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Article: Webster Interview fo Darts, Beers & Cheers!

Webster Interview fo Darts, Beers & Cheers!

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Q.  Is it fair to say that the start of your PDC career wasn^t the best of times for you?  Or at least you didn^t quickly achieve a level of darts and results people possibly expected of you?I heard you say in an interview that you were possibly ^scared^ when you’re first moved over from the BDO - what scared you most, players like Taylor, that you might not be good enough, or something else?

For me it was like starting a new job and going to a new place and I guess everyone would have a feeling of nervous anticipation about that, it was the actual decision to make such a big change away from my comfort zone that was scary. I^ve never doubted my desire or talent to compete at the highest level, but a massive change in environment can be daunting.

Q.  Does it annoy you when people say that things about you still being inexperienced or that x game is your best performance to date, when you^re one of the few players to actually be a WORLD CHAMPION?  Or probably turning that on its head, are you annoyed that people / PDC fans / Commentators don^t always take that world championship you won seriously enough?

I^ve leant that I can^t get annoyed at what people say as darts is for all of us and we all have an opinion. The Lakeside that I won was littered with World Class players on a stage that has turned several players to jelly. I still draw off that experience to help me dig deep and believe in my ability, so it^s only important what it means to me really.

Q.  You were obviously very emotional and devastated when your mate Gary Anderson got that 3rd leg to knock you out of the Grand Slam - how tough was that match to play in?   Do you think that game helped you to toughen up mentally at all?

Naturally I was gutted but I^d done all the damage earlier by not being ready for my game against Wayne Jones. Had I won the Jones game the Anderson score wouldn^t have mattered, I was more gutted that Gary celebrated getting the 3rd leg and not a match result, but as I let him know after I still won the game!!

Q.  Was there ever a time when you thought of moving back to the BDO when things didn^t seem to be going quite right for you?

No never. Things never got that bad. I work with an amazing management team who help prepare me for the long haul, and they kept reminding me of my ability to win titles.

Q.  You^ve certainly seemed to gain a lot of confidence recently - and results at the World Cup and your run to the Semi^s at the worlds show that.  Was there any specific that suddenly clicked for you?

Not really - I^ve been playing darts like this for over 6 months now as my floor form has improved dramatically and people forget I was 3rd in last years World Championship. I don^t change anything on my darts and my practice levels have remained the same, and as hard as it sounds I don^t focus on specific results just being in the right frame of mind when I play. If I can come away from an event, TV or otherwise and say I was well prepared, gave every match its full attention and maintained a low intensity then I leave the obsession with results to other people.

Q.  In the world cup of darts, did it feel different playing up there representing Wales rather playing ^just^ for yourself and money?

Totally!! There is no greater pleasure for me in representing my country it^s something very special for me.

Q. Many people (myself included) thought you were the player of the World Cup - did you feel it was the first time that PDC fans finally got to see the ^real you^ on the oche?

That and when I came 3rd in the world Championship last year!!

Q.  How did you find out about your wild-card into the Premier League - and how are you feeling about joining the weekly exhibition of the best darts on the planet? 

Barry Hearn at the PDC told me I^d had the nod and to be honest I nearly burst with excitement, I absolutely love playing competitive darts on TV, love travelling and mixing with fans so it^s a dream come true for me.

Q. Many people may think of you as a clean cut, quiet, possibly shy lad.... but I^ve seen you holding Gary Anderson in a head lock punching him the head shouting 5-3, I^ve give you 5-3   (haha - OK so I^m possibly dramatising it a bit).  Who is the real Mark Webster off the oche? 

I^m not really shy just a bit more considered LOL!! I love subtle wind ups and practical jokes and the crack that goes with the hyper competitive nature of the PDC Tour and all its twists and turns.

Q. We saw you jumping around the oche like a madman at the World Cup.. are you going to be letting your positive emotions out a bit more on the TV screens now?

Yes I’ll probably carry on showing some more emotion, as it helps burn the success of that performance into you as a player. However, the wild celebration was a bit more linked to the Team performance, the relationship Barry and I had all weekend whilst representing our country, at the end of the day you still need to respect the guy you^ve just played.

Q.  But seriously, who would win out of a fight between you and Gary?

Me of course, I^d run 500 yards knacker him out then take him down LOL!!

Q.  You had a great world championships - it looked like you just carried on the confidence from the World Cup - what was you feeling before the game with Taylor?   and how does it feel knowing now that you^ve beaten him on the TV (especially as it was a real beating you handed out!)

It^s was massive for me playing Phil in the quarter final of the Worlds, as the previous year he^d handed me out a beating in the Semi’s. I wanted to show that I^d learnt from that. As I said in my interview yes it^s amazing to beat a player of Phil^s stature, but it^s another game in an event and I try to focus on my game, not what others are doing. Once you feel you^ve got it licked darts can simply show you up, its always work in progress.

Q.  You^ve got to be feeling good for 2011 - you had your first pro tour win in October, you^ve had some great runs in TV comps at the end of 2010... the Premier League wild card...  is 2011 the year of Webby?

I^ve got a really good focus for 2011 so lets hope you get too see my mug at the later stages of a few big events, I feel ready to win and that’s the main thing.

(this last one isn^t really a question.. but hopefully Mark know what I^m talking about - I couldn^t stop laughing at the Grand Slam!)

Q.  Oh one more vital question to end up... If I said "I^d ^just about^ finished the interview" - does that mean I^ve finished it.. or ^just about^ finished it? 

Ha Ha Ha no comment!!

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