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Article: Project Darts - Pikado Liga - 1st June 2017

Project Darts - Pikado Liga - 1st June 2017

PERFECTION PIKADO FOR PETE BRAMBLEY This weeks Pikado Liga was a sensational one for some and none more than Pete Bramley with two solid wins against high flyers John Leach and Tom Briggs for the man from Rotherham. Huddersfield player Steve Hattersley recorded two wins himself over Angie Brittle and a memorable game with Charlie Stocks. Brian Lewis was another picking up a brace of wins this week, as did Ben Chivers to prove the players from Rotherