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Article: Project Darts - Steel City & Pikado Liga Results

Project Darts - Steel City & Pikado Liga Results

Hellraiser Defeats Darting Demon

The latest Steel City qualifier at the best pub darts venue around, the Woodbourne Hotel, was held the past week and it was a corker. Bob Pinder, Project Darts, Red Dragon Darts, Winmau Bob Pinder was the victor of the latest qualifier against a very good Darting Demon Lee Cushworth. Bob made his way to a match against the demon by firstly seeing off Greg Beard 4-3 in a very high quality game with four legs of 13, 18, 19, 17 shared between the players. Bob then recorded a win over Ben Dulley and a semi final win over Lester Bowers set up the final with Lee Cushworth. Lester 'Big Red' Bowers played brilliant all night with wins over Steve Marfleet as both men had great legs. 17, 15, 18 dart legs for Steve and Lester posted a brace of 19s and 20s to go through 4-3. He then beat Pat Meeson with legs of 15/17 with Pat hitting a 106 outshot before going out to Bob in the semi finals. Lee Cushworth beat Paul Brittle in the last 8 before a terrific Semi win over Ryan Goffin with Ryan recording legs of 15, 16 but going down 4-3 as Lee smashed in 2 x 15,16,18 dart legs and 101,105,110 finishes to record a 4-3 win. Ryan had beaten Jake Rhodes and John Lieber en route with 4 maximums for his tally on the night. Bob won the final 4-1 recording 2 x 180s over the Darting Demon to put himself firmly in a top 8 finish in the final. Steel City Tournament Points 49 STEVE MARFLEET 46 GREG BEARD 44 LESTER BOWERS 39 RYAN GOFFIN 39 BOB PINDER 33 BEN DULLEY 31 PAUL BRITTLE 31 PAT MEESON -------Top 8 Seeds------ 27 ADAM WARNER 24 MICK HULLEY 24 ANTONIO CRUZ 22 MARC ELLIS 17 LEE CUSHWORTH 14 LAURA TAYLOR 12 MATT PRYOR 12 PETE BELL 11 CHRIS MARKHAM 11 PETE BRAMLEY 10 OWEN CUBITT 10 JOHN LIEBER 8 JAKE RHODES 7 STEPHEN BRIGGS 7 BRIAN LEWIS 7 ANNE LOFTHOUSE 7 RICH BECK --------Finals-------- 6 PAT FINNEY 6 SIE SIMMONS 6 BRAD CLOWERY 5 KIERON POTTS 5 ANGIE BRITTLE 5 STEVE THOMPSON 5 TOM BRIGGS 4 JACK HILL 4 TREVOR TYE 4 STEVE MEEK 4 AUSTIN STEBBINGS 3 RUSS SIMONS 3 TIM CLOSE 3 CARL WILKINSON 3 CHRIS LACEY 3 DAVE CLIFFE 3 SAM FORDHAM 3 PAUL BUTTERY 3 TOM BLAGG 3 RIC CRUZ 2 RICH JOHNSON 2 PAUL BECK 2 STEVE EWINGTON 2 SHAUN GREENFIELD 2 PAUL HARRIS 2 STEVE NAISBIT 2 LEE WOLFE 1 GREG BATTING 1 IAN HENDRY 1 EVAN HENDRY 1 ANTHONY ASQUITH 1 BOB LAMB 1 JON HIRST 1 HARRY HATTER 1 CHRIS KEANE 1 TOM SAWFORD 1 JOHN EDWARDS 1 JON SMETHURST 1 TRACEY BELL 1 DAZ BLUER

Beardmore & Stocks Tie For Pikado Title

It was Ben Beardmore and Micky Stocks who tied for top spot at the end of the Pikado season as we went into the end of season knockout. Players have been battling away for 20 weeks at the best of 6 legs was privy to one leg straight shootout of 501 and the higher placed up the table you were then you gave the darts away. Pikado Liga, Red Dragon Darts, Project Darts Always a nice twist to this one but Micky Stocks was outstanding all night and had to be with this crucial format but he saw off Tom Briggs, Charlie Stocks, Tony Hirst and Shaun Greenfield while all players were sat on a doubles. Greenfield wanted tops after a fine run himself beating Pete Bramley, Tom Sawford and John Lieber. Micky getting there was not as much of a shock as his opponent in the final as it was the man who had finished in the low 20s, Andy Friar, who performed brilliant to see off good players in Mandy & Lee Slack, Deb McCabrey and Kev Jagger, who had beaten Clair Thom, Anne Lofthouse and Paul Brittle before going down to Andy Friar. Andy put up a brave fight in the final but went out to a superb 120 outshot possibly the best you will see 25, T15, Bull to cap off a terrific night of darts before the presentation. Pikado Liga, Winners, Red Dragon Darts, Project Darts Ben Beardmore and Micky Stocks shared the Pikado Liga Title with Steve Hatterley in 3rd who also picked up least darts with 4th place Tom Sawford and was unlucky not to add highest finish as he hit a 167 on day one but on the final day a sublime 170 out from Bob Lamb got him highest finish and 26 maximums was Micky Stocks' tally. Pikado Liga, Full Team, Project Darts, Red Dragon Darts PIkado Liga, Table, Red Dragon Darts, Project Darts

