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Article: The Adonis wants the body of rugby player

The Adonis wants the body of rugby player

What’s a typical day’s food intake for you?

I start the day with organic porridge and salad for lunch and usually meat, chicken or fish and vegetables for dinner. I am trying to bring more beans into my diet at the moment.


If you could wave a wand who’s body shape would you most like?

Hard question probably a rugby players physic, would not want to be too slim, like being about 16 stone


Outside of darts who is your favourite and most iconic sports person?

Don’t really have a favourite, thought Mike Tyson was great, it was the way he went to the ring and got on with it. Fantastic to watch.


If you were the Prime minister what law would you make to help darts?

Help people to go out and socialise by lowering Pub Beer Tax, even once a week down the local pub or club would get more playing darts.


What other sport outside darts would you love to be as professional in and why?

I would love to have been a professional golfer and travel and see virtual every country around the world.


What really annoys you about being on the darts tour?

Being away from home a lot, and also whilst your away trying to eat as healthy as possible.


The Pro Tours are played in a library like atmosphere, and not open to the public would you change that?

Not really, it’s nice to have a change from the hussle and bussle of tv tournaments and all the shouting and calling you get whilst on stage.


Looking at darts overall what are the most changes you’ve seen in your playing career?

I think the standard of darts has improved so much, averages are sometimes well into the 100’s . Money is also a lot better than when I was champion in 1996.

Also equipment such as dartboards and darts are of a much better standard thanks to manufacturers like Winmau.


How much can other people in your life affect your darts up on the stage? Nothing or a lot?

It can affect you a lot. Lucky for me my wife understands how much I have to travel and exhibition nights I have to do to forward my career.

Also on stage it’s nice to know that your family is 100 percent behind you and this can be of great help whether you win or lose.


What is the best ever darts advice you’ve ever had?

To play the game professionally and give it a go. World Champion in 1996 made it all worthwhile and would love to win another major world title again, who know’s what lies ahead.





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