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Article: Winmau Blade III Bristle Dartboard – A Board for Champions or the Novice

Winmau Blade III Bristle Dartboard – A Board for Champions or the Novice

Playing darts is really fun for leisure or for competeing. It’s great to get a group of people together to play or just by yourself. Regardless how you play it’s best to have a good dart board.

The Winmau Blade III Bristle Dartboard is considered one of the best.

Winmau Blade III Bristle Dartboard is the world’s finest bristle dartboard. It’s the Official tournament bristle dartboard of the British Darts Organization

It has exclusive staple-free bullseye and skeleton dividers for higher scores and fewer bounce-outs and Constructed from self-healing sisal fibers tightly bound for maximum durability.

The wires are triangular shaped and if you hit one, it slides your dart off to the side. The weight of the board screams quality manufacturing and after a lot of use, this board shows little to no wear as the holes seem to disappear.

The darts enter easily with only minimal noise and also pull out of the board effortlessly.

Here are what some are saying about the

Winmau Blade III Bristle Dartboard

Excellent dartboard that was purchased at a sensible price from an Amazon dealer.Purchased this because of the manufacturers claim that the board reduces "bounce outs" and that is a valid claim.Since I’ve owned this there have been only 3 bounce outs and they came from the bullseye area and basically the dart just dropped to the floor and didnt come sailing back at me like a scud missle.I feel this is the best board on the market today and that there was actually some thought used in its assembly.It also looks good and is very durable. Raymond J. Nalley

Darts is a great way to get the family together for some fun and good quality time. The

Winmau Blade III Bristle Dartboard would make a great Christmas present to hang in the basement or garage and enjoy for hours the game of darts.

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