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Article: The Dog Blog from The Dutch Open

The Dog Blog from The Dutch Open

The Dutch Open always has one of the biggest entries in the world and is a truly massive event, with huge numbers of travelling fans.

This was going to be a tough weekend for me, as the weekend before at county away to Devon I seemed to have a funny turn while at 3-1 up, where I felt really wobbly and drunk only hitting 1 treble 20 in 3 legs.

Having only had 2 pints I was worried what it was?

Returning home I took tests at the doctors and was diagnosed as diabetic by Wednesday.

So with my blood sugar levels high and now being a type 2 diabetic, I headed to my first ever Major Event with Zero alcohol before playing.

I partnered fellow Lakeside Qualifier Dutchman Ron Meulencamp in the pairs on Friday only to find our 1st match was on the TV lane.

We won the match 3-0 and I hit 3 doubles with three darts shooting 84 and 66 which was a real confidence boost.

We headed to a last 64 match up with Martin Adams and Ross Montgomery a Red Dragon team mate.

We found ourselves back on the TV lane with the viewing gantry full.

Winning the toss we made cardinal sin of losing 1st leg, and back to back 140s and a 62 check saw us loose 2nd leg when in front.

We held our own 3rd leg in19 darts and lost the last to a 17 dart leg which not bad for 701 start.

So 3-1 loss but id only missed a treble 20 with 3 throws all match was pleasing for me.


The Singles

In the singles on Saturday I found my 1st match again back on the TV lane against a Dutchman, who threw 100,100 and 140 in the 1st leg with the darts.

However, that woke me up and I took next 3 legs to win 3-1.

I was then back to lane 120 where I won next three matches 3-0 with a couple 13 dart legs and couple of bull shot outs thrown in.

Sadly I lost my group final 3-2 having a dart at the bull to take the match and get through to the last 128 on Sunday.

This was very disappointing after having won the bull up on the 4th attempt at 2-2 but all credit to my Dutch opponent as he shot 96 for a 17 dart leg.

With fellow diabetic Tony Shea having won singles and pairs with Darryl Fitton I left the tournament feeling very positive about myself and about being diabetic.

I’m going to embrace the changes in diet and life and turn it into a positive to help my health and should help my darts.





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