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Article: Wright in Bullseye Premier League Tribute

Wright in Bullseye Premier League Tribute

PETER WRIGHT slipped into the Unibet Premier League relegation zone after going down to his second successive 7-1 defeat. [caption id="attachment_31158" align="alignright" width="250"]Peter Wright, Bullseye, Premier League, Darts, Michael Smith Snakebite pays tribute to Jim Bowen, legendary Bullseye TV show host.[/caption] Snakebite was beaten by flying Michael Smith in Nottingham and now faces a real battle to get out of the relegation scrap. He was sporting a stunning Bullseye design headpaint in honour of presenter Jim Bowen who died on Wednesday - but Wrighty was anything but super, smashing or great on the oche. Smith in comparison admits he’s giving his Scottish mentor Gary Anderson pelters. He said: “I didn’t perform that well but a 7-1 victory I’ll take that all day long. I just wanted to put last week to bed. “I was 5-3 up last week and should have won it really but I wasn’t going to blow my chances tonight. Peter gave me some chances and I took them. “Being top is good, I just give it to Gary Anderson all the time! “My main aim was not to be eliminated that’s the one thing I don’t want to do. Two years ago I was out by week three really. “But I’m still in now and I’m still fighting. After Judgement Night in Liverpool I’ll start thinking about the top four. “I’m really pleased for Gary over the past couple of weeks, he’s been the best player in the world and he’s proving that, he’s winning titles left, right and centre. “We give each other stick and I am giving it to him for being above him in the league but deep down he knows how proud of him I am, and how pleased I am to seeing him winning so well.”
DARYL GURNEY’S draw curse continued but a point dragged him out of the relegation dogfight. The Derry ace picked up his fourth draw in six matches with a 6-6 stalemate against Australian Simon Whitlock. But it did mean Superchin overtook an out-of-sorts Peter Wright to pull himself out of the bottom two of the league. Gurney said: “I thought it was a good, proper game. I’m happy with a point, it was a proper leg on leg sort of match. “We are good mates Simon and I and I’m sure we’d both rather have won but a point will have to do again! “I’m out of the bottom two but it’s not a positive for me really. To try and get to where I want to be I had to win tonight. “The pressure is still on now. But with all these draws, if you gave me a packet of crayons I’d be some artist! “It’s just one of those things. I kept on being on top of Simon but he kept coming back so fair play to him for fighting. Maybe next week I’ll finally win my first game.” Whitlock said: “It was a strange game, Daryl got off to a good start. I came back at him and missed match darts. It’s disappointing but to get a draw against Daryl is pretty good for me because I’ve got the worst record ever against him. “I got close to the nine-darter. You always think about it, that’s probably the worst thing. I should have started somewhere else with treble 19 probably, but anyway I lost the leg, that’s even worse!”
WORLD Champion Rob Cross moved up to third in the table with a crushing 7-2 win over Mensur Suljovic, averaging 106.49. Cross: “I felt great up there nice and composed like normal really. I feel it’s coming now, practice is changing, the game is getting stronger. My doubles were good today and I’ll really glad to win. “My average was highest yet but I slacked off in the last two legs. The only thing that matters is the win to be honest, not the average. “Now it’s just about staying in the top four, that’s all that I’m bothered about. Now it’s four wins on the bounce and it’s back to my old form. I’m enjoying it again now. “Now onto Glasgow and I feel I’m getting better every week. It’s going all the right way for me at the minute.”
MICHAEL VAN GERWEN went back to the top of the league with a comfortable 7-3 win over Gerwyn Price. He said: “I think I played OK. I know I can do a lot better so I want to raise my game for the rest of the Premier League. “I know I have a tough schedule ahead to stay top and I’m just focusing on that. “I always have good games against Michael Smith, we both give 200 per cent. It’s going to be tough and also for him. But he’s played his own game in this Premier League, he’s faster. “He’s played so well for now but I’m going to stop him next week. That’s what I’m going to do and he knows I want to. “He’s a good player simple. It’s about time he comes out fighting, phenomenal talent. “I told him tonight that I would win to overtake him again. But of course Rob Cross is only a few points behind now. “You need to make sure you keep your focus though, that’s what I’m doing. I feel good. I know I can raise my game a lot more but I’ve won and that’s the most important thing.”
GARY ANDERSON reckons he’s a darting ROBBER after stealing yet another last gasp dramatic point. The Flying Scotsman snatched a breathtaking 144 finish to draw 6-6 with Raymond van Barneveld in a last match cracker. Barney looked set to take all the points but Ando extended his unbeaten run to 23 matches by taking the last two legs to grab another draw. Anderson, who hit finishes of 144, 117 and 105, said: “The practice board was great, 180 after 180 but I was dropping darts low again. The checkout at the end is how I want to start off really. “Raymond missed a few shots there and let me in but that’s all I seem to do now is rob games and rob legs the now. “I’ll take that for now but it’s got to come good sometime. “I thought the game was over when Ray went for tops but he made a right mess of it. But then the 144 at the end, daft game this!” RVB said: “I could have won that one. I missed my chances, missing five darts to win. It was a great finish by him with 144. “But when you are 4-2 down and he was playing OK, then you are happy with a draw. But when you are leading 6-4 then of course you start thinking about winning this match. And when you start thinking it goes wrong, trust me. “This is a tough competition this year. If you look at the ranking table there’s only one or two points in between top and bottom players. “Even before his match Gerwyn Price could still get through but after tonight it’s going to be tough for him. But anything can happen in the following weeks now.”
By Phil Lanning (@lannomedia) Premier League, Week 6, PDC, Darts

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