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Article: The PDC 2012 Qualifying School analysis

The PDC 2012 Qualifying School analysis

With the PDC Q-School rapidly approaching it makes for some fantastic analysis of who will be rubbing shoulders with the Worlds greatest darts players.

The 2012 Darts Q-School boasts an amazingly strong entry list, with some major dart names scrapping it out for one of the 34 available cards.

Hankey has an auto card and we think he will do well in the PDC, he hasn’t played well enough by his standards for quite while, but he knows he has to raise his game to even get on the TV and satisfy his fans and no doubt Sky Sports airtime lust – so good Luck Ted.

Winstanley will almost certainly qualify as he’s been BDO number 1 or 2 for well over a year now and he will mainly be playing BDO players and PDC strugglers.

Scott Waites has been rumoured to be looking at the entry list and like Dean he is a definite qualifier based on his talent and constant averages in the 90’s.

Tony and Steve West will offer anyone in the world a stern test and we expect them to qualify.

Tony has slightly better averages than Steve, but there’s not much in it.

Andy Jenkins is showing signs of returning to form and with his experience and we think he will get his card back.

Matt Clark is another one that we expect to pull through based on his current form.

Of the little known players one called Andrew Gilding springs to mind as we rate him quite highly (not a world beater yet or anything) but he’ll do well at this level.


After the above it’s anyone’s guess really….

There’s a whole batch of players where it depends on whether they are back to their best or not like Chris Mason, Peter Manley, Peter Evison and Alan Warriner

The BDO nearly men who are very young and heading over may get cards like Jamie Lewis, Joe Murnan, Ross Smith, Toon Greebe and Jerry Hendricks

The Q-School has attracted some decent foreigners and we think Kurt van der Rijk. Gino Vos, Mareno Michels, Connie Finnan, Geoff Kime will get cards.

Some darts players are back for a second chance after having a few decent results on the PDC circuit and only just missed out keeping their cards like Mark Frost, Nick Fulwell, Michael Barnard, Wayne Atwood and Adrain Gray.

However, there are at least 20 players who have entered that we have no records at all on so there maybe some wonderful surprises.

With only 40 cards and over 187 entries it’s going to be really tough, especially when you throw in the random draw system which means Waites could play Winstanley in the first round of the first day.


For interest the names below are who the Red Dragon Central database predicts on previous results will qualify for the PDC in 2012 (in order of likelihood)…


Dean Winstanley                 England

Andrew Gilding                    England

Chris Mason                         England

Andy Jenkins                         England

Matt Clark                             England

Peter Manley                        England

Mark Frost                            England

Tony West                             England

Wayne Atwood                     Wales

Mike Veitch                           Scotland

Darren Webster                   England

Michael Barnard                 England

Toon Greebe                         Holland

Adrian Gray                          England

Mark Lawrence                    England

Dave Smith                            England

Martyn Turner                      England

Steve West                            England

Ross Smith                            England

Jamie Lewis                           Wales

Gary Mawson                       USA

Phil Wathen                         England

Kevin Dowling                      England

Bernd Roith                           Germany

Nick Fulwell                          England

Steve Hardy                           England

Matt Edgar                            England

Chris Aubrey                         England

Gary Eastwood                     England

Pete Hughes                          England

Mick McGowan                    Ireland

Aodhagen O Neill                Ireland

Connie Finnan                      Ireland

Ken MacNeil                         Canada

Matt Padgett                         England

Jerry Hendricks                    Holland

Marko Kantele                     Finland

Jim Walker                            England

Jamie Atkins                         England

Steve Grubb                          England


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