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Article: The Red Dragon SDM 2016 Road to glory Projectdarts Report

The Red Dragon SDM 2016 Road to glory Projectdarts Report


It^s round 4 at the Sheffield Darts Masters and in the early rounds the highlight^s of the men^s event Mark Lawrence started off with a 4-0 victory over Rob Walsh. Kieran Evans kicked off his tournament with a 180 and also a 13 dart leg to show the rest that he will take some stopping. Greg Beard started his account in fine style defeating Craig Lewis. Ben Dulley won the battle of the young guns taking out Max Roberts. Whilst Pete Jacques wrapped up a fine win over Rich Swainston.


Round 1 highlights

Rob Walsh 0-4 Mark Lawrence

Martin French 1-4 Bob Pinder

Brian Lewis 2-4 Chris Markham

Kieran Evans 4-2 Pete Bramley

Greg Beard 4-0 Craig Lewis


Round 2 highlights

Tom Sawford 2-4 Steve Thompson 

Rob Mushet 0-4 Brian Snell

Antony Askwith 2-4 Antony Warne

Rich Swainston 0-4 Pete Jacques

Ben Dulley 4-0 Max Roberts

Thomas Smith 4-3 Gerrard Shepherd


The last 32 round kicked off with a resounding victory for Andy Lindley over Mark Gurran, A Steve Hattersley 139 checkout wasn^t enough to trouble Jelger Tuinstra in their match who in turn hit a 15 dart leg of his own to go through 4-2. Connor Bowler hit 2 ton plus finishes (107, 104) in his 4-0 victory over Jon Elliott. Craig Ingram kicked off his tournament with an emphatic win over Jon Smethurst hitting 2 maximums and a 116 checkout. Wayne Pepper found his range early also hitting 2 maximums in his victory over Andy Watson. Bob Pinder managed to hit a maximum but it wasn^t enough against Mark Lawrence who took the game 4-1. Kieran Evans couldn^t be stopped as he rolled out a max and a 13 darter in his win over Chris Markham and Ben Dulley took out Pete Jacques hitting a 120 checkout, Pete managed a 14 dart leg of his own but Dulley wasn^t to be denied as he went through 4 legs to 2. 


Last 32

Mark Gurran 0-4 Andy Lindley

Steve Hattersley 2-4 Jelger Tuinstra

Neil Bradley 1-4 Steve Marfleet

Mick Smith 4-2 Des Smith

Jon Elliott 0-4 Connor Bowler

Daryl Hickey 0-4 John Askouth

Jon Smethurst 0-4 Craig Ingram

Gareth Baxter 4-1 John Rogers

Lee Siddle 1-4 Martin Sommerton

Ben Furniss 0-4 Paul Ashcroft

Wayne Pepper 4-0 Andy Watson

Mark Lawrence 4-1 Bob Pinder

Chris Markham 1-4 Kieran Evans

Greg Beard 4-3 Steve Thompson 

Brian Snell 1-4 Antony Warne

Pete Jaques 2-4 Ben Dulley


The round of 16 started off with 4-0 victories for both Jelger Tuinstra (180) and Steve Marflett who week by week keeps on improving. Connor Bowler put his name in the Quarter Finals edged out John Askouth in the last leg thriller. Craig Ingram hit a 14 darter as he went through against Gareth Baxter also without dropping a leg as did Paul Ashcroft over Martin Sommerton and the game of the round was at the end as Kieran Evans and Greg Beard battled it out with Evans hitting a maximum and a 13 dart leg but Greg Beard tried to answer with a 15 darter of his own but it wasn^t to be his game as Evans held his nerve in the final leg to secure his place in the last 8.


Last 16

Andy Lindley 0-4 Jelger Tuinstra

Steve Marfleet 4-0 Mick Smith

Connor Bowler 4-3 John Askouth 

Craig Ingram  4-0 Gareth Baxter

Wayne Pepper 4-1 Mark Lawrence 

Martin Sommerton 0-4 Paul Ashcroft 

Antony Warne 4-2 Ben Dulley 

Kieran Evans 4-3 Greg Beard


It was a quality line up in the Quarter Finals stage with all 4 games too close to call. It started off with Kieran Evans up against Antony Warne and after hitting a maximum in every round so far it was Evans again with the consistency what^s served him so well in this tournament hitting another 180 followed by a 13 dart leg was just enough to see off Warne who himself stayed with Evans all the way to the deciding leg but it was Evans who managed to pull through. In the 2nd quarter final Paul Ashcroft was up against Wayne Pepper in another close battle that went to a decider as Pepper hit a 103 checkout along the way he managed to hold off Paul Ashcroft to seal his place in the final 4. In the 3rd game it was a belter between Connor Bowler and Craig Ingram the match ebbed and flowed with quality darts and finishing of the highest order. Bowler was the one that just sneaked through with a 136 checkout and a 12 darter, Ingram did all he could with 2 maximums himself and a 15 dart leg but it just wasn^t enough this time. Jelger Tuinstra was the last name through taking out the resilient Steve Marfleet 4-2.


