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Article: The Final of the SDM by Projectdarts

The Final of the SDM by Projectdarts

The SDM final was a win for Trev against Brian Dawson and it was Brian Dawson who won it 5-3 on the new stage built at the Lescar Building 8 180s in the final it was a brilliant game. Both went through some quality players to get there including 6 tour card holders and 14 county players and our Projectdarts young lad Owen cubit made the last 16 and took out a couple of county players so well proud of him. Marie Groves from Doncaster was the ladies champion a regular county player and she played well. sdm-2016-champions             sdm-mens-final

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Red Dragon Darts New Website – Article 12

Our Junior Darts page is to help anyone interested in Junior Darts find the right place to start. For us this is only the Junior Darts Corporation as they have designed and developed a totally uniq...

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Sir Clive Woodward backs darts to be included in the Olympics

Legendary Rugby Union Coach, Sir Clive Woodward, has suggested that Darts should be considered as a future Olympic Sport. For years, senior officials in the world of darts have pushed for darts to...

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