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Article: Walsh Completes 2009 Trebel

Walsh Completes 2009 Trebel

MARK WALSH won his third PDC Pro Tour event of 2009 with victory over Jamie Caven in the final of Saturday^s Players Championship.

Walsh followed up his victories in Coventry and Derby earlier this year with a battling display at the Barnsley Metrodome to claim the £6,000 title.

He edged out Andy Jenkins 6-5 in the quarter-finals before coming from 5-1 down to defeat Colin Lloyd in a deciding leg in the semis.

Walsh then overcame Caven in a high-quality final, which featured seven maximums in ten legs.

Caven landed one 180 and a 106 finish to win the opening leg, before Walsh replied in kind with a 115 checkout to level.

Caven hit another maximum in the third, but a 78 finish from Walsh saw him break throw before he moved 3-1 up.

Walsh landed a 180 but missed two darts for the fifth leg as Caven replied, and the next two legs were shared before a Walsh 180 set up a 41 finish as he pushed 5-3 up.

Caven opened the ninth leg with a 180 and took out 76 to remain in the contest, but Walsh was too strong with the throw in the next to seal victory.

Caven^s £3,000 runner-up cheque further improves his chances of securing a qualification place for next month^s World Matchplay in Blackpool.

He included Andy Hamilton and Jelle Klaasen amongst his victims in reaching the quarter-finals, where he defeated Steve Beaton in a deciding leg.

He then won the all-Derby battle with in-form Colin Osborne 6-5 in the semis, coming from 4-2 and 5-4 down to seal victory with a 116 finish.

Osborne^s semi-final appearance followed his run to the final of the Blue Square UK Open last week, while Vincent van der Voort and Andy Jenkins joined Lloyd and Beaton in reaching the quarters.

Three-time World Champion John Part came from 5-2 down to defeat world number six Mervyn King in the first round, and went on to reach the last 16 before losing to Lloyd.

Players Championship

First Round

Board One

Dennis Priestley (1) Bye

Michael Barnard 6-2 Kevin Dowling

Barrie Bates (32) 6-5 Simon Craven

Dave Honey 6-0 Andy Pearson

Board Two

Adrian Lewis (16) 6-0 Ian Jopling

Les Fitton 6-2 Alex Tinsley

Vincent van der Voort (17) 6-2 Geoff Wylie

Dylan Duo 6-3 Peter Wright

Board Three

Colin Lloyd (8) 6-0 Stuart Holden

Stuart Dutton 6-1 Kevin Harris

Chris Loudon 6-5 Steve Maish (25)

Ian MacFarlane 6-1 Russell Mason

Board Four

John Part 6-5 Mervyn King (9)

Norman Fletcher 6-1 Mike Roberts

Tony Eccles (24) 6-5 Steve Grubb

Andy Relf 6-1 Jim Leighton

Board Five

Mark Walsh (5) 6-2 Brendan Dolan

Darren Johnson 6-5 Darren Latham

Anastasia Dobromyslova 6-3 Andy Smith (28)

Michael Smith 6-3 Colin Monk

Board Six

Michael van Gerwen (12) 6-3 Jimmy O^Regan

Ian Lever 6-2 Robbie Parker

Alex Roy (21) 6-1 Dyson Parody

Kevin McDine 6-1 Roland Scholten

Board Seven

Ronnie Baxter (4) 6-1 Mark Cox

Gary Mawson 6-5 Gary Blades

Wes Newton (29) 6-1 Steve Watts

Louis Blundell 6-4 Steve Cupitt

Board Eight

Kevin Painter (13) 6-1 Steve Perkins

Mick McGowan 6-4 Mark Lawrence

Andy Jenkins (20) 6-1 Andy Fulton

Mark Jodrill 6-2 Richie Burnett

Board Nine

Robert Thornton (2) Bye

John MaGowan 6-2 Jonathan Overton

John Quantock 6-3 Wayne Mardle (31)

Stephen Hardy 6-2 Jason Clark

Board Ten

Gary Anderson (15) 6-4 Justin Pipe

Nigel Birch 6-3 Richard Foster

Wayne Jones (18) 6-4 Lionel Sams

Toon Greebe 6-3 Geoff Whitworth

Board 11

Colin Osborne (7) 6-4 Mark Webster

Arron Monk 6-1 Sean White

Pete Allen 6-5 Matt Clark (26)

