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Article: A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

The C’s Club Double Top League is up to week eight and taking over from Luis Barberan in pole position is Neil Parsonage. Although Barberan has held the number one spot for most of the season so far he had always played more games than Parsonage but in the current week he didn’t play and with 3-0 wins over Gary Shergold and Wayne Cooper, Parsonage took his points tally to 44 two more than Barberan who drops to second place, both players are now level on 16 games. With 42 points Barberan has a two point’s advantage over Jake Webster who after beating Tom White, Luke Beale and James Buttle 3-0 has leapt up the table from ninth to third but has now played 18 games. Chris Millward was another player to make big strides up the table going from eighth to fourth when he followed up his week seven 3-0 wins over Tom White and Courtney Burns with a 2-1 win over Ryan Beale giving him a total of 36 points and he has only played fifteen games. Full Results:Week 7:- Steve Whatmore 2 Jack Nason 1 (112f), Jake Webster 3 Gary Shergold 0 (180), Louise Beale 0 Luis Barberan 3, Jake Liggings 1 Chris Cooke 2, Melissa Beale 0 Charlie Kingdon 3, Pete Kingdon 3 Duane Green 0 (180), Jamie Carter 0 Richard Mills 3 (180), Steve Beale 0 Steve Sidwell 3, Tom White 0 Chris Millward 3 (180), Mark Birch 2 (130f) Dan White 1, Wayne Cooper 3 Ryan Beale 0, Luke Beale 0 Ben Liggins 3, Courtney Burns 1 Neil McCrave 2, Neil Parsonage 3 Glen James 0, James Buttle 3 Martin Phillips 0, Keith Geary 2 (180) Lee Walker 1, Pete Kingdon 1 Chris Cooke 2, Jake Liggins 2 (180) Steve Whatmore 1, Glen James 2 Ryan Beale 1, Wayne Cooper 1 Keith Geary 2, Luis Barberan 3 Martin Phillips 0, Jake Webster 3 Meilissa Beale 0, Neil Parsonage 3 Dan White 0, James Buttle 1 Steve Sidwell 2 (139f), Louise Beale 0 Jamie Carter 3, Charlie Kingdon 2 Duane Green 1, Richard Mills 3 Luke Beale 0, Tom White 2 (180) Lee Walker 1, Mark Birch 3 (180) Neil McCrave 0, Jack Nason 3 Steve Beale 0, Gary Shergold 0 Ben Liggins 3, Chris Millward 3 Courtney Burns 0, Luis Barberan 3 Courtney Burns 0, Martin Phillips 0 Lee Walker 3, Wayne Cooper 1 Steve Sidwell 2 (127f, 124f), Charlie Kingdon 1 Jack Nason 2, Week 8:- Jake Webster 3 Tom White 0, Jack Nason 3 Louise Beale 0, Pete Kingdon 2 Steve Beale 1, Ryan Beale 1 Chris Millward 2 (180), Neil Parsonage 3 Gary Shergold 0, Mark Birch 2 James Buttle 1, Steve Sidwell 3 Charlie Kingdon 0, Luke Beale 0 Jake Webster 3, Jamie Carter 3 Wayne Cooper 0, Steve Whatmore 3 Glen James 0, Richard Mills 2 Lee Walker 1, Ben Liggins 3 Chris Cooke 0, Neil McCrave 0 Charlie Kingdon 3, Jake Webster 3 James Buttle 0, Jack Nason 2 Ryan Beale 1, Melissa Beale 0 Jamie Carter 3, Gary Shergold 0 Jake Liggins 3, Lee Walker 1 Pete Kingdon 2, Mark Birch 3 Louise Beale 0, Luke Beale 1 Courtney Burns 2, Neil Parsonage 3 Wayne Cooper 0, Ben Liggins 3 Neil McCrave 0, Chris Cooke 2 Richard Mills 1, Steve Beale 2 Charlie Kingdon 1, Ben Liggins 2 Steve Whatmore 1, Tom White 2 Steve Sidwell 1.
