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Article: Red Dragon Darts backs 1st Asian Darts Pro on BDO Tour

Red Dragon Darts backs 1st Asian Darts Pro on BDO Tour

Red Dragon are proud to be associated with Rohit Rabadia in his bid to become a full time BDO tour Pro. Rohit^s performance on the oche is not the only special thing about him, he runs a truly amazing community level program that gets everyone involved in darts.**

Rohit "Rock It" Rabadia first started playing darts in 1995 at the early age of 15, threw his first darts at the Shree Muktajeevan Sports Youth Academy based at Golders Green Temple, London.

He entered his first darts tournament at the age of 16 in 1996, winning both the singles title and the doubles title. Away from darts for 11 years he re-entered the tournaments back in 2007 and 2008, again winning the singles titles both years running and hopes to make it a hat trick end of this year.

After much encouragement from friends and family, Rohit has been playing on the BDO circuit all over the UK since early 2009.

He has now joined the Conway 4 squad and is playing for them in the Men’s Middlesex Super league which takes place every Wednesdays.

Rohit has also just signed up for Conways Pirates playing in the Harrow & District Charity Dart League which is held every Thursdays.

Rohit now has signed up for INNISFREE, who play in the London Wexford Darts League being played on mondays.

** Shree Muktajeevan Sports Academy was established in 1984. It started life as a youth club, keeping children off the streets and providing them with a safe place to play sports and socialise.

During the early year^s table tennis, pool and darts were the three most common activities held. Each year tournaments would be organised between the members with the finals being held on either Christmas day or New year^s Day.

As years passed and more people became involved the tournament participants grew in size. Additional sports were added to the tournaments. Netball, indoor 5 a side football, Indoor cricket, badminton and volleyball were all additions post 2005. Although these sports are played off site the darts, table tennis and pool are still played in the back hall of the Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Golders Green.

This year in total 66 people took part in the darts, pool and table tennis. With games starting in late October we are at the half way stage of the tournaments.

On Christmas day the finals of the darts, table tennis and pool will be played. The winner will be presented with their trophies in front of the 800 strong congregation of the temple. The other trophies for the football, indoor cricket, netball and badminton will also be presented on the same day.

Rohit is currently in the semi finals of both the darts singles and doubles.

"Rohit" "I am very proud to be associated with RED DRAGON DARTS".

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