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Article: Ross Montgomery Exclusive Dutch Open Interview

Ross Montgomery Exclusive Dutch Open Interview

How does it feel to win the world’s Biggest Open Darts Event?
Absolutely amazing and I can’t stop smiling when I think about it, as I’ve been playing in the Dutch Open for over 10 years and it possibly the biggest event in the World Darts that everyone wants to win.

When did you feel you had a chance to go all the way?
My darts have been coming on really well for the last 3 months since I changed to my new darts, and I was a bit disappointed with my form at Lakeside as I felt I had more to offer.

I made a shaft length change going slightly shorter and the difference was almost instant, as the dart had less wobble and as soon as I hit the floor stages I knew I was playing really well.

My first dart was so often in the middle of the treble 20 that it gave me huge confidence to set up some heavy scoring, so I fancied a good run early on in the event.


What have you changed on your new darts?
My original darts were Bomb Style with a moving Thunderbolt point and ringed pattern in 24 grams that I’d used for years.

However, I just felt they were not perfect for my finishing and so I asked the development guys at Red dragon to make me a totally different profiled styled dart.

My new darts are still 24 grams, but they are much longer with a more subtle taper and more aggressive rings at the front, but one thing hasn’t changed and that’s my trade mark Blue and White colours.


What was the hardest game of the Tournament?
That’s a tough question as they were all hard in different ways, but naturally the further you get in the event the harder the games become.

The Dutch Open has so much going on and so many players everywhere you just want to survive until the latter stages so you can stay part of it.

My game on Saturday against Tim Hope to make it into Sunday was harder than the scoreline suggests, but the final against World Champion Scott Waites was the hardest game.


With Scott Waites Defending the Dutch Open title did you feel this gave you the edge?
I guess defending a title for back-to-back wins is tough, but not as tough as securing your first Major Dutch open Title so I just focused on keeping my game rock solid to make it as hard as I could for Scott.


There has been much said about the scoring error in the final what’s your take on this?
It was a real shame that at such a crucial stage in the game two scoring errors were made on mine and Scott’s score.

When your stood up on the main stage, with the pressure the noise and the caught in the moment it’s very hard to get out of the flow.

I was left on 121 to win the match with Scott sat on 155, I hit single 20 and treble 17 to leave the Bullseye, which I pulled ever so slightly into the 16 leaving Scott a chance.

Naturally I was gutted about missing and grabbed my darts, with the referee calling the score, but I didn’t not check the scoreboard.

Scott threw 131 leaving 24, but when I got up to throw the referee said I needed 28, which confused me so I asked him if he was sure, to which he said yes.

Scott’s score said he had 16 left, but really he had 24 left, so a bit confused I carried on and hit the 28 finish in 2 darts for the title.

Either way 34 or 28 is still a one dart finish and had I missed and Scott hit double 8 he would have been the Dutch Open Champion.


Did you speak with Scott after the final about the scoring?
Yes, it’s the first thing we spoke about and Scott agreed that although there was a slight error it made no bearing on the outcome of the game, he was absolute class and shows what a top sportsman he is.


So where next for your Darts game, any plans for the future?
I’ve taken so much confidence from this result that I can’t wait to get back into more major events, like the World Trophy this weekend.

I have been working much harder this year on my game, as the standard has gone up so much, and I really want to contend in the last stages of every Major Title.

Whether I win anymore will be down to what happens on the day but it won’t be through lack of trying.

We’d just like to thank Ross for taking time out to answer our interview and we wish him all the best in the season ahead.

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