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Article: The "Mile High" Movie - Be with Team Hylton at Ally Pally

The "Mile High" Movie - Be with Team Hylton at Ally Pally

A recent review of Marks’s UK Open clips has given us an idea for an exclusive competition for Techies, Film Buffs, You Tube experts and anyone else who wants ago!

We at Team Hylton would really like a Promotional/Souvenir video of Mark and his incredible rise from amateur league player to The World elite darters in only 2 and a bit years.


Can you make a short "film" to promote Mark?
Would you like an all expenses paid package to Ally Pally this year, also starting the next chapter?
Can you think of an original idea that could also help Mark in attracting supporters both commercially and from a fan perspective?

If so look below:
Basic Outline

1 - To showcase Mark, his logo, personality and achievements.
2- To include reference to some of Mile High^s high points.
3 - 2 Editions 1 x 3 minutes and 1 x 5 minutes.
4- Include darts traditions such as walk on music and novelty items (planes?).
5 - To both grab and keep the attention on the story so far whilst offering a glimpse of future prospects.
6 - To comply with copyrights and other legal requirements if film is to be used promotionally or as a commercial tool.
7 - Ensure it can be easily translated to DVD or other user formats.

To give you an idea here is an early effort from “Mile High “ Club member Kev Tucker :


A full Team Hylton VIP package to the World Professional Darts Championship at Ally Pally in December 2012. Tickets/Passes, Hotel, backstage access to Mark and the Team as they prepare for the next chapter. Even hospitality food and drink will be provided. Also as many souvenirs as we can assemble!


The team would like to select a winner, with the help of fans and before the Grand Prix in October 2012. There for all entries must be in by September 30th 2012. This will enable a thorough selection process and supporters to have their say!

The rest as they say is up to you! Should any more information be required please e mail : or post on Mark’s players board :

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