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Article: The YDP Manhattan Six Hour Charity Team Challenge

The YDP Manhattan Six Hour Charity Team Challenge

The York Darts Promotions <> Manhattan Club Six Hour Team Darts Challenge was huge success, seeing five teams of eight battling it out on the boards to set a new world record!

The YDP Yorkies were the highest scoring team with a total of 184,694 which is now an unofficial World Record. New World Record is pending confirmation and acceptance from the Guinness World Record Officials.

The highest scoring player overall was Chris Thompson, a member of the YPD Yorkies team, who scored 26,121 during the challenge. Richie Corner from the same team scored the second highest score overall with 24,445!
Massive congratulations to Chris, Richie and The YDP Yorkies!!

The second highest scoring team was The D^artagnans with a total score of 167,787, with Rick Harper scoring the highest in that team with 23,539.

Very well done guys!!

Good work to all the players who took part in the challenge, you were all brilliant.
We would like to say big thank you to all the teams who raised a MASSIVE a total of £3,381 sponsorship (pending collection) for Saint Michael^s Hospice <> , which is a phenomenal amount of money.

The day saw Former World Champion John "Boy" Walton and Gary "Big Robbo" Robson coming along in their spare time to present the awards and help us raise more money in the evening for the Hospice. We are really thankful for their support, big thank you to Neil for arranging that.

We would like to extend our thanks to the YDP for supporting us during this month of fundraising and for being an absolute pleasure to work with. Neil and Andy were fantastic and very professional.

I would like to say that the event would not have been possible without Neil Hart of YDP, who has worked so hard this month to make it all achievable, we are so grateful for all your time and efforts. Thank you so much!

We all thoroughly enjoyed the day and night, although I think everybody is exhausted now!!

Here are the stats for the YDP Manhattan Six Hour Charity Team Challenge.
Five teams of 8 players attempted to score as many points as they could playing as four players per half hour alternating over six hours.

A total of 1,318 Tons, 349 Ton Plus, 575 x 140^s, 81 x 180^s were hit in an overall total of 706,863 Points Scored.

Highest Scoring Team:
Team YDP Yorkies 528 Tons, 107 Ton Plus, 242 ...x 140^s, 41 x 180^s Total Score 184, 694
Players: Chris Thompson 79-14-49-6 Total Score 26,121.
Rich Corner 66-10-42-5 Total Score 24,445
John Quantock 84-14-35-7 Total Score 24,393
Simon Craven 74-14-25-3 Total Score 23,029
John Pickering 77-12-29-3 Total Score 22,999
Mark Hartley 44-18-18-8 Total Score 21,339
Dave Lord 52-13-21-5 Total Score 21,290
Stuart Limbert 52-13-21-5 Total Score 21,078

Team D^artagnans 351 Tons, 97 Ton Plus, 179 x 140^s, 21 x 180^s Total Score 167, 787
Players: Rick Harper 58-8-40-6 Total Score 23,539
Phil Taylor 45-9-19-3 Total Score 21,659
Martin Chappell 39-18-28-2 Total Score 21,251
Nick Hanslow 42-21-22-3 Total Score 21,213
Ian Balsdon 54-11-17-4 Total Score 20,538
Steve Higgins 35-10-24-0 Total Score 20,153
Shaun Smith 49-8-6-1 Total Score 19,850
Ian Malkin 29-13-23-2 Total Score 19,584

Team Grey Mare 133 Tons, 40 Ton Plus, 40 x 140^s, 2 x 180^s Total Score 123,579
Players: Graham Berridge 44-6-14-2 Total Score 20,550
Andy Hamer 24-6-15-0 Total Score 18,615
Steve Simpson 10-14-6-0 Total Score 17,086
Shaun Sutton 15-4-2-0 Total Score 15,821
Ryan Kenny 14-1-2-0 Total Score 13,802
Des Brind 12-3-1-0 Total Score 13,660
Karl Daly 8-1-0-0 Total Score 12,073
Claire Bond 6-6-0-0 Total Score 11,972

Team Manhattan Shooters 167 Tons, 53 Ton Plus, 50 x 140^s, 3 x 180^s Total Score 122,124
Players: Kris Goodman 24-6-10-1
Ian Jones 30-8-6-0 Total Score 17,150
Terry Jackson 26-9-3-1 Total Score 16,300
Rich Graham 25-6-7-0 Total Score 16,165
Dean Lawman 18-5-11-1 Total Score 15,857
Alex Roadley 31-9-11-0 Total Score 14,951
Wayne Campbell 10-6-2-0 Total Score 12,720
Emma Cheney 3-4-0-0 Total Score 11,070

Team Yorkshire Mixtures 139 Tons, 52 Ton Plus, 64 x 140^s 14 x 180^s Total Score 12,639
Players: Paul Toumlin 56-8-35-10 Total Score 21,772
Carl Dennel 39-15-13-2 Total Score 15,654
Marie Groves 13-6-6-2 Total Score 12,991
Sharon Whitfield 10-3-4-0 Total Score 12,639
Steve Jackson 6-6-2-0 Total Score 12,515
Tracey Gledhill 13-4-2-0 Total Score 12,457
Ros Wilkinson 5-7-1-0 Total Score 11,106
Wendy Anderson 7-5-0-0 Total Score 9,545

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