I have to do as I’m told or I’m in deep trouble! “The strange thing is that this enforced time at home has worked out really well for us. Because if the op had gone ahead I would have been at home permanently to look after Jo which I couldn’t have done if I’d been away playing. “I did say to her the plan was I would miss the Premier League if she wanted me to. But she said no way, I was to carry on playing. “It’s a condition that Jo has in her spine that has progressively got worse over the years. It’s giving her pain with nerves so the operation has to happen, she is having her spine fused together in the lumber region and will be in hospital for 3-5 days. It will also include four to six screws and plate or rods put in her spine.” By Phil Lanning (@lannomedia)

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