Quarter Finals 

Kieran Evans 4-3 Antony Warne 

Paul Ashcroft 3-4 Wayne Pepper

Connor Bowler 4-3 Craig Ingram

Jelger Tuinstra 4-2 Steve Marfleet 


As everyone tried to take a breather from the 4 quarter finals they were still action to be played as we entered the semi finals stage of the tournament and with that line up it didn^t let us down with all 4 players on top form. We started off with Jelger Tuinstra taking on Connor Bowler and in a closely fought contest with Jelger hitting 2 180^s and a 14 dart leg along the way but it was still not enough as Bowler held him off and was the first name in the final winning 4-2. In the other semi final 2 in form players in Wayne Pepper and Keiran Evans battled it out as to who faced Bowler in the final. This match was also too close to call and it showed as both players were on fire with 5 maximums between them with Pepper hitting 3 and Evans replying with 2. Evans did all he could as it went to a final leg decider but Pepper sneaked it 4-3 and with it booked his place alongside Bowler in the Sheffield Darts Masters Final.


Semi Finals

Jelger Tuinstra 2-4 Connor Bowler

Wayne Pepper 4-3 Keiran Evans


Over 80 players entered today^s tournament theirs only 2 remain Connor Bowler and Wayne Pepper in the final to decide the winner in round 4 of this years masters series. Bowler manager to win a leg but it wasn^t to be his final as Pepper followed on from his semi final win and hit 2 14 dart legs which is worthy enough to win any darts masters and took the match and this round of the series. 



Connor Bowler 1-4 Wayne Pepper




In the youth masters Tom Blagg started his account in the competition with a maximum in his victory over Regan Pettinger. Owen "Ice" Cubitt reeled off a 13 darter and a maximum but still found to be on the receiving end in his game with Robert McColl who played well to hold off his opponent and Tom Gurran sailed through to the next round taking out Jake Rhodes.


Early rounds big games


Regan Pettinger 1-4 Tom Blagg

Robert McColl 4-2 Owen Cubitt

Tom Gurran 4-0 Jake Rhodes


The final 4 faced off with Tom Blagg managing to hold off a maximum from Jack Kerr to go through to the final 4-1 and on the other board their was no stopping the inferno Tom Gurran with 2 ton+ finishes (116, 112) in his victory over Rob McColl.


Semi Finals

Jack Kerr 1-4 Tom Blagg 

Robert McColl 0-4 Tom Gurran


It was a closely fought final between 2 in form players with nothing to separate the youngsters and what a battle it was even a Tom Blagg maximum was not enough to stop Tom Gurran taking this youth masters has the inferno held out 4-3 to take this masters series.



Tom Blagg 3-4 Tom Gurran



In the women^s draw Marie Groves kicked off the tournament with a close fought 4-3 victory over Wendy Anderson and on the other board Sara Mortimer strolled through her prelim whitewashing Sue Edwards 4-0


last 16 highlights

Marie Groves 4-3 Wendy Anderson

Sara Mortimer 4-0 Sue Edwards

Nicola Warne 4-0 Shelly Smith

Beau Greaves 4-0 Tracy Blackband


Last 8


The last 8 kicked off with Paula Burgess seeing off Kelly Edwards and wonder girl Beau Greaves taking out Kerrie Crompton hitting an 18 darter to progress both by 4-0 score lines. Nicola Warne and Marie Groves also progressed to the Semi Finals following 4-1 wins over Karla Smith and Sara Mortimer respectively.


Last 8 Results

Kelly Edwards 0-4 Paula Burgess 

Nicola Warne 4-1 Karla Smith

Beau Greaves 4-0 Kerrie Crompton

Marie Groves 4-1 Sara Mortimer


Semi Finals

In the final 4 Paula Burgess continued her fine form defeating Nicola Warne and hitting a maximum in the process. In the other semi final Beau Greaves raised the bar a notch higher hitting a 13 darter and a maximum in her 4-1 victory over Marie Groves. 


Semi Finals Results 

Paula Burgess 4-2 Nicola Warne

Beau Greaves 4-1 Marie Groves



In the final in round 4 of the masters series saw Paula Burgess up against Beau Greaves and it was the young starlet Beau taking the honours 4-1 with a fantastic display hitting a maximum followed by a 108 checkout in which Paula could only reply with a leg of her own.


Final Result

Paula Burgess 1-4 Beau Greaves 

Pat Finney (Project Darts Reporter/Media)

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