This coming Sunday (8th July) Warwickshire will be holding the AGM for both their Men’s and Ladies Super Leagues at the Bishopsgate Club, Foleshill Road, Coventry, CV1 4JJ with an 11.00am start. Warwickshire County Darts Organisation will be holding their AGM on Sunday 19th August again at the Bishopsgate Club and once more beginning at 11.00am.
Divisional Cup semi-finals were the order of the day for the South Birmingham League, first the division one cup which saw champions Erdington Members Club beat Banbury Arrows 6-3 and by the same scoreline Crown at Shard End defeated Coleshill Social. Division two champions Iron Horse beat their opponents Toby Jug 6-3 and they will now meet C’s Arrows in the final after they took out The Dog a with a close 5-4 verdict. Full Results: Divisional Cups Semi-Finals:Division One:- Banbury Arrows 3 (B.Evans 2x100, A.Cooksey 100,102b, W.Cooper 100, L.Reece 120f) Erdington Members Club 6 (R.Liggins 101b, M.Gallett 100,100b,140,9 darts game, C.Millwars jnr 2x100, J.Liggins 127), Coleshill Social 3 (S.Sweetmans 101,100, A.Mayell 100, P.Williams 125, N.McCrave 125) Crown at Shard End 6 (S.Edwards 100,112,116b, D.Smith 100, J.Webster 125,180), Division Two:- Toby Jug 1 (T.Adams 180,2x100, D.Revitt 121, I.Beattie 2x100, P.Round 141) Iron Horse 6 (A.Whitehouse 100, R.Earl 2x100,100b, A.Farrington 100), The Dog 4 (P.Thompson 100,123, P.Bell 115, M.Clayton 100,180, S.O'Brien 132, M.Blackborrow 112, M.Wheat 100) C's Arrows 5 (S.Healy 105b, G.Meredith 102b,100, S.Whatmore 112b,102, J.Carter 2x100, G.Hall 100).
Journeys End continued their unbeaten start in group one of the Forest of Arden Summer League season with an emphatic 8-1 win against their nearest rivals second in the table New Inns to give them a two points lead at the top of the table. Third placed Highwood KB had a narrow 5-4 win away to Greville Arrows to put them on six points two more than their fourth placed opponents. With Crown having a bye in division two Dunky’s Boys took the opportunity to replace them at the top of the table as they handed out a 9-0 whitewash to their visiting team bottom of the table C’s. Dunky’s with an undefeated four games now have a two points lead over Crown who in turn are two to the good on third placed C’s Shamrocks who won their home tie with Chelmsley Town 5-4. Full Results:Week 5:Group One:- Greville Arrows 4 (C.Okey 2x100,140, C.Kingdon 100,106, S.Whatmore 2x100, D.Ryecroft 2x100,125,120f, K.Duggan 2x100, D.Duggan 2x125,2x100) Highwood KB 5 (W.Cooper 121, N.Wykes 140,2x100, T.Hobbis 100, N.Byrne 2x100,140, M.Gorman 2x100, T.Walton 2x100), Journeys End 8 (R.Mills 4x100, J.Nason 2x100,140, P.Kingdon 2x100, J.Webster 100,121,140,115,138,180, T.Constable 100,140, D.Wilson 100,128f,121,140, J.Jennings 2x140,125,121,100,170f) New Inns 1 (J.Evans 100,110f,118, A.Whitehouse 132,2x100, C.Hough 140,100, A.Farrington 121, R.Earl 2x100, J.Green 108, P.Shipley 5x100,102), Group Two:- Dunky’s Boys 9 (J.Sidwell 100,136,135,2x140, A.Hutchings 2x100,140,180, S.Edwards 100,140,112,136f, J.Norris 2x100,140, B.Nixon 3x100, P.Nunn 123,115, P.Yardley 3x100,137, B.Vines 100) C's 0 (M.Fellows 140, S.Guiden 3x100,3x140, G.Vasou 2x100,140), C's Shamrocks 5 (R.Jelley 100,2x125, Mo Tilley 3x100, J.Phipps 100, F.Dixon 2x100, G.Groves 3x100, P.Sunner 100) Chelmsley Town 4 (J.MacDonald 6x100,125, I.Robinson 129, M.Farquharson 100,140, R.Gregory 2x100, P.Brennan 2x100).
