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Article: A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

The top two teams in division one of the Four Oaks and District League Royal Sutton Flights and The Boat both chalked up 8-1 wins in week eight M.Wild and A.Kimberley helping Royal Sutton to their win against St Thomas’s Social Club maintaining their two points lead over The Boat who defeated Old Oscott Arrows. Golden Hind are a further two points adrift following their 6-3 home win over Drakes Drum. There were wins for the top two teams in division two Red Lion with a 6-3 result at Plough and Arrows holding on to pole position on average from Pint Pot Flights who accounted for their visitors Bishop Vesey with a 7-2 scoreline, the top two teams are both on ten points. In the third division after seven games The Oscott Social remains undefeated winning 7-2 at St Thomas’s Arrows with second placed Boldmere Tap beating Brookvale Social 7-2 to keep within two points of the leaders. For the second consecutive season Golden Hind and Royal Sutton Flights both progressed to the semi-finals of the Brian Goodman Cup Royal Sutton had the easier passage with an 8-1 win against The Fox while Golden Hind beat Old Oscott Arrows 6-3 after taking a 5-1 lead from the opening six games. The Boat had a 7-2 win at Pint Pot Flights and Old Oscott WMC made their way to the semis with a 6-3 win over Old Oscott Arrows. In the Ken Rust Cup, Boldmere Tap defeated Brookvale Social 7-2 and Bishop Vesey got to the semi-finals with a 6-3 win at The Lad in The Lane. In the all Arrows tie Plough and Arrows beat Erdington Arrows 9-0. Full Results:Brian Goodman Cup:Round Two:- Golden Hind 6 (T.O’Kereke 100,125,111, M.Deathridge 100, W.Naylor 152b,140,9 darts game, G.Kimberley 3x100, S.Shorthouse 2x100, S.Pritchett 2x112b, D.Pickering 103b,2x100) Old Oscott Arrows 3 (E.Atkins 140, M.Compton 2x100, B.Hoare 100,140, M.Maher 125, C.Andrews 140, L.Jones 100), Old Oscott WMC 6 (D.Parsons 140, A.Cole 125, R.Bennett 124) The Oscott Social 3 (P.Graham 100, G.Bushell 120b), Royal Sutton Flights 8 (R.Hawker 100b,100,101f,115f,8 darts game, M.Wild 120b,100, A.Kimberley 2x120b,160b,8 darts game, R.Liggins 137, S.Paling 103b,100, B.Liggins 3x100) The Fox 1 (A.Sargeant 100, J.Cronin 138, M.Naylor 125,100, R.Stanton 121, S.Wilson 100, J.Mason 100), Ken Rust Cup:Round Two:- Brookvale Social 2 (D.Lowe 100, S.Hipkiss 112b, R.Kelly 112b,128, J.Kiernan 133) Boldmere Tap 7 (D.Byrne 100, D.Simpson 100,116f, D.Quirk 108b, A.Nicholls 121,115, S.Alexander 100,117, P.Bromley 140), Lad In The Lane 3 (J.Averill 123, A.Lineman 100, D.Manning 100,140) Bishop Vesey 6 (S.Holmes 121,100, N.Sammons 135, N.Smallwood 2x100, C.Sammons 2x140, M.Downer 100b), Match 8:Division One:- The Boat 8 (K.Reynolds 156b,3x140,2x100, M.Archer 2x137, S.Harvey 100, N.Clarke 121, K.Deeley 108b,2x100,139,141,128f, M.Partridge 