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Article: Sheffield Darts Masters 2016 (Round 6)

Sheffield Darts Masters 2016 (Round 6)


Men - 1st Round

It^s Round 5 of the Sheffield Darts Masters event at Riley^s and in the 1st round of matches in the men^s section kicked off with Wayne Pepper hoping to go a long way in the tournament defeating Martin Somerton 4-0. Connor Bowler opened his account with a maximum in his victory over Dean Cacknell also without dropping a leg. Neil Ward saw himself safely through to the next round 4-1 over Adam Collin hitting a maximum, 14 and 16 darters and a 112 checkout. Steve Marfleet took out a 160 on the way to taking out Antony Askwith. Arguably the tie of the round Kieran Evans and John boy Walton squared up and we saw both men take out 15 darters and Evans hitting a maximum but it wasn^t enough as the former World Champion Walton sneaked through by 4 legs to 2. Trev Tye was next up and he found early form in the competition with a 180, 116 finish and a 16 darter as he raced past Declan Parsons 4-0. Mark Gurran kicked off his SDM with a resounding victory over Pat Finney also without dropping a leg. Ron Mushet hit a maximum along the way of taking out Gareth Baxter 4-2. Matty Shaw faced up against Jelger Tuinstra and in a match that went one way then the other, Shaw managed to take out a 107 in the match but it wasn^t enough as Jelger fought back and took the victory in the deciding leg and he will go on to play Carl Wlikinson in the next round as Carl started off in fine form against Dave Shaw hitting a 17/18/21 dart legs en route to a 4-0 whitewash. 

1st Round Results;


Wayne Pepper 4-0 Martin Somerton 

Dave Hemsworth 4-2 Nathan Bird

Connor Bowler 4-0 Dean Cracknell

Adam Collin 1-4 Neil Ward

Steve Marfleet 4-0 Antony Askwith 

Kieran Evans 2-4 John Walton 

John Pearce 1-4 Dave Wilson

Trev Tye 4-0 Declan Parsons

Rich Schofield 0-4 Wes Smith 

Greg Beard 4-0 Daryl Hicky

Jon Smethurst 4-0 John Rogers

John Askwith 4-1 Dale Robinson 

Mark Gurran 4-0 Pat Finney

Tom Briggs 4-1 Lee Siddle

Ron Mushet 4-2 Gareth Baxter

Matt Laws 4-0 Gav Pilling 

Brian Lewis 1-4 Ben Dulley

Matt Shaw 3-4 Jelger Tuinstra 

Dave Shaw 0-4 Carl Wilkinson 


2nd Round 

The 2nd round kicked off with Matt Padgett started his account with a resounding 4-0 victory over Luke Orman hitting a max and and a 12 darter. Wayne Pepper continued where he left off in the 1st Round with 2 180^s as he took out Pete Bramley. "The Marksman" Chris Markham opened his SDM winning Neil Bradley without conceding a leg. Daz Layden was in fine form hitting a 12/16/18 dart legs and a maximum too in his demolition of Rich Bloomfield. Rich Brown hit a 180 but wasn^t enough as he went out to Mark Limb 4-1. Next up was Lee Cushworth against Bob Pinder and it was Bob that hit form early on with a 14 dart leg and 2 maximums in a resounding victory which Lee had no answer to. Neil Ward and Steve Marfleet picked up where they left off in the last round hitting a maximum a piece with Ward going through 4-1. John Walton cruised through to the final 8 with a 17 dart leg and a quality 153 finish in his victory over Dave Wilson. Greg Beard again showed his class in his match against John Smethurst hitting a 17/18 and 20 dart leg in a 4-0 victory. Mark Gurran and John Askwith played out a close contest that went to the wire and it was Mark who held his nerve in the decider to take the tie and go on to the next round and arguably the match of the round saw Jelger Tuinstra faced up against Carl Wilkinson in a match that had 2 180^s a piece and 2 12 darters by the eventual winner Wilkinson who just managed a 4-2 victory 