The Camp Hill League staged their presentation night and collecting the silverware for not only the league title but also the League Cup were Journeys End Lions. The current season see’s Journeys End Lions once again in a title chasing position as after the opening four games they are second to Sheldon Marlborough Flights who top the table with the same six points as Journeys but with a superior average plus a game in hand, Sheldon Marlborough are the only team in the league not to have lost so far. [caption id="attachment_34422" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Red Dragon Darts, Alan Towe, Camp Hill League Camp Hill League and Cup Winners Journey End Lions Rear Mark Standley (league secretary), Simon Edwards, Tom Humphries, Front Richard Hogan, Ray Cridge[/caption]
The Stourbridge and District Monday League played off the preliminary round of their League Cup in which league leaders Brickmakers Arms were the only team in the top three to play, however they progressed comfortably into the next round with an 8-1 win over Kingswinford Conservative Club ‘B’. Fourth placed Britannia also won through to the next round with a 6-3 success against Garibaldi. The two Bird teams were drawn against each other with Bird (Stourbridge) getting the 6-3 result over Bird (Wordsley). Other teams to win through to the first round were Stourbridge RBL, Ashwood and Bridge (Kingswinford). Full Results:League Cup:Preliminary Round:- Stourbridge RBL 6 Gate Hangs Well 3, Bird (Wordsley) 3 Bird (Stourbridge) 6, Ashwood 5 Crestwood 4, Fox Inn (Lye) 2 Bridge (Kingswinford) 7, Brickmakers Arms 8 Kingswinford Conservative Club ‘B’ 1, Britannia 6 Garibaldi 3.
The Silver End Sunday Morning League played the second leg of the quarter finals of their Main and Shadow Cups, in the former Glasscutters versus Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club and Netherton Cricket Club versus Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ both finished with an overall result of 8-8 and had to play a deciding 3 a-side knockout to decide who went into the last four. The outcome of the two games was that Glasscutters and Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ were the winners. In the other two games Woodside beat Bell 9-7 and Railway won 10-6 against Old Star. Just one of the four games finished at 8-8 in the Shadow Cup with Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ beating Kings Head in the play-off. Joining Brickmakers in the semis will be Pensnett Welfare Club, Dudley Sports and Portway who in turn won against High Acres (14-2), New Talbot (10-6) and Three Crowns (10-6). Full Results:Main Cup Second Leg (first leg results in brackets):- Glasscutters (3) 5 3. (5) Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club (5) 3 (Glasscutters won the 3 a-side decider), Netherton Cricker Club (2) 6 Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ (6) 2 (Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ won the 3 a-side decider), Woodside (4) 5 Bell (4) 3, Old Star (3) 3 Railway (5) 5, Shadow Cup:- Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ (4) 4 Kings Head (4) 4 (Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ won the 3 a-side decider), Pensnett Welfare Club (7) 7 High Acres (1) 1, New Talbot (2) 4 Dudley Sports (6) 4, Three Crowns (2) 4 Portway (6) 4.
Second in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League table Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ were the only team to lose in the top seven as they went down 5-4 away to sixth placed Delph Bell. Despite the defeat the Ex Serviceman’s Club hold on to second place but are now two points behind leaders Bulls Head (Netherton) who won their home game against Dudley Sports ‘B’ 6-3. The Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ still have a four points buffer over third and fourth placed Roebuck and Dudley Sports ‘A’ who had respective 5-4 wins over Portway and Brickmakers Arms. At the other end of the table the two bottom teams played each other and Limes Club who were bottom of the table moved up over their opponents King William after beating them 8-1, this being Limes first win in 17 games. Full Results:Week 17:- Dudley Sports ‘A’ 5 Brickmakers Arms 4, Bulls Head (Netherton) 6 Dudley Sports ‘B’ 3, Rose and Crown 4 Swan 5, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ 3 Fox and Grapes 6, Delph Bell 5 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ 4, Lamp Tavern 2 Bull and Bladder 7, Mount Pleasant 6 Pensnett Liberal Club 3, Limes Club 8 King William 1, Roebuck 5 Portway 4.
