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Article: Second Win For Caven

Second Win For Caven

JAMIE CAVEN won his second tournament of 2009 with a 6-2 victory over Steve Beaton in the final of Sunday^s Austrian Open Players Championship.

Caven, the Blue Square UK Open Welsh Regional Final winner in May, added a further £6,000 to his ever-improving position in the top 32 of the PDC Order of Merit with a resilient display in Salzburg.

The Derby-based player whitewashed Christoph Stehmann and Felix Losan his first two games, before going all the way to a deciding 11th leg against Andy Smith in the last 32.

Caven^s top form continued with a 6-0 win over Tony Eccles before a fine 6-1 quarter-final defeat of Kevin Painter.

The semi-finals saw him avenge a defeat to Brendan Dolan in Saturday^s Players Championship with a 6-2 victory, before he overhauled Beaton in the decider.

Two early breaks of throw and a 103 checkout helped Caven establish a 4-0 advantage, before Beaton broke throw in the fifth leg and then took out 117 to begin a fightback.

However, missed doubles cost the former World Champion in the next leg, as Caven moved 5-2 up before sealing the win on double top.

Beaton^s display saw him reach the final of a PDC Pro Tour event for the first time, and was his best performance since reaching a Players Championship semi-final in January.

He knocked out Saturday^s Players Championship winner Adrian Lewis 6-1, and also overcame Austrian favourite Mensur Suljovic and Hungary^s Nandor Bezzeg.

A 6-3 win over Holland^s Vincent van der Voort earned him a spot in the final, pulling clear from three-all to take the spoils.

A run to the semi-finals from Northern Ireland^s Brendan Dolan ensured his qualification for next month^s Skybet World Grand Prix in Dublin.

He will be joined as one of the four qualifiers from Ireland and Northern Ireland by John MaGowan, Mick McGowan and Jacko Barry - whose displays over the weekend see him edge out Ray Farrell for the final spot.

Former World Championship finalist Kirk Shepherd mounted a late bid for one of the 12 Players Championship qualifying places, but missed out following a narrow quarter-final loss to Dolan.

Wes Newton^s run to the last eight, where he lost in a deciding leg to van der Voort, wrapped up his place in the World Grand Prix.

Austrian Open Players Championship

Preliminary Round

Adrian Gray 6-3 Michael Barnard

Bernd Roith 6-3 Arron Monk

Mark Frost 6-5 Robert Manijamovic

Mensur Suljovic 6-2 Jyhan Artut

Bryan de Hoog 6-1 Kevin Hill

Dietmar Burger 6-3 Matt Clark

Kirk Shepherd 6-0 Mario Hermann

Braulio Roncero 6-4 Keith Rooney

James Barton 6-2 Wayne Atwood

Michael Rosenauer 6-0 Simon Craven

First Round

Board One

Mark Walsh (1) 6-1 John Quantock

Steve Brown 6-4 Gary Mawson

Steve Maish (32) 6-3 Mario Masurka

Adrian Gray 6-1 Maik Langendorf

Board Two

Andy Hamilton (16) 6-2 Roland Scholten

Dave Ladley 6-2 Erwin Renkema

Vincent van der Voort (17) 6-0 Dyson Parody

Gary Welding 6-1 Dave Ansell

Board Three

Terry Jenkins (8) 6-0 Christian Pankl

Peter Wright 6-0 Peter van der Broek

Alex Roy (25) 6-5 Ken Dobson

Bernd Roith 6-5 Christian Kallinger

Board Four

Alan Tabern (9) 6-3 Steve Grubb

Colin Monk 6-3 Chris Thompson

Wes Newton (24) 6-2 Markus Katt

Mark Frost Bye (Aaron Hardy timed out)

Board Five

Mark Webster 6-4 Ronnie Baxter (5)

Wayne Mardle 6-1 Gary Blades

Peter Manley (28) 6-1 Marko Puls

Mensur Suljovic 6-1 Johnny Okken

Board Six

Adrian Lewis (12) 6-3 Marko Kantele

Joe Cullen 6-0 Sander Sonneveld

Steve Beaton (21) 6-3 Nandor Bezzeg

Tony Ayres 6-0 Reinhard Holzer

Board Seven

James Wade (4) 6-0 Hannes Schnier

Par Riihonen 6-0 Pero Ljubic

Co Stompe (29) 6-1 Tomas Seyler

Bryan de Hoog 6-0 Dave Ahmet

Board Eight

Denis Ovens (13) 6-0 Michael de Cuijper

Steve Hine 6-0 Frank Grauel

Wayne Jones (20) 6-1 Andy Fordham

Jacko Barry 6-1 Michael Fuxreiter

Board Nine

Colin Osborne (2) 6-1 Alexander Kohler

Ray Farrell 6-5 Josef Reiter

Carlos Rodriguez (31) 6-0 Jon Archer

Dietmar Burger 6-2 Matthias Limdinger

Board Ten

Mark Dudbridge (15) 6-1 Kevin McDine

Remco van Eijden 6-5 Andy Heller

Toon Greebe 6-2 Michael van Gerwen (18)

Brendan Dolan 6-1 Andy Relf

Board 11

Robert Thornton (7) 6-1 Justin Pipe

Jan van der Rassel 6-2 Sebastijan Pecjak

Jelle Klaasen (26) 6-2 Pierre Finck

Kirk Shepherd 6-1 Martyn Turner

Board 12

Gary Anderson (10) 6-1 Patrick Bulen

Chris Loudon 6-5 Roland Freistatter

Louis Blundell 6-2 Andy Jenkins (23)

