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Article: Thanks from

Thanks from

Hi All!

I hope you don^t mind the intrusion but I almost NEVER send one of these out to the members of (also but wanted to do so today, at the beginning of this New Year to both say thanks and to tell you what^s new.

I won^t be sending out another of these for at least a year or two (more likely longer) so I hope you^re ok with this one ;)

First, let me say THANK YOU! We^ve passed FOURTEEN MILLION page views in one year and 63 MILLION total page views over the course of our nearly 10 years on the web! It^s been all of you and our ^lurkers^ who^ve done that and I for one appreciate it. Heck, in one day recently we had people from 29 different countries visiting us here at SEWA! We truly are a global darts website! What that has done for all of us is keep the advertising down to a bare minimum and allow the site to remain as it was from the beginning: a site about darts for dart players. Along with keeping advertising at a minimum the traffic has also helped in bringing the new ^Team SEWA^ darts out!

These darts bear the SEWA name and are equipped with a new Team SEWA flight and best of all they are VERY inexpensive! Current pricing and exchange rates have them at only $28US! Heck, even the flights are cheaper then when I made the first sets several years back with 4 sets around $3US. What^s better? The sale of these darts and flights will ensure the site remains as is and on the web for years to come!

Finally, I wanted to take a moment to mention that the forums are alive and well with new members posting more these days and some of those who^ve been around for the last 8 to 10 years still posting and active. It amazes me that after all these years we^re still here, still active and still coming up with new things to discuss. Best of all? We continue to help new players learn and enjoy the game. So, thanks again to all of you for making SEWA one of the best and longest lasting dart websites in the world!

Team SEWA is indeed the biggest and best dart team in the world! I hope you continue to enjoy the site and stop in to say hi if you haven^t been recently.

Cheers and many thanks Erik Founder & Team SEWA - Dartplayer & SEWA-Darts Staff

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