Cup quarter finals were on the fixture card for the Sutton and District Summer League and in the Prestridge Shield division one leaders The Boat had a close 5-4 win over Erdington Club who are just two points behind them in the table. The Boot from division two had a good 5-4 win over their division one opponents Drakes Drum while Bishop Vesey lost 8-1 to their division one rivals Oscott Social and the other division one team Golden Hind beat Pint Pot Flights from the second division 5-4. In the Roy Bird Trophy last eight games there were no real shocks as division two leaders Boldmere Tap won 7-2 against Lad in the Lane also from the second division, the all division one clash between Red Lion and The Fox saw the latter win 6-3, the all division two encounter between St Thomas Arrows and Old Oscott Arrows was another 6-3 result going to Old Oscott Arrows and Erdington Arrows (division one) won against Rosey Mac’s (division two) again 6-3. Full Results:Prestridge Shield:Quarter Finals:- Bishop Vesey 8 Oscott Social 1, Golden Hind 5 Pint Pot Flights 4, The Boat 5 Erdington Club 4, The Boot 5 Drakes Drum 4, Roy Bird Trophy:Quarter Finals:- Boldmere Tap 7 Lad in the Lane 2, Erdington Arrows 6 Rosey Mac’s 3, Red Lion 3 The Fox 6, St Thomas Arrows 3 Old Oscott Arrows 6.
Tipton Sports leaders in the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League suffered a shock 4-3 defeat away to eighth in the table Hayes Social who are some 20 points short of their opponents. Nevertheless Tipton Sports stay in pole position and hold on to their two points lead as second placed Dewdrop ‘A’ lost 4-3 at third in the table Waggon and Horses to put both teams on 36 points. It was good news for Dewdrop’s ‘B’ side as they, despite residing at the foot of the table beat New Talbot who are eight places above them 5-2, this being Dewdrop’s fourth win in 22 games. Full Results:Match 22:- The Vine 6 Merry-Go-Round ‘A’ 1, Hayes Social 4 Tipton Sports 3, Waggon and Horses 4 Dewdrop ‘A’ 3, Horseley Tavern 3 Sportsman 4, Merry-Go-Round ‘B’ 3 Wonder 4, Ivy Bush 2 Island Inn 5, Dewdrop ‘B’ 5 New Talbot 2.
The top two teams in the Brierley Hill Friday Night League Bulls Head (Netherton) and Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ squared up to each other on Bulls Head board with the 6-3 result going in favour of the hosts who are now the only team to have won all four games and have a two points lead over Miners (Wollescote), Ashwood and Old Star who in turn had wins over Delph Bell 4-3, Glasscutters 5-2 and Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’ 4-3, Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ drop to fifth on four points. Full Results:Week 4:- Ashwood 5 Glasscutters 2, Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 5 Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ 2, Dudley Sports 3 Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 4, Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’ 3 Old Star 4, Delph Bell 3 Miners (Wollescote) 4.
Finals night of the Sedgley and Gornal Tuesday League saw the league champions Parkes Hall and runners up Old Bulls Head play each other in the final of the Team Knockout with Old Bulls Head running out the 6-3 winners. The singles semi-finals both finished with straight 2-0 results as Pete Whittaker (Five Ways) lost out to Gornal Labour Club player Danny Fear and Lee Walker (Gornal Labour Club) lost to Tom Bissell (Old Bulls Head). The final was increased to the best of five in which Tom Bissell won 3-1 after Danny Fear had had several chances to win more than the one leg he won. The doubles semi-finals saw Gornal Labour Club’s Geoff Lewis and Rob Walker lose 2-0 to the Old Bulls Head pairing of Tom Bissell and Carl Sparrow. The second semi went to the wire with Ricki Riaz and Geoff Goodyear (Parkes Hall) beating Britannia duo Matt Price and Anthony Harris 2-1 to set up what was a very close final in spite of the 3-0 result as it was all down to the better finishing of Bissell and Sparrow that saw them pick up the winners silverware making it a terrific singles and doubles title for Tom Bissell. Full Results:Team Knockout:Final:- Old Bulls Head 6 Parkes Hall 3, Singles Knockout:Semi-Finals:- Pete Whittaker (Foive Ways) 0 Danny Fear (Gornal Labour Club) 2, Lee Walker (Gornal Labour Club) 0 Tom Bissell (Old Bulls Head) 2, Final:- Tom Bissell 3 Danny Fear 1, Doubles Knockout:Semi-Finals:- Geoff Lewis & Rob Walker (Gornal Labour Club) 0 Tom Bissell & Carl Sparrow (Old Bulls Head ) 2, Ricki Riaz & Geoff Goodyear (Parkes Hall) 2 Matt Price & Anthony Harris (Britannia) 1, Final:- Tom Bissell & Carl Sparrow 3 Ricki Riaz & Geoff Goodyear 0.
