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Article: The Winmau Finnish Open 2012 – Report from Finland

The Winmau Finnish Open 2012 – Report from Finland

Finnish Open 2012 Men^s and Women^s Final recordings are now at

On Saturday there were over 1000 computers connected, with at least the same again spectating.

The Saturday and Sunday finals are saved online and can be watched anytime.

Rachna David was the first Norwegian Women^s champion.


Ladies Final, best of 7 legs
Rachna David vs Lumi Silvan
1-0 18darts
1-1 16darts
2-1 23d
2-2 18d
3-2 16d
3-3 19d
Leg 7

Rachna: 171 left, bust (threw 171), 21 darts, 74 game shot
Lumi: 18 darts and 97 left

And as in the women^s event, the men^s event saw a new nationality as the champion with Sweden^s Johan Engström the first swede to win the Finnish Open Men^s Singles.

The final was all Swedish where Johan beat 6-5 Mats Anderson.


Final, best of 11 legs
Johan Engström vs Mats Andersson
1-0 24d
1-1 20d
2-1 18d
3-1 24d
3-2 15d
3-3 18d
4-3 22d
4-4 15d
5-4 19d
5-5 17d
11th Leg

Johan: 18 darts, 35 game shot, Mats 15 darts and 84 left


31st Finnish Open
28-29 April 2012
Sokos Hotel Vantaa

Vantaa, Finland

Men^s Singles (144 entries)
1. Johan Engström Sweden
2. Mats Andersson Sweden
3.-4. Jarkko Komula Finland; Juha Koutonen Finland
5.-8. Ulf Ceder Finland; Daniel Larsson Sweden; Richie George England; Marko Kantele Finland

Women^s Singles (62 entries)
1. Rachna David Norway
2. Lumi Silvan, Finland

3.-4. Anna Forsmark Sweden; Kirsi Viinikainen Finland
5.-8. Kristin Bomander Sweden; Tarja Salminen, Finland; Maret Liiri, Finland; Maud Jansson, Sweden

Men^s 301-singles (74 entries)
1. Daniel Larsson, Sweden
2. Marko Kantele, Finland
3.-4. Dennis Nilsson, Sweden; Juha Koutonen, Finland

Women^s 301-singles (45 entries)
1. Rachna David Norway
2. Irina Armstrong, Russia
3.-4. Maret Liiri, Finland; Marina Kononova, Russia

Youth Singles (17 entries)
1. Sarah Rosen Sweden
2. Juuso Raittila Finland
3.-4. Sergei Goncharov Russia; Aaron Knox Finland

Old Boys Singles (28 entries)
1. Pertti Taivaloja Finland
2. Andrei Isaev Russia
3.-4. Mauri Heiskanen Finland; Reino Eskonen Finland

Men^s Pairs ( 46 entries)
1. Ulf Ceder/ Jarkko Komula Finland
2. Veijo Viinikka/ Janne Kiiski Finland
3.-4. Daniel Larsson/ Johan Engström Sweden; Juuso Raittila/ Ville Petäjämäki Finland

Women^s Pairs ( 31 entries)
1. Rachna David/ Irina Armstrong Norway/Russia
2. Sarah Rosen/ Linda Oden Sweden
3.-4. Eija Axelsson/ Tanja Lehtomäki-Kinnunen Finland; Lumi Silvan/ Marika Juhola Finland

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