120b,123,2x140,100) Old Oscott Arrows 1 (E.Atkins 100,125,115f, M.Compton 125, B.Hoare 100, M.Maher 100,140, D.Page 138, A.Lea 140), Royal Sutton Flights 8 (S.Paling 117,100,140, M.Wild 118,100,140,180, R.Liggins 124, J.Liggins 2x100, M.Ashton 105,135,100,129, A.Kimberley 180) St Thomas’s Social Club 1 (S.Bird 125, J.Collins 137,140, T.Kelly 140,100, A.Rose 113b, W.Cadby 120b,100,140, I.Lloyd 2x100,2x140,137), Golden Hind 6 (S.Pritchett 100,121, K.Lumby 140, D.Pickering 100, G.Kimberley 101b,125, W.Naylor 100, S.Shorthouse 2x100,125,120) Drakes Drum 3 (A.Day 2x105b, J.Clarke 171, J.Mahon 140), Division Two:- Pint Pot Flights 7 (R.Mercer 2x100, M.Bruin 2x100, S.Robotham 100b, N.Gilbert 100b,117b,140, M.Bagnall 100b,100,2x135,140, A.Clarke 100) Bishop Vesey 2 (S.Holmes 100,140, N.Smallwood 120b,121, C.Sammons 100b,2x100, M.Norton 2x140, M.Hall 2x100, N.Sammons 2x100,140), Plough and Arrows 3 (N.Robbins 105,140,100, T.Evans 137,2x140,100, I.Taylor 100) Red Lion 6 (G.Oldfield 120b, E.A.Birkett 100, R.Barritt 100, D.Bayliss 100b,2x100,120b,105b,128,140, M.Gaughan 123,100, A.Ashford 121), Old Oscott WMC 3 (R.Bennett 125, J.Higgins 100, D.Parsons 100,140, J.Rogers 105,150f, T.Morris 112, A.Cole 100) The Fox 6 (P.Smith 100b, 100, S.Wilson 2x100, M.Naylor 140,100, R.Stanton 115b,134, M.Horacek 155f, J.Cronin 125,100, A.Sargeant 100), Division Three:- Boldmere Tap 7 (D.Simpson 2x100, 140, D.Quirk 2x100, A.Gough 100, J.Hunter 112b,100, A.Nicholls 100, S.Alexander 138) Brookvale Social 2 (J.Yates 100, R.Lowe 113, D.Lowe 100, S.Lysaght 100,140), St Thomas’s Arrows 2 (K.Nelson 140, M.Price 113, C.Connelly 140, R.Nelson 2x100) The Oscott Social 7 (A.Whitehouse 140,100, J.Morris 132, D.Shannon 121, P.Graham 100b,2x100), Rosey Mac’s 6 (R.Lloyd 180, S.Wright 103, P.McDonald 100, E.Groves 134, D.Jarvis snr 118) Sutton Sports and Social Club 3 (A.Brookes 100b, C.Clarke 134), The Boot, Erdington Arrows and Lad In The Lane all had a bye.
Will Naylor didn’t play in week ten of the Erdington Red Lion Double Top League and although Dean Bayliss recorded 3-0 wins over Clive Austin and Matthew Cain he remains in second place behind Naylor. Naylor leads the table with 45 points from 17 games while Bayliss has 43 points and has played 19 games. Third in the table is another Bayliss, this time Lewis whose 2-1 win over Stuart Larvin and 3-0 success against Alex Downes leaves him on 40 points from 19 games. Full Results:Week 10:- Alex Downes 2 Lee Austin 1, Stuart Larvin 1 Jim Frost 2, Clive Austin 0 Dean Bayliss 3, John Frost 3 Richard O’Grady 0, Micky Wilde 3 Stuart Larvin 0, Matthew Cain 1 Lee Austin 2, Jim Frost 1 Alex Downes 2, Ryan Barritt 2 Steve Cain 1, Micky Wilde 1 John Frost 2, Dean Bayliss 3 Matthew Cain 0, Alex Downes 2 Clive Austin 1, Stuart Larvin 1 Steve Cain 2, Lewis Bayliss 2 Stuart Larvin 1, Alex Downes 0 Lewis Bayliss 3, Ryan Baritt 3 Richard O’Grady 0.