2nd Round Results 


Pete Jaques 4-1 Steve Rumble

Luke Orman 0-4 Matt Padgett

Pete Bramley 1-4 Wayne Pepper

Neil Bradley 0-4 Chris Markham

Daz Layden 4-0 Rich Bloomfield 

Mark Limb 4-1 Rich Brown

Lee Cushworth 0-4 Bob Pinder

Dave Hemsworth 1-4 Connor Bowler

Neil Ward 4-1 Steve Marfleet 

John Walton 4-1 Dave Wilson 

Trev Tye 1-4 Wes Smith 

Greg Beard 4-0 John Smethurst 

John Askwith 3-4 Mark Gurran 

Tom Briggs 4-2 Ron Mushet

Matt Laws 4-1 Ben Dulley

Jelger Tuinstra 2-4 Carl Wilkinson 


Last 16

As we enter the last 16 theirs been some quality darts on show already with still lots of top class games to come as Matt Padgett showed kicking us off hitting 2 maximums in a 4-1 win over Pete Jaques. Wayne Pepper stopped Chris Markham in his tracks taking the game 4-0 as did John Walton over Neil Ward. Daz Layden and Mark Limb both produced the goods as the game went down to a deciding leg after both players hit a 180 each with Layden holding his nerve to book his place in the last 8. Greg Beard stormed his way through to the quarter finals still without dropping a leg and also hitting a maximum in his 4-0 win over Wes Smith. Mark Gurran and young Tom Briggs battled it out in a close encounter with the match swaying one way then the other with Briggs hitting a maximum too but it was only right the game went to a deciding leg which went the way of Mark Gurran holding out to take the deciding double to book his place in the quarter finals.

Last 16 Results


Pete Jaques 1-4 Matt Padgett

Wayne Pepper 4-0 Chris Markham 

Daz Layden 4-3 Mark Limb

Bob Pinder 1-4 Connor Bowler 

Neil Ward 0-4 John Walton

Wes Smith 0-4 Greg Beard

Mark Gurran 4-3 Tom Briggs

Matt Laws 2-4 Carl Wilkinson 


Quarter Finals 

What a line up we have for the Quarter Finals stage in Round 5 of this years masters it started off with Wayne Pepper taking on Matt Padgett who both before this round only dropped a leg each on their way to this stage, it was expected to be a close game on paper but it was Pepper who ran away with the match taking it 4 legs to 1. Daz Layden was next up against Connor Bowler with Daz booking his place in the semi finals winning the game 4 legs to 2. In the final 2 games both matches produced some quality darts as former World Champion John Walton took on Greg Beard who tried all he could even hitting a maximum but it wasn^t to be enough as Walton hit a 180 of his own followed by 2 15 dart legs which was enough to book his place in the final 4. In the remaining quarter final tie Mark Gurran took on Carl Wilkinson both men finding the treble 20 bed hitting a max each and Wilkinson followed it by taking a 16 dart leg and Mark couldn^t recover as Carl sailed through to the semis 4-1.


Quarter Finals Results 

Matt Padgett 1-4 Wayne Pepper

Daz Layden 4-2 Connor Bowler

John Walton 4-0 Greg Beard

Mark Gurran 1-4 Carl Wilkinson 


Semi Finals

We^re down to the final 4 and any of these remaining players are well capable of taking this edition of the masters series as proof with 2 top quality semi finals on show. Wayne Pepper was first up trying to add another SDM win to his collection taking out some top players along his route to the semi final stage, next up he was to face another top player in Daz Layden this match was about who was the player to hold his nerve and get across that finish line. The match was a close one but then it was Layden who stepped up a gear and booked himself a place in the final taking the tie 4 legs to 2. In the other semi final John Walton took on Carl Wilkinson as to who will play Layden in the final and this match was also a quality match as shown with the high scoring. John Boy hitting a 14 dart leg but that didn^t put off Carl Wilkinson has he soldiered on and he wasn^t to beaten as the game went to a deciding leg for a place in the final and it was Wilkinson what took out the winning double and with it setting up a final against Daz Layden.