Jan van der Rassel 6-2 Mark Frost

Board 12

Denis Ovens (10) 6-3 Par Riihonen

Kirk Shepherd 6-5 Dennis Smith

Peter Manley (23) 6-4 Dave Smith

Adrian Gray 6-0 Matt Gallett

Board 13

Terry Jenkins (6) 6-2 Joe Cullen

Steve Brown 6-2 Mark Stephenson

Jelle Klaasen (27) 6-2 Chris Thompson

James Barton 6-0 Paul Hodkin

Board 14

Andy Hamilton (11) 6-1 Trevor Frost

Gary Welding 6-1 Steve Evans

Jamie Caven (22) 6-0 Jon Archer

Lee Williams 6-3 Ray Farrell

Board 15

Alan Tabern (3) 6-3 Nick Fullwell

Rick Lowther 6-5 Dave Ladley

Chris Mason 6-2 Co Stompe (30)

Martyn Turner 6-1 Kevin Hill

Board 16

Mark Dudbridge (14) 6-2 Paul Nicholson

Chris Cooper 6-0 Stuart Bousfield

Steve Beaton (19) 6-1 Paul Gudgeon

Steve Hine 6-0 Ken Dobson

Second Round

Dennis Priestley 6-2 Michael Barnard

Barrie Bates 6-5 Dave Honey

Les Fitton 6-3 Adrian Lewis

Vincent van der Voort 6-3 Dylan Duo

Colin Lloyd 6-0 Stuart Dutton

Chris Loudon 6-3 Ian MacFarlane

John Part 6-0 Norman Fletcher

Tony Eccles 6-0 Andy Relf

Mark Walsh 6-3 Darren Johnson

Michael Smith 6-0 Anastasia Dobromyslova

Michael van Gerwen 6-2 Ian Lever

Alex Roy 6-2 Kevin McDine

Ronnie Baxter 6-4 Gary Mawson

Louis Blundell 6-3 Wes Newton

Mick McGowan 6-4 Kevin Painter

Andy Jenkins 6-3 Mark Jodrill

Robert Thornton 6-2 John MaGowan

Stephen Hardy 6-4 John Quantock

Gary Anderson 6-1 Nigel Birch

Wayne Jones 6-4 Toon Greebe

Colin Osborne 6-1 Arron Monk

Jan van der Rassel 6-2 Pete Allen

Denis Ovens 6-2 Kirk Shepherd

Adrian Gray 6-5 Peter Manley

Terry Jenkins 6-5 Steve Brown

Jelle Klaasen 6-4 James Barton

Andy Hamilton 6-3 Gary Welding

Jamie Caven 6-4 Lee Williams

Alan Tabern 6-4 Rick Lowther

Martyn Turner 6-0 Chris Mason

Mark Dudbridge 6-5 Chris Cooper

Steve Beaton 6-5 Steve Hine



Third Round

Barrie Bates 6-4 Dennis Priestley

Vincent van der Voort 6-4 Les Fitton

Colin Lloyd 6-3 Chris Loudon

John Part 6-2 Tony Eccles

Mark Walsh 6-0 Michael Smith

Alex Roy 6-4 Michael van Gerwen

Ronnie Baxter 6-3 Louis Blundell

Andy Jenkins 6-5 Mick McGowan

Stephen Hardy 6-5 Robert Thornton

Gary Anderson 6-2 Wayne Jones

Colin Osborne 6-1 Jan van der Rassel

Denis Ovens 6-1 Adrian Gray

Jelle Klaasen 6-5 Terry Jenkins

Jamie Caven 6-4 Andy Hamilton

Alan Tabern 6-1 Martyn Turner

Steve Beaton 6-3 Mark Dudbridge



Fourth Round

Vincent van der Voort 6-2 Barrie Bates

Colin Lloyd 6-3 John Part

Mark Walsh 6-2 Alex Roy

Andy Jenkins 6-4 Ronnie Baxter

Gary Anderson 6-1 Stephen Hardy

Colin Osborne 6-3 Denis Ovens

Jamie Caven 6-2 Jelle Klaasen

Steve Beaton 6-5 Alan Tabern




Colin Lloyd 6-5 Vincent van der Voort

Mark Walsh 6-5 Andy Jenkins

Colin Osborne 6-4 Gary Anderson

Jamie Caven 6-5 Steve Beaton




Mark Walsh 6-5 Colin Lloyd

Jamie Caven 6-5 Colin Osborne




Mark Walsh 6-4 Jamie Caven





News Updates

Tony Ayres withdrew ahead of the event following a vehicle breakdown en route to Barnsley.

