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Article: The Cup is Mine

The Cup is Mine

Wayne Warren has vowed he will keep the BDO World Championship trophy until he gets “what is owed”.

The Tynewydd star was only paid £23,000 for winning the Championship instead of the originally stated £100,000 after beating Jim Williams in the final at the O2 Indigo in January.

It took over a month of turmoil before he was given the prize pot and blasted recently that current chairman Des Jacklin should be taken to court, vowing his win is “a nightmare not a dream”.

With the BDO’s commercial arm who organise the major tournaments heading towards liquidation this Thursday, Warren has said he will keep the trophy.

He wrote on Facebook: “Until I get what’s owed to me. That trophy won’t be going nowhere I can assure you of that.”

He also received support from among others, the wife of John O’Shea; who won the World Masters last year: “John will be keeping the World Masters Trophy along with you.”

Warren, 58, has already ripped into the BDO regime, labelling Des Jacklin’s return after making a u-turn following his resignation “an utter joke”.

The Welshman has already stated he would not be competing in any further BDO events and will look to other organisations in the coming weeks.

He said: “It’s a nightmare, not a dream. I was hoping to get as many exhibitions in as I could as well. The ones I did earlier in the year were for charity because of the floods to raise money.

“I took the cup and everyone was loving it and the response I got was tremendous.

“It’s very disappointing you don’t believe how disappointed I am to be honest.”

By Phil Lanning

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