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Article: Scotty Mitchell Exclusive Interview

Scotty Mitchell Exclusive Interview

So Scotty let’s start with how does it feel to be the World Champion?

It’s the strangest feeling I’ve ever had and it only sunk in when Martin (Adams) said to me on stage “Well go on celebrate you’re the world Champion” then I lost the plot and starting jumping around like a lunatic.

Things have not calmed down since as I’ve done so many press interviews and reports its been amazing and the support I’ve had its breath taking


You won hitting double tops with your second darts how were the nerves on that shot?

I’d just missed double 16 for the match in the previous leg which I had dreamed years ago that I’d to win at Lakeside, but I just stayed in my routine and kept my belief, it was a strange feeling like watching myself from outside my own body as I hit the winning double  and felt more nervous afterwards!!


What’s the plan for the year ahead?

I think I’m going to need to up my game a bit now as everyone will want to beat me!! I’m going to do the full BDO Tour and makes sure I use this s a stepping stone to getting better.

Having watched the game back I know there is a bit more in the tank.


Talk us through the 158?

Two treble twenties and double 19 – what else can I say?? Ha Ha Ha it felt superb and really kept the momentum swing from Martin as he was really trying to keep his nose in front, one of my best finishes ever probably.


We have to ask – Did you consider switching over to the PDC?

Not right now, I wanted to be the playing as The BDO Wold Champion on the BDO and I hope that players seeing how I have done my inspire them to play and get on the Road to Lakeside.


When can we see you on TV playing again?

The World Trophy from Events City  up in Manchester this February, it’s  totally new venue and were all really looking forward to that, and should be great as anyone can enter and get on TV.


What advice would you give to any aspiring young dart players?

Find your own rhythm and stick to it in every game, work your socks off and enter as many darts events as humanly possible, you need to learn to win and have proper game time.


You had new darts this year talk us through that?

Yeah I wanted to have a change as I felt my scoring hadn’t got up to where I wanted it so you guys Custom Fit me for this new set and well what can I say, they worked!!


What else has helped you move upto to being a Major winner – we hear hypnosis and a few new practice games?

Yes they have both helped a lot as I feel more confidence on the board whenever I play. The hypnosis is more sports phycology really and is about facing your fears and dealing with them.

My new practice games were more focused on intensity around doubles and it really helped me with doubles with confidence, basically you have to go Double, Double around the whole board and if I’m feeling good I’ll go triple double right the way round.


Who else has helped you achieve this World Championship?

My family, especially my wife, kids and Dad have been so supportive for the last 20 years and everyone in my local community.

Naturally you guys have helped kept me the best darts and advice (Laughs)


Scotty thanks for your time – it’s a pleasure having you in Team Red Dragon and not only are you a darts World Champion but you’re a World Champion nice guy as well. Everyone at Red Dragon is supporting you for a great year in 2015.

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