East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association took their unbeaten run in the Small Heath League to eight games when they beat Wagon and Horses 7-2 to keep their four points lead on second in the table Heartlands Club who went one better with an 8-1 win at Emerald Club. Despite the four points disadvantage Heartlands do have a game in hand on the leaders as do third placed Sheldon Marlborough Flights who are a further two points adrift after a 5-4 win at Cob’s Bar. Full Results:Week 9:- Cob’s Bar 4 (D.Shakespeare 100, A.Lattimer 100, M.Atkins 2x100, L.Stanton 150b, M.Turner 121,140, R.Pikey 100) Sheldon Marlborough Flights 5 (J.Evans 120, P.Sunner 3x100, P.Brown 135, D.Brown 2x100,123), Emerald Club 1 (R.Fisher 101b, D.Willis 100, J.Senior 125) Heartlands Club 8 (M.Cain 125, D.Bond 100, Jim Frost 180, S.McCormack 100,160b, John Frost 100, S.Cain 140), East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 7 (L.Robinson 100b, C.Wyatt 120b,100, L.Wyatt 120, T.Constable 125, P.Webster 101b,100, T.Webster 100,140f,115f) Wagon and Horses 2 (M.Tilley 135, G.Daly 140, J.Phipps 137, M.Coles 2x100, M.Looby 126b, C.Murphy 2x100),
With a 5-2 win over Emerald Club and a similar result against Crown Jewels in a rearranged fixture Journeys End Lions took their winning run to eight games and at the midway point of the season opened up a six points lead at the top of the Camp Hill League. Journeys nearest rivals Holy Souls had a close 4-3 home win over fourth placed Cotterills Lane Club who are on the same ten points as Holy Souls, third placed Tyseley WMC and fifth in the table Crown Jewels. Full Results:Week 9:- Holy Souls 4 Cotterills Lane Club 3, Tyseley WMC 5 Devil’s Club 2, Wagon and Horses 4 Station Wagon 3, Journeys End Lions 5 Emerald Club 2, Rearranged Fixtures:- Crown Jewels 2 Journeys End Lions 5, Station Wagon 4 Holy Souls 3.
There were wins for the top six teams in the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League with big wins for the top five as three of them handed out 9-0 whitewashes. Leaders Ten Arches ‘B’ won 8-1 against Crestwood, while the second, third and fourth teams Ten Arches ‘A’, Gate ‘B’ and Brickmakers Arms in turn won 9-0 against Garibaldi, Old Cat, Wordsley and The Swan. The Bridge Kingswinford in fifth place beat Fox Inn, Lye 7-2 and Gate ‘A’ who are sixth had a close 5-4 verdict at Church Tavern. The top two teams, Ten Arches ‘B’ and Ten Arches ‘A’ are both on 66 points with a lead of eight over third placed Gate ‘B’. Full Results:Match 38:- Church Tavern 4 Gate ‘A’ 5, Hare and Hounds ‘A’ 4 Kingswinford Conservative Club 5, Stourbridge RBL 8 Bird (Stourbridge) 1, Brickmakers Arms 9 The Swan 0, Ten Arches ‘A’ 9 Garibaldi 0, Fox Inn (Lye) 2 The Bridge (KIngswinford) 7, Hare and Hounds ‘B’ 5 Britannia 4, Ten Arches ‘B’ 8 Crestwood 2, Gate ‘B’ 9 Old Cat (Wordsley) 0.
The Brierley Hill Friday Night League fixtures brought together the league’s top two teams with leaders Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ hosting second placed Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’. The outcome was a convincing 6-1 win for Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ to give them a six points lead with just five games to play. There was a rare win for Britannia only their sixth in seventeen games as they won 5-2 against Pensnett Welfare Club ‘B’, they move up one place from next to bottom over Delph Bell who lost 6-1 at Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’ to leave them two points behind Britannia. Full Results:Week 18:- Fox Inn ‘A’ (Lye) 1 Dudley Sports 6, Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 6 Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ 1, Britannia 5 Pensnett Welfare Club ‘B’ 2, Pensnett Welfare Club ‘A’ 5 Fox Inn ‘B’ (Lye) 2, Miners (Wollescote) 5 Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 2, Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’ 6 Delph Bell 1.
Coventry Bishopsgate, runners up in last season’s Warwickshire Men’s Super League after eight games have an eleven points lead and a game in hand at the top of this season’s table over second placed Rugby who finished the last campaign in a mid-table position. Stratford Yard of Ale are in third place on 46 points, five short of Rugby but with a game in hand.
The Brierley Hill Monday Night League staged the finals of their Pete Dabnor Memorial Cup and in the semi finals Roebuck beat Mount Pleasant 5-4 and Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club won 8-1 against New Talbot. Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club emulated their last four result in the final winning 8-1 against Roebuck to make it a league and cup double. Full Results:Pete Dabnor Memorial Cup:Semi Finals:- Roebuck 5 Mount Pleasant 4, New Talbot 1 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 8, Final:- Roebuck 1 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 8.
