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Article: Wright Vows to Play Despite Fitness Scare

Wright Vows to Play Despite Fitness Scare

Peter Wright is vowing to bid for his first World Championship title despite a big fitness scare. Snakebite is hoping to come through a scan today (Weds) after a hospital visit revealed three gallstones just a fortnight ago. If he gets the all-clear then he will rest for another week before facing Diogo Portela at the Alexandra Palace in the first round. He said: “I’m still confident I’ll be OK to play. I’ve been doing everything that I’ve been advised to medically to hopefully the scan will show an improvement. “I get respect off certain players and that’s really good and I appreciate that. I get a lot of respect from Michael, Phil and Adrian Lewis now. This clown can play darts. “It’s been a fantastic year, winning 11 tournaments, beating Michael van Gerwen in a final 6-0 in the Europeans and beating Michael in an exhibition with a 133 average, stuff like that. [caption id="attachment_18389" align="alignright" width="300"] Snakebite was crowed UK Open Champion in March[/caption] “It’s obviously been great winning my first major UK Open and beating Phil Taylor in the final of the German Masters. That was big for me because I’m the No.1 player they love, so it was great to win that. “What I did last year was learnt from my defeats, lost in many finals against Michael and other players. I gave them chances and I just looked around and thought I’m not going to give them those chances anymore. “I just like going up and playing darts. I’m still the same person that I was many years ago. I haven’t changed, I just like doing the circuits seeing all the fans all round the world. That’s what I decided to do and they appreciate it and I’m getting results. It’s what has got me to No2 in the world. “I’m looking forward to chasing Michael next year for the No1 spot. I have his green shirt. I prove how green can be worn and look good! “The two most famous people in this sport and myself and Michael van Gerwen. The guy with the green top and bald head. But he’s the youngster and he’s still showing the world how fantastic he is and he’s got many years in front of him. But I’ll be on his back.” Wright, 47, plays the first-ever Brazilian entrant at the Ally Pally Portela on December 21, the last match of the first round which turned out to be a big boost as he returns from illness. Remarkably 20 per cent of the tickets sold for the Worlds have been in Germany - and Snakebite is their No1 of rock star mania proportions. But he’s ruled out Lederhosen as stage attire. Wright added: “The exhibition we did in Cologne recently and was 8000 there, 70 per cent of the fans were just for me, it’s amazing. It was the best exhibition I’d ever played in my life. “Lederhosen trousers? They would be a bit sweaty! I’d rather wear a kilt it’s nice and breezy. “Last year we had 48 designs that’s crazy isn’t it. When we go to the World Series I have to take an extra suitcase with just outfits. “I get videos from fans doing the dancing and wearing outfits. Even dart players their kids love me so much. “It’s the crazy guy dancing across the stage, I don’t know. But if I am getting young fans into our sport, that’s great.” Wright is adamant that the man to beat is the old warhorse Taylor on his Ally Pally swansong. He added: “I’m out of Michael’s way in the draw. But the main man you got to look at is Phil Taylor. “You watch he will want to go out with a big bang and he destroyed us every single player in the World Matchplay and he’ll be ready again. I’m telling you, you watch. “Phil’s legacy is that he’s the greatest there has ever been or ever going to be. No one else is going to ever do that. Yes Michael is very young but he’s got other plans in his life. “Phil should have won the Sports Personality of the Year a few years back when Tony McCoy won. McCoy has been run over by a horse, broken bones but the amount of titles Phil’s won from the beginning for 30 years, people came come and gone and he’s beaten them all. “In 1990 when he first won, I was probably watching him and watching the mistakes he makes. That’s how I learnt watching his mistakes. I was probably unemployed at the time. “Now I’m one of the guys who doesn’t give up, until the end. I try my best and you’re not going to beat me easily.” By Phil Lanning (@lannomedia) Photograph by Taylor Lanning

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