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Article: Red Dragon Dart of the Day

Red Dragon Dart of the Day

Our Bestselling dart of the day today is the Foxy 5 - 28g
These have proven to be a very popular seller over the past few days
If you like your darts sleek, standout and stunning, then the Foxies are the darts for you! These darts are designed to bring a touch of glamour and style to the oche, but they are more than just a pretty face. The matched weighted darts come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your personal tastes from 21g weight through to 42g. Foxies can also be personalised with your name to give you that extra touch of individuality. Foxies come with a stylish XS wallet, two sets of extra thick Foxy flights and designer Jailbird aluminium shafts. Dare to be different and stand out at your next darts game.

Features :

  • 85% Tungsten
  • XS wallet
  • Two sets of Extra Thick Foxy flights
  • Designer Jailbird™ aluminium shafts
  • 2BA threads

For all of your darts needs check out Red Dragon Darts

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World Dart Series Las Vegas results.

Darin Young defeated Dan Olson to win the final. Supplied by Darts Database

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Red Dragon Flight of the Day

One of our top three bestsellers at the moment is F6013 Yellow Eyes Polymet                                     Each pack comes with 4 sets of flights, and they^e made of extra...

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