There were 6-3 wins for the top two teams in division one of the Pip Club League, Queens Head holding on to top place with their win over Dolphin Wanderers while second in the table The Office, who are two points behind Queens Head but with a game in hand beat Birchmoor Club who are placed fourth on six points, four off the top but just one adrift of third in the table Belgrave Club. In division two Red Lion are leading the way on eight points, their latest success being a 9-0 win at bottom of the table Mercian. Red Lion’s nearest threat comes from Old Liberal House who are on the same eight points following their 8-1 win over Kettlebrook Club. Full Results:Week 9:- Wigginton 6 Old Liberal House 3, Kettlebrook Club 4 Pip Club 5, Sports Bar ‘180’ 1 Belgrave Club (Martin Cairns 180, Sarah Ingram 125,100) 8, The Office (Alex Tempest 180) 4 Queens Head (Ash Chesters 180, Sam Whittaker 180,13 darts game) 5, Dolphin Wanderers (Leighton Massey 115) 7 Globe (Wilnecote) 2, Progressive Club 7 Mercian 2, Dolphin 4 Red Lion 5, Week 10:- Queens Head (Mick Chater 180) 6 Dolphin Wanderers 3, Birchmoor Club 3 The Office (Daz Jones 180) 6, Pip Club (Clive Daffin 119f, Liam Ferguson 140,125,119) 6 Sports Bar ‘180’ 3, Old Liberal House 8 Kettlebrook Club 1, Wigginton Arms (Grant Harris 119f) 6 Dolphin 3, Mercian (Dennis Brindley 108f) 0 Red Lion 9, Globe (Wilnecote, John Higgins 180,116f) 5 Progressive Club 4.
Club Dudley were the only losers in week ten of the Sedgley and Gornal Tuesday Night League as they went down 6-3 away to table toppers Parkes Hall who held on to their two points advantage over both second and third placed Old Bulls Head and Ashwood who in turn won 8-1 against White Lion and 6-3 against Hilly House. The league also played off the final of their Team Knockout at the Jolly Crispin in which the two current top teams in the league Parkes Hall and Old Bulls Head did battle against each other. The result was a clear cut 8-1 win for Old Bulls Head who are still in line for making it a double with the league title still within their grasp. [caption id="attachment_29299" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Sedgley and Gornal, Tuesday Night Team Knockout, Red Dragon Darts, Alan Towe Sedgley and Gornal Tuesday Night Team Knockout Winners Old Bulls Head[/caption] Full Results:Week 10:- Jolly Crispin 6 Red Cow 3, Parkes Hall 6 Club Dudley 3, Netherton Cricket Club 7 Pensnett Liberal Club 2, Fellows Club 1 Coseley Tavern 8, Old Bulls Head 8 White Lion 1, Five Ways 7 Britannia 2, Hilly House 3 Ashwood 6.
The Shirley and District Monday Night League played off what was their eighth annual singles knockout at their new league headquarters Shirley Legion which attracted no fewer than 46 players. The quarter finals saw Paul Higgins impressive run come to an end when he lost 2-0 to an in form Bob Nixon. Also winning 2-0 were John Sidwell and Dan Rycroft who in turn took out Phil Thomas and Trevor Carter. Making up the last four was Wayne Clarke who beat fellow Solihull Sports Club player Brian Lawton 2-1. The format in the semis changed to the best of five legs with Bob Nixon beating Wayne Clarke 3-1 and John Sidwell winning 3-0 against Dan Rycroft to set up an all Dunky’s Boys final. Playing the best of seven legs Nixon won the opening three, Sidwell staged a fight back and won the next two but a win in the sixth for Nixon gave him the 4-2 result, title and the winners £70. As runner up Sidwell collected £22 and there was £10 for losing semi finalists Clarke and Rycroft.