A clear cut 7-0 win over Victoria keeps Riley’s ‘C’ top of the division one singles section of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League. Due to them having a bye Bull dropped one place to third with Sunbeam replacing them in the number two spot following their 5-2 win against Railway. In division two of the singles leaders Wednesfield Legion beat second placed Royal, Albrighton 4-3 to go ten points clear of the rest of the field. In the doubles section Gilberts Bar held on to their four points lead plus their game in hand with a 2-1 win over Wednesfield Conservative Club while a 2-1 defeat for Penn Bowling by Woodfield Social saw them lose pole position in division two to be replaced by Royal Albrighton whose 2-1 win at Wednesfield Legion puts them level on 18 points with Penn but with a better average. Full Results: Week 13: Singles League:Division One:- Gilberts Bar 6 Wednesfield Conservative Club 1, Riley’s ‘A’ 4 Dog and Partridge ‘A’ 3, Riley’s ‘C’ 7 Victoria 0, Sunbeam 5 Railway 2, Bull had a bye, Division Two:- Dog and Partridge ‘B’ 2 Village Inn 5, Pendulum 3 Duke of York 4, Wednesfield Legion 4 Royal, Albrighton 3, Woodfield Social 2 Penn Bowling 5, Doubles League: Division One:- Gilberts Bar 2 Wednesfield Conservative Club 1, Riley’s ‘A’ 1 Dog and Partridge ‘A’ 2, Riley’s ‘C’ 3 Victoria 0, Sunbeam 1 Railway 2, Bull had a bye, Division Two:- Dog and Partridge ‘B’ 2 Village Inn 1, Pendulum 1 Duke of York 2, Wednesfield Legion 1 Royal, Albrighton 2, Woodfield Social 2 Penn Bowling 1.
Although ECC ‘A’ had a 4-3 win over their local rivals ECC ‘B’ it was not enough to keep them top of the Tettenhall Wednesday Night League table as Hurst Hill had a huge 7-0 win over Emerald to put them level on 22 points with the former leaders but with a slightly better average. Bull dropped from third to fourth after losing 5-2 at Swan Compton and taking over from them in third place is Whitmore Reans WMC who won 4-3 against Royal, Albrighton, Whitmore and Bull are both two points adrift of the leading duo. Full Results:Week 13:- Brewood British Legion 2 Cleveland Arms 5, ECC ‘A’ 4 ECC ‘B’ 3, Hurst Hill 7 Emerald 0, Pilot 1 Moreton 6, Swan Compton 5 Bull 2, Whitmore Reans WMC 4 Royal, Albrighton 3.
The preliminary round of the Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League’s League Cup produced wins for Bell ‘A’, Netherton Cricket Club, Ashwood ‘A’ and Wombourne Cricket Club. Full Results:Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League:League Cup:Preliminary Round:- Hollybush ‘A’ 1 The Bell ‘A’ 6, Fox Inn (Lye) 3 Netherton Cricket Club 4, High Acres 7 Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 0, Ashwood ‘A’ 6 King Arthur 1, Brickmakers ‘A’ 3 Wombourne Cricket Club 4.
By Alan Towe Website:

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