First Round

Colin Lloyd and Adrian Lewis whitewash Stuart Holden and Ian Jopling respectively in their opening games.

Ronnie Baxter, a Blue Square UK Open semi-finalist last week, defeats Mark Cox 6-1.

Terry Jenkins overcomes Joe Cullen 6-2.

Kevin Painter, who like Baxter reached the last four in Bolton, wins 6-1 against Steve Perkins.

Mark Dudbridge defeats Paul Nicholson 6-2, and Andy Hamilton wins 6-1 in his clash with Trevor Frost.

John Part comes from 5-2 down to win in a deciding 11th leg against Mervyn King.

Mark Walsh and Michael Barnard pick up 6-2 victories in their games with Brendan Dolan and Kevin Dowling.

Welsh Players Championship winner Gary Anderson wins 6-4 against Justin Pipe.

Blue Square UK Open runner-up Colin Osborne is 6-4 winner in game with Mark Webster.

Alan Tabern and Denis Ovens are 6-3 victors, against Nick Fullwell and Par Riihonen.

John MaGowan wins 6-2 against Jonathan Overton.

Chris Cooper whitewashes Stuart Bousfield.

Les Fitton celebrates his return to action with 6-2 victory over Alex Tinsley.

Steve Brown and Stuart Dutton pick up 6-1 wins against Mark Stephenson and Kevin Harris.

Gary Welding is 6-1 winner against Steve Evans.

Mick McGowan takes 6-4 win against Mark Lawrence, a quarter-finalist in last week^s UK Open.

Arron Monk defeats fellow youngster Sean White 6-1.

Gary Mawson edges out Gary Blades in a decider, and Barrie Bates defeats Simon Craven in the same manner.

John Quantock sees off Wayne Mardle 6-3, with Nigel Birch winning by the same scoreline against Richard Foster.

Jelle Klaasen defeats Chris Thompson 6-2.

Steve Beaton wins 6-1 against Paul Gudgeon, and Norman Fletcher wins in the same manner against Mike Roberts.

Newcomer Rick Lowther is deciding leg winner against Dave Ladley, while Kirk Shepherd, Darren Johnson and Barrie Bates all win in 11 legs.

Jamie Caven whitewashes Jon Archer.

Andy Jenkins wins 6-1 against Andy Fulton.

Scotland^s Chris Loudon is deciding leg winner against Steve Maish.

Wes Newton picks up 6-1 victory against Steve Watts.

Dave Honey whitewashes Andy Pearson to progress to second round game with Barrie Bates.

Chris Mason overcomes Co Stompe 6-2, and James Barton defeats Paul Hodkin without reply.

Alex Roy is 6-1 winner against Gibraltar^s Dyson Parody.

Steve Hine whitewashes Ken Dobson, and Lee Williams - defeated by Phil Taylor in the UK Open last week - wins 6-3 against Ray Farrell.

Dylan Duo picks up 6-3 win over Peter Wright.

Russian lady star Anastasia Dobromyslova defeats Andy Smith 6-3.

Mark Jodrill and Stephen Hardy win 6-2 against Richie Burnett and Jason Clark respectively.

Wayne Jones defeats Lionel Sams 6-4, and Peter Manley wins by the same scoreline against Dave Smith.

Martyn Turner wins 6-1 against Kevin Hill, and Ian MacFarlane defeats Russell Mason by the same score.

Pete Allen wins in a deciding leg against Matt Clark.

Tony Eccles also wins in 11 legs against Steve Grubb.

Kevin McDine wins 6-1 in clash with Holland^s Roland Scholten, and Louis Blundell is 6-4 winner against Steve Cupitt.

Toon Greebe is 6-3 winner against Geoff Whitworth.

Andy Relf wins 6-1 in meeting with Jim Leighton, and Michael Smith defeats Colin Monk 6-3.

Adrian Gray whitewashes youngster Matt Gallett.

Second Round

Terry Jenkins comes from 5-4 down to defeat Steve Brown, who missed match darts in leg ten before Jenkins took out 152 and 154 in successive legs to claim victory.

Dennis Priestley wins 6-2 against Michael Barnard, and Robert Thornton defeats John MaGowan in the same manner.

Colin Lloyd whitewashes Stuart Dutton.

Les Fitton overcomes Adrian Lewis 6-3, while Andy Hamilton wins by the same scoreline against Gary Welding.