With leagues closing down for the Christmas / New Year period there were many knockouts played throughout the area and here are reports for a few of those. A total of 49 players turned up at the Ashwood Inn, Wordsley for the Stourbridge and District Knockout and taking the top prize of £100 was Jamie Barrowman who clinched the title with a final 4-1 victory over David Edwards. Barrowman was in top form in the final recording a perfect six darts leg with a 152 break and 149 finish. In the last four games Barrowman beat Ash Marson 3-1 while Edwards was taken to a deciding leg by Gavin Moreton. As runner up Edwards received £50 and there was £25 for the last four losers Marson and Moreton. Losing quarter finalists M.Bayliss, M.Davis, K.Sprague and S.Skidmore each collected £12.50. Full Results:Preliminary Round:- S.Aitkens beat T.Safe, K.Bennett beat J.Geach, G.Moreton beat G.Marson, K.Cooksey beat J.Evans, K.Harris beat J.Pickett, M.Davis beat M.Lever, D.Edwards beat M.Homer, N.Wooldridge beat K.Aitkens, K.Sprauge beat C.Fox, A.Garrett beat J.Roberts, A.Marson beat K.Bambrick, M.Halliday beat M.Washington, S.Skidmore beat J.Moule, M.Cullis beat A.Poole, C.Clewes beat B.Paddgett, B.Wallace beat J.Harper, S.G.Skidmore beat M.Harper, Last 32:- M.Bayliss beat S.Aitkens, L.Wheeler beat K.Bennett, G.Moreton beat D.Harris, K.Cooksey beat R.Harris, K.Harris beat P.Thompson, M.Davis beat M.Flatman, D.Edwards beat S.Blewitt, N.Wooldridge beat M.Marson, K.Sprague beat M.Pritchard, L.Harper beat A.Garrett, A.Marson beat R.Bloomer, M.Halliday beat B.Hughes, S.Skidmore beat M.Cullis, C.Clewes beat B.Wallace, S.G.Skidmore beat K.Safe, J.Barrowman beat A.Kennedy, Last 16:- M.Bayliss beat L.Wheeler, G.Moreton beat K.Cooksey, M.Davis beat K.Harris, D.Edwards beat N.Wooldridge, K.Sprague beat L.Harper, A.Marson beat M.Halliday, S.Skidmore beat C.Clewes, J.Barrowman beat S.G.Skidmore, Quarter Finals:- G.Moreton beat M.Bayliss, D.Edwards beat M.Davis, A.Marson beat K.Sprague, J.Barrowman beat S.Skidmore, Semi Finals:- David Edwards 3 Gavin Moreton 2, Jamie Barrowman 3 Ash Marson 1, Final:- Jamie Barrowman 4 David Edwards 1.
In the Coventry Christmas Open Doubles Knockout an encouraging 32 pairs did battle for the title. There were some very difficult pairings throughout but it was Mike McFall and Phil Locke who took the honours with a fine 4-2 win over Mark Strong and Wayne Bowes in the final. Both duo’s had tough semi final ties with Strong and Bowes defeating Dave Honey and Richard Hosey while McFall and Locke took out Adam Smith-Neale and Anthony Allen. A total of £480 was paid out with the winners receiving £200, runners up £100, semi finalists £50 and £20 for the losing quarter finalists. A total of 72 players entered the singles knockout with some outstanding games along the way. In the quarter finals Mark Strong lost out to Dave Pallet by four legs to two, Mike McFall edged out Tom Baughan by the odd leg of seven, Ted Evetts won 4-1 against Mark Craddock and with the same scoreline Ian Jones defeated Jamie Robinson. Pallett wasted no time in his last four game against McFall as he booked his final place with a 4-0 result Jones not far behind with a 4-1 win over Evetts. And 4-1 was the result of the final as Pallett defeated Jones to pick up the winners £300 prize money. Jones received £150 as runner up and there was £70 for the losing semi finalists plus £30 for each of the players making the last eight. Full Results:Doubles Open: Quarter Finals:- Dave Honey & Richard Hosey 3 Dean Sanders & Danny Humphries 0, Ian Jones & Nick Fullwell 1 Mark Strong & Wayne Bowes 3, Anthony Allen & Adam Smith-Neale 3 Noel Grant & Steve Hine 0, Phil Locke & Mike McFall 3 Alfie Jacques & Mark Craddock 1, Semi Finals:- Dave Honey & Richard Hosey 3 Mark Strong & Wayne Bowes 4, Anthony Allen & Adam Smith-Neale 1 Phil Locke & Mike McFall 4, Final:- Mark Strong & Wayne Bowes 2 Phil Locke & Mike McFall 4, Singles Open:Preliminary Round:- Tony Randell 3 Corey Berry 0, Phil Locke 2 Paul Wallace 3, Lee Rowley 0 Ian McFarlane 3, Roy Batchelor 0 Kyle Berry 3, Anthony Allen 3 Mark Burns 0, Darren Swords 3 Martin Shaw 1, Roy Cleverley 3 Chris Millward jnr 1, Dick Arnold 3 Scott Amos 1, Last 64:- Dave Albrighton 1 Richard Hosey 3, Gordon Mowat 1 Mark Strong 3, Simon Taft 3 Bill Manning 2, Danny Humphries 3 Lee Martin 2, Dave Pallett 3 Jane Telling 0, Andrew Foulkes 2 Kev Wragg 3, Tony Randell 1 Paul Wallace 3, Chris Berry 0 Alfie Jacques 3, Dean Sanders 1 Simon Power 3, Kev Woodward 1 Gareth Braham 3, Tom Lloyd 0 Mike McFall 3, Matt Gallett 0 Charlie Symons 3, Tom Baughan 3 Steve Hine 2, Jamie Tong 0 Mark Carter 3, Ian McFarlane 3 Kyle Berry 0, Daz Pharoah 3 Damon Gallagher 0, Brian Jones 1 Adam Paxton 3, Adam Gallett 3 Gary Neal 0, Kev Bambrick 1 Ted Evetts 3, Ade Larner 2 Mark Craddock 3, Natalie Gilbert 3 Kaelib Gormley 0, Dave Honey 3 Craig Gillin 0, Anthony Allen 3 Darren Swords 1, Jimmy Hill 3 Ryan O’Connor 1, Jamie Robinson 3 Craig Aires 1, Sean Holley 3 Greg Porter 0, Wayne Bowes 1 Chris Millward 3, Nick Fullwell 2 Adam Smith-Neale 3, Colin Wood 0 Ian Jones 3, Donna Pinch 3 Dave Crombie 2, Roy Cleverley 0 Dick Arnold 3, Last 32:- Richard Hosey 0 Mark Strong 3, Simon Taft 1 Danny Humphries 3, Dave Pallett 3 Steve Gillam 0, Kev Wragg 3 Paul Wallace 0, Alfie Jacques 1 Simon Power 3, Gareth Braham 0 Mike McFall 3, Charlie Symons 1 Tom Baughan 3, Mark Carter 3 Ian McFarlane 2, Daz Pharoah 1 Adam Paxton 3, Adam Gallett 1 Ted Evetts 3, Mark Craddock 3 Natalie Gilbert 1, Dave Honey 3 Anthony Allen 2, Jimmy Hill 1 Jamie Robinson 3, Sean Holley 1 Chris Millward 3, Adam Smith-Neale 2 Ian Jones 3, Donna Pinch 1 Dick Arnold 3, Last 16:- Mark Strong 3 Danny Humphries 2, Dave Pallett 3 Kev Wragg 0, Simon Power 0 Mike McFall 3, Tom Baughan 3 Mark Carter 1, Adam Paxton 2 Ted Evetts 3, Mark Craddock 3 Dave Honey 2, Jamie Robinson 3 Chris Millward 2, Ian Jones 3 Dick Arnold 0, Quarter Finals:- Mark Strong 2 Dave Pallett 4, Mike McFall 4 Tom Baughan 3, Ted Evetts 4 Mark Craddock 1, Jamie Robinson 1 Ian Jones 4, Semi Finals:- Dave Pallett 4 Mike McFall 0, Ted Evetts 1 Ian Jones 4, Final:- Dave Pallett 4 Ian Jones 1.
The Black Country Premier Darts League Christmas Knockout way surpassed expectations as no fewer than 95 players turned out to do battle for the top prize of £210. The final was an all West Midlands affair with county team mates Dan Nicholls and Ian Jones squaring up to each other. The result was a 4-1 win for Nicholls with runner up Jones receiving £100. Losing semi finalists Lewis Law and Reece Colley took home £50 each while there was £15 for Rob Smith, Michael Smith, Grant Jackson and Carl Snelus who all made their exit in the quarter finals plus £5 for all players losing out in the last sixteen. The event also raised a terrific amount of £85 which will go to the Air Ambulance. Full Results:Last Sixteen:- Ian Jones 2 Liam Baker 0, Richard Hosey 0 Robert 'Becks' Smith 2, Lewis Law 2 Michael Baker 1, Michael Smith 2 Colin Wood 1, Dan Nicholls 2 Neil Steventon 0, Grant Jackson 2 Mart Greenwood 0, Reece Colley 2 Steve Gillam 1, Ryan Stevens 0 Carl Snelus 2, Quarter Finals:- Ian Jones 3 Rob Smith 2, Lewis Lew 3 Michael Smith 2, Dan Nicholls 3 Grant Jackson 1, Reece Colley 3 Carl Snelus 2, Semi Finals:- Ian Jones 3 Lewis Law 2, Dan Nicholls 3 Reece Colley 1, Final:- Dan Nicholls 4 Ian Jones 1.