Braulio Roncero 6-0 Ruth Haas

Board 13

Dennis Priestley (6) 6-3 Josef Kraus

Andree Welge 6-5 Boris Krcmar

Paul Nicholson (27) 6-0 Peter Seidl

James Barton 6-0 Rudiger Lohse

Board 14

John Part 6-4 Mervyn King (11)

Jacques Nieuwlaat 6-0 Manfred Haussler

Kevin Painter (22) 6-0 Mick McGowan

Nick Fullwell 6-4 Darren Johnson

Board 15

Colin Lloyd (3) 6-1 Steve Perkins

Barrie Bates 6-1 Romano Ruggeri

Tony Eccles (30) 6-0 Waleri Iliev

Michael Rosenauer 6-2 Tony Blundell

Board 16

Andy Smith (14) 6-5 Jarkko Komula

Dylan Duo 6-0 Davor Bradara

Jamie Caven (19) 6-0 Christoph Stehmann

Felix Losan 6-1 Steve Randall

Second Round

Steve Brown 6-5 Mark Walsh

Adrian Gray 6-3 Steve Maish

Andy Hamilton 6-2 Dave Ladley

Vincent van der Voort 6-1 Gary Welding

Terry Jenkins 6-4 Peter Wright

Alex Roy 6-3 Bernd Roith

Alan Tabern 6-1 Colin Monk

Wes Newton 6-3 Mark Frost

Mark Webster 6-4 Wayne Mardle

Mensur Suljovic 6-3 Peter Manley

Adrian Lewis 6-4 Joe Cullen

Steve Beaton 6-3 Tony Ayres

James Wade 6-5 Par Riihonen

Co Stompe 6-2 Bryan de Hoog

Denis Ovens 6-5 Steve Hine

Wayne Jones 6-5 Jacko Barry

Colin Osborne 6-2 Ray Farrell

Carlos Rodriguez 6-5 Dietmar Burger

Mark Dudbridge 6-3 Remco van Eijden

Brendan Dolan 6-3 Toon Greebe

Robert Thornton 6-5 Jan van der Rassel

Kirk Shepherd 6-5 Jelle Klaasen

Chris Loudon 6-4 Gary Anderson

Louis Blundell 6-2 Braulio Roncero

Dennis Priestley 6-4 Andree Welge

Paul Nicholson 6-2 James Barton

John Part 6-2 Jacques Nieuwlaat

Kevin Painter 6-4 Nick Fullwell

Barrie Bates 6-3 Colin Lloyd

Tony Eccles 6-2 Michael Rosenauer

Andy Smith 6-1 Dylan Duo

Jamie Caven 6-0 Felix Losan

Losers £200

Third Round

Adrian Gray 6-5 Steve Brown

Vincent van der Voort 6-2 Andy Hamilton

Terry Jenkins 6-4 Alex Roy

Wes Newton 6-4 Alan Tabern

Mensur Suljovic 6-5 Mark Webster

Steve Beaton 6-1 Adrian Lewis

James Wade 6-5 Co Stompe

Wayne Jones 6-5 Denis Ovens

Colin Osborne 6-5 Carlos Rodriguez

Brendan Dolan 6-2 Mark Dudbridge

Kirk Shepherd 6-4 Robert Thornton

Louis Blundell 6-4 Chris Loudon

Paul Nicholson 6-4 Dennis Priestley

Kevin Painter 6-1 John Part

Tony Eccles 6-5 Barrie Bates

Jamie Caven 6-5 Andy Smith

Losers £300

Fourth Round

Vincent van der Voort 6-5 Adrian Gray

Wes Newton 6-3 Terry Jenkins

Steve Beaton 6-4 Mensur Suljovic

Wayne Jones 6-0 James Wade

Brendan Dolan 6-4 Colin Osborne

Kirk Shepherd 6-3 Louis Blundell

Kevin Painter 6-5 Paul Nicholson

Jamie Caven 6-0 Tony Eccles

Losers £400


Vincent van der Voort 6-5 Wes Newton

Steve Beaton 6-3 Wayne Jones

Brendan Dolan 6-5 Kirk Shepherd

Jamie Caven 6-1 Kevin Painter

Losers £800


Steve Beaton 6-3 Vincent van der Voort

Jamie Caven 6-2 Brendan Dolan

Losers £1,500


Jamie Caven 6-2 Steve Beaton

Winner £6,000

Runner-Up £3,000

Semi-Final Round-Up

First Semi-Final

Steve Beaton reached his first PDC Pro Tour final with a 6-3 win over Vincent van der Voort.

The former World Champion^s impressive day continued with a gritty win, holding off the Dutchman^s challenge.

Beaton took the opening leg against the darts, after van der Voort missed two darts to lead, and then moved 2-0 up on double top.

An 81 finish saw van der Voort get off the mark and he levelled on tops, only for Beaton to hit a fine 171 to set up 62 as he broke back to lead 3-2.

Van der Voort punished a rare missed double top to square the game once move, but a missed double 16 for a 116 checkout allowed Beaton in once more against the throw.

A 180 from van der Voort left him 38 in the next, only for Beaton to finish 81 on the bull for a 5-3 cushion, and an 87 checkout sealed his place in the final.

Second Semi-Final

Jamie Caven remains on course for a second PDC Pro Tour win of 2009 following a 6-2 defeat of Brendan Dolan.

The opening four legs all went with the throw, but Dolan paid for missed doubles in the fifth as Caven took the first break.

Double four put him 4-2 up, and he landed a 180 in taking the seventh leg, before taking out double six following further misses from Dolan to book his place in the final.

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