Mark Dudbridge edges out Chris Cooper in a deciding leg, while Alan Tabern is 6-4 winner versus Rick Lowther.

Michael van Gerwen reaches last 32 with 6-2 win over Ian Lever.

Mick McGowan progresses with 6-4 defeat of Kevin Painter.

Ronnie Baxter completes 6-4 win over Gary Mawson with 131 checkout.

Jelle Klaasen sets up third round meeting with Terry Jenkins by seeing off James Barton 6-4.

Gary Anderson is 6-1 winner against Nigel Birch.

Vincent van der Voort joins fellow countrymen van Gerwen and Klaasen in last 32 with 6-3 defeat of Dylan Duo.

Chris Loudon is 6-3 winner in game with Ian MacFarlane to set up third round game with Colin Lloyd.

Alex Roy wins 6-2 against Kevin McDine.

Steve Beaton edges out Steve Hine in a decider, and Barrie Bates is a similarly narrow winner against Dave Honey.

Jamie Caven defeats Lee Williams 6-4.

Denis Ovens overcomes Kirk Shepherd 6-2.

John Part whitewashes Norman Fletcher, and Martyn Turner also fails to drop a leg in defeating Chris Mason.

Andy Jenkins defeats Mark Jodrill 6-3, and Mark Walsh also wins 6-3 against Darren Johnson.

Wayne Jones defeats Toon Greebe 6-4, and Louis Blundell is 6-3 winner against Wes Newton.

Jan van der Rassel wins 6-2 against Pete Allen and now faces Colin Osborne in round three.

Michael Smith whitewashes Anastasia Dobromyslova.

Tony Eccles whitewashes Andy Relf and now meets John Part in round three.

Adrian Gray^s deciding leg win over Peter Manley completes third round line-up.

Third Round

Jelle Klaasen is first man into last 16 with 6-5 win over Terry Jenkins.

Vincent van der Voort joins Klaasen in round four with 6-4 win against Les Fitton.

Alex Roy denies a third Dutchman a last 16 spot, defeating Michael van Gerwen 6-4.

Alan Tabern defeats Martyn Turner 6-1.

Colin Lloyd overcomes Chris Loudon 6-3 to progress to last 16.

Steve Beaton defeats Mark Dudbridge 6-3 to move into round four.

Jamie Caven is 6-4 winner against Andy Hamilton.

Andy Jenkins defeats Mick McGowan in a deciding leg.

Stephen Hardy reaches last 16 with narrow win over Robert Thornton.

Gary Anderson remains on course for second successive Players Championship win by defeating Wayne Jones 6-2.

Ronnie Baxter progresses to last 16 with 6-3 win over Louis Blundell.

Barrie Bates is 6-4 winner against Dennis Priestley.

Mark Walsh whitewashes Michael Smith to set up last 16 game with Hertfordshire rival Alex Roy.

Colin Osborne seals 6-1 win over Jan van der Rassel with 170 checkout.

Denis Ovens overcomes Adrian Gray 6-1 and now meets Osborne in fourth round.

John Part moves through to last 16 with 6-2 win over Tony Eccles.

Fourth Round

Jamie Caven is first player into quarter-finals as he chases second win in as many PDC Pro Tour events, defeating Jelle Klaasen 6-2.

Steve Beaton edges past Alan Tabern in a deciding leg to reach quarters.

Vincent van der Voort races to 6-2 win against Barrie Bates.

Andy Jenkins picks up 6-4 win against Ronnie Baxter.

Mark Walsh progresses to quarter-finals with 6-3 win against Alex Roy.

Gary Anderson continues his bid for another title with 6-1 win over Stephen Hardy.

Colin Osborne^s good run of form continues with 6-3 win over Denis Ovens, setting up tasty quarter-final with Anderson.

Colin Lloyd comes from 2-0 down to defeat John Part 6-3.


Jamie Caven edges into semi-finals with narrow 11-leg win against Steve Beaton.

Mark Walsh lands a 180 to set up a double 19 finish in the deciding leg of his clash with Andy Jenkins for a 13-dart winning leg.

Colin Osborne overcomes Gary Anderson 6-4 to reach semi-finals.

Colin Lloyd takes out 102 for a 12-darter to win deciding leg of his clash with Vincent van der Voort.


Mark Walsh comes from 5-1 down to defeat Colin Lloyd in a deciding leg. Lloyd missed the bullseye in the decider before Walsh took out 136.

Jamie Caven recovers from 4-2 down to edge out Colin Osborne, finishing 116 for the game.

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