A total of 71 players entered the Allens Sports Bar Christmas Knockout with some top class battles throughout the event but at the end of the day the £200 first prize went to West Midlands man Nick Fullwell who won the final against Reece Colley 5-4. Fullwell had booked his final place with a somewhat comfortable 5-0 win in the semis against Neil Smith while Colley won his tie with Richard Foster 5-1. As losing finalist Colley received £120, there was £50 for losing semi finalists Smith and Foster plus £25 for Alfie Jacques, Rob Smith, Jamie Hughes and Owen Maiden who all lost in the quarter finals. [caption id="attachment_29300" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Nick Fullwell, Winmau, Red Dragon Darts Nick Fullwell[/caption] Full Results:Preliminary Round:- Matthew Coleman 0 Shane Price 3, Neil Smith 3 JulieTim Baker 1, Adam Gallett 2 Ian Hebberts 3, Ant Aldridge 2 Craig Airey 3, Adam Edgar 3 Richard Hosey 0, Chris Hickman 1 Colin Wood 3, Les Marson 1 Luke Warren 3, Last 64:- Darrel Farmer 0 Shane Price 3, Scott Baker 3 Trevor Collier 0, Nick Fullwell 3 Shane Tyler 0, Mart Greenwood 3 Robert Pierce 1, Alex McColm 0 Dan Nicholls 3, Dean Stewart 3 Simon Power 0, Adam Bates 2 Alfie Jacques 3, Glen McGrandle 1 Mick James 3, Joe Fisher 0 Neil Smith 3, Duane Oakes 3 Jamie Webb 1, Michael Baker 3 Ryan O'Connor 1, Ben Palmer 0 James Miles 3, Jamie Rollinson 1 Ian Hebberts 3, Connor Whitehouse 1 Robert 'Becks' Smith 3, Neil Steventon 0 Mathew Tedstone 3, Jordan Singh 3 Langs Ghostass 2, Jamie Hughes 3 Craig Airey 0, Carl Baker 3 Luke Barnes 0, Mark Rollinson 3 Lee Craig 1, Mick Collins 0 Jordan Ward 3, Dean Woolley 0 Adam Edgar 3, Luke Jones 3 Lee Butler 0, Steve Hickman 3 Jamie Vadasz 2, Reece Colley 3 Alex Howells 0, Tim Edwards 3 Colin Wood 2, Wayne Willis 3 Roop Shaz 2, Peter Evans 3 John Simms 2, Dickie Foster 3 James Jefferson , Andy Foster 0 Luke Warren 3, Lee Baker 0 Owen Maiden 3, Steve Gillam 3 Dave Whitehouse 1, John Mycock 1 Steve Jones 3, Last 32:- Shane Price 1 Scott Baker 3, Nick Fullwell 3 Mart Greenwood 2, Dan Nicholls 3 Dean Stewart 2, Alfie Jacques 3 Mick James 2, Neil Smith 3 Duane Oakes 2, Mick Baker 3 James Miles 0, Ian Hebberts 1 Rob Smith 3, Matt Tedstone 0 Jordan Singh 3, Jamie Hughes 3 Carl Baker 0, Mark Rollinson 3 Jordan Ward 2, Adam Edgar 3 Luke Jones 0, Steve Hickman 1 Reece Colley 3, Tim Edwards 1 Wayne Willis 3, Peter Evans 1 Dickie Foster 3, Luke Warren 1 Owen Maiden 3, Steve Gillam 3 Steve Jones 0, Last 16:- Scott Baker 2 Nick Fullwell 4, Dan Nicholls 2 Alfie Jacques 4, Neil Smith 4 Mick Baker 0, Rob Smith 4 Jordan Singh 3, Jamie Hughes 4 Mark Rollinson 1, Adam Edgar 1 Reece Colley 4, Wayne Willis 2 Dickie Foster 4, Owen Maiden 4 Steve Gillam 1, Quarter Finals:- Nick Fullwell 4 Alfie Jacques 0, Neil Smith 4 Rob Smith 2, Jamie Hughes 3 Reece Colley 4, Dickie Foster 4 Owen Maiden 2, Semi Finals:- Nick Fullwell 5 Neil Smith 0, Reece Colley 5 Dickie Foster 1, Final:- Nick Fullwell 5 Reece Colley 4.
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