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Article: Winmau Darts Centre - Wolverhampton

Winmau Darts Centre - Wolverhampton

Darting revolutions puts 18-board Wolverhampton centre on top
When you have 18 boards and are heading for darts, darts, darts on five nights a week, something is very right in the world and when the centre hosts the bigger tournaments those eighteen boards are for practice purposes only and the main hall is then taken over by 32 match play boards, just how good is that!!
Wolverhampton^s Winmau Darts Centre is doing what a lot of pubs have failed to do; cater for the growing interest in darts across the UK.
Besides seeing evidence that others are copying the progressive stance of the centre, owner Dharam Jagpal - a self-proclaimed "league organisational obsessive" - has now firmly put his stamp on the venue as the leader of the pack, with both Winmau and Red Dragon endorsing him with their names.
Said Dharam (known as Tam): "We started with just one night and a 4-a-side league that now attracts up to 80 players and followers, we have launched a Thursday night Champions League, fitting in Tuesday games, the new Red Dragon Super Series and Friday is heading the same way."
The Winmau Darts Centre, based at Wolverhampton Sports Arena, has a package of attractions that darters like - 501 straight start, enough boards to mean no-one waits around for a turn; which also means enough practising time to keep everyone happy.
And what really pleases the players is seeing every penny of the entrance fees being returned in prizes.
This year also, the centre will play host to three confirmed major tournaments, including the Winmau Wolverhampton BDO Open in August, the centre is hoping this will be given ranking status, which will mean top players competing. The other events are The World Youth Tournament on the 13th June and on the weekend of the 25th and 26th of July the BDO Youth Festival.
"The secret is being organised," explained Dharam. "With several leagues on the go at once, you cannot afford to get anything wrong."
So, what^s next the Winmau Darts Centre is currently working with a university to develop a revolutionary smartphone and tablet-based scoring system, which will allow players to keep track of results, league positions and other information instantly.
A major refit is also on the cards to ensure the centre is also visitor-friendly with no tinkering with the game.
For further details visit the web site should you require any further information e-mail or alternatively telephone 01902-420827. You can also find us on facebook and Twitter.

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