Steel city sucess for Magic Marfleet & Hellraiser Pinder

Steel City Round up Qualifiers 12 & 13 [caption id="attachment_26474" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Greg Beard, Steve Marfleet, Steel City Final, Project Darts, Red Dragon Darts Greg Beard & Steve Marfleet Steel City 13 Final[/caption] Bob Pinder and Steve Marfleet were the winners of the last two Steel City qualifiers and both men put firm holds on being in the 8 seeded players for the finals. Magic Marfleet continued his love of the tournament after the reigning champion won SCQ 13 in a repeat of the 11th Q with a fine win coming from 3-1 down to pip great friend Greg Beard 4-3 in a brilliant final (link to final) Watch the final Steve beat on way to the final Jake Rhodes, Paul Buttery and a semi final over Lester Bowers who is always in the mix and had seen off Paul brittle and Ricardo Cruz with a flurry of low legs and maximums. Losing finalist Beard was a close winner over Rich Beck 4-3, Laura Taylor and Ryan Goffin with other semi final qualifier Rich Beck having beaten Antonio Cruz and Ben Dulley. Steve now sits 3pts clear at the top over Greg Beard full results below. [caption id="attachment_26475" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Bob Pinder, Ryan Goffin, Project Darts, Red Dragon Darts, Steel City Championships Bob Pinder & Ryan Goffin Steel City 12 Final[/caption] Bob Pinder the original Hellraiser was on form to record the Steel City qualifier 12 with a final win over Ryan Goffin. Bob won the final 4-2 over Ryan (link for the final) Steelcity 12 Final Bob won through by first of all having too much scoring power for Evan Hendry and the young lad played very well. Bob then beat Trevor Tye before having a close game with Chris Lacey. Lester Bowers after beating Matt Pryor, Steve Marfleet and Carl Wilkinson was next for Bob in the Semis but Hellraiser won through 4-2. Ryan's path was forged with an opening win over Antonio Cruz before seeing off former finalist Adam Warner and then Steel City finals runner-up Mick Hulley after Mick had won over Ian Hendry, Pete Bell and Brian Lewis so that moved Bob up into a seeded position for the grand finals for 2017 and also put Ryan in a commanding position too. Steel City 12 Results Pre Lims MICK HULLEY 4-1 IAN HENDRY 180 and 2x20 dart legs for Mick LAURA TAYLOR 0-4 STEVE MARFLEET 1817,21,180 for steve LESTER BOWERS 4-0 MATT PRYOR 17,19,21 for Lester and a 180 for Matt MARC ELLIS 3-4 OWEN CUBITT 180 for Cubitt ANTHONY ASKQUITH 1-4 CARL WILKINSON 16,21 for carl and a 18 each BEN DULLEY 1-4 TREVOR TYE 21 dart leg each and a 20 for Ben EVANB HENDRY 0-4 BOB PINDER 100 & 106 checkout plus a maximum for Bob PETE BRAMLEY 4-0 PAUL BRITTLE 180 for Paul JOHN LIEBER 0-4 CHRIS LACEY Last 16 BRIAN LEWIS 4-2 GREG BEARD 17 for Brian and a 18 for Greg PETE BELL 1-4 MICK HULLEY 19 for Mick and a 180 for Pete STEVE MARFLEET 1-4 LESTER BOWERS OWEN CUBITT 1-4 CARL WILKINSON ADAM WARNER 4-3 JAKE RHODES 18 for Adam and a 180 each ANTONIO CRUZ 2-4 RYAN GOFFIN 16x2,18x2 for Ryan TREV TYE 1-4 BOB PINDER 14,17,15 dart legs for bob plus a maximum each PETE BRAMLEY 0-4 CHRIS LACEY 103 outshot for Chris plus legs of 12,19,17,21 Last 8 BRIAN LEWIS 1-4 MICK HULLEY 3x17 dart legs with two of them for Mick LESTER BOWERS 4-3 CARL WILKINSON 2x14,2x20 & 3 180s for Lester and 16,17,20 for Carl ADAM WARNER 3-4 RYAN GOFFIN 158 outshot for ryan BOB PINDER 4-2 CHRIS LACEY Semi-Finals MICK HULLEY 3-4 RYAN GOFFIN BOB PINDER 4-2 LESTER BOWERS Final RYAN GOFFIN 2-4 BOB PINDER Steel City 13 Results Last 16 PAUL BUTTERY 4-1 TOM BRIGGS JAKE RHODES 0-4 STEVE MARFLEET RIC CRUZ 4-3 PAUL BRITTLE LESTER BOWERS 4-1 JOHN LIEBER 15,16,17 dart legs for Lester RICH BECK 4-0 RIC CRUZ 11 dart leg for Rich Beck BEN DULLEY 4-3 PAT MEESON 180 for Pat with a 103 out and a 104 out for Ben LAURA TAYLOR 0-4 GREG BEARD 13,14,17 dart leg for Greg JACK HILL 1-4 RYAN GOFFIN 13,16,21 dart leg for Ryan Last 8 PAUL BUTTERY 0-4 STEVE MARFLEET RIC CRUZ 1-4 LESTER BOWERS 2X180S,17,20,20 dart legs for Bowers RICH BECK 4-1 BEN DULLEY GREG BEARD 4-2 RYAN GOFFIN 16 for Greg with Ryan hitting a 14/15 dart legs and a maximum for Greg Semi-Finals STEVE MARFLEET 4-1 LESTER BOWERS 14,15,19 dart legs for Steve and a maximum each RICH BECK 3-4 GREG BEARD 17,19,20 for rich with greg 17,17,20 Final STEVE MARFLEET 4-3 GREG BEARD

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