Semi Final Results 

Wayne Pepper 2-4 Daz Layden 

John Walton 3-4 Carl Wilkinson 



As we enter another masters final again the quality throughout this field has been fantastic and the final was no exception as 2 of the best players in the tournament squared up in Daz Layden and Carl Wilkinson. The match turned out to be a close battle in which both players were used to in this format but it was Layden who was the first to open up a gap between them and he never looked back as Carl tried to battle his way through as he did in the semi finals but Layden held out to take the 5th Masters event of the year and with it climbing the SDM ranking system.


Final Result

Daz Layden 4-2 Carl Wilkinson 



In the women^s event the finalist of the last meeting Paula Burgess kicked things off with a 4-0 victory over Sue Edwards. Marie Groves was the next woman through defeating Sara Mortimer 4 legs to 1 and Kelly Edwards was the last name in the final 4 taking out Karla Smith 4-1. 

Semi Finals

The Semi Final stage started with Paula Burgess booking her place in the final with a comfortable victory over Kirsty Hydes. On the other board we had Marie Groves taking on Kelly Edwards and it was Marie Groves continuing her resounding form winning 4-1.

Semi Final Results

Kirsty Hydes 0-4 Paula Burgess

Marie Groves 4-1 Kelly Edwards


We had a cracker of a final with Paula Burgess who is yet to drop a leg taking on Marie Groves who only lost 2 legs en route herself. The match itself was too close to call and in the end it was Marie Groves just taking the victory by a 4-3 scoreline and with it taking the 5th darts masters

Final Result

Paula Burgess 3-4 Marie Groves



The youth competition started off with 2 prelims battling it out as to who will to join the final 8 and what a game it was to start proceedings with 2 bright young talents in Owen Cubitt and Regan Pettigrew battled it out in a match that ebbed and flawed and eventually in the deciding leg it was Regan who held his nerve and took the game 4-3. In the other prelim Bradley Brooks overcome Mason Wilson 4 legs to 0.

Prelim Results 

Owen Cubitt 3-4 Regan Pettigrew 

Mason Wilson 0-4 Bradley Brooks

Quarter Finals 

In the Quarter Finals we had Ollie Laws taking on Tom Blagg and it was Blagg being the first name in the final 4 winning 4-2. Jack Kerr and Lewis Cracknell served up a treat with Kerr hitting a 12 dart leg and a maximum but it was not enough as Lewis turned up the heat to take the game 4-2. In a closely fought contest between Regan Pettigrew and Bradley Brooks it went to another deciding leg for Regan who again proved he had the bottle to hold his nerve and nick the decider and book his place in the semi finals. Tom Gurran was the final name in the final 4 taking out Nathan Hinchcliffe 4 legs to 0.

Quarter Finals Results 

Ollie Laws 2-4 Tom Blagg

Jack Kerr 2-4 Lewis Cracknell

Tom Gurran 4-0 Nathan Hinchcliffe 

Regan Pettigrew 4-3 Bradley Brooks

Semi Finals 

We^re down to the final 4 of the 5th round of the youth masters event and in the first semi final Tom Blagg and Lewis Cracknell battled it out for a place in the final with Blagg winning the contest by a 4-2 scoreline. In the other Semi Final an on fire Tom Gurran took out Regan Pettigrew without dropping a leg and he also threw in a maximum for good measure.

Semi Finals Results 

Tom Blagg 4-2 Lewis Cracknell 

Tom Gurran 4-0 Regan Pettigrew 


In the final of this edition of the Sheffield Youth Darts Masters we had the 2 Tom^s up against each other in Blagg and Gurran, before the final the consistent Gurran didn^t drop a leg until now and was the only player to hit a maximum en route to this stage when he faced up against Tom Blagg who himself took some notable scalps along the way and in the heat of battle the inferno had no answer to Blagg as he rallied to a 4-1 victory and with took this edition of the Sheffied Youth Masters.

Final Result 

Tom Blagg 4-1 Tom Gurran 

The latest Dartsmania took place too this week and it was a double header

Andy Mckraken from Ireland won the first tournament beating Ben Boom Beardmore and the 2nd qualifier was won by BDO high flyer Dave "The Anvil" Hemsworth beating The Gruffalo Rich Swainston all four men will now contest the Dartsmania finals one of the north biggest open darts event.

Pat Finney (Project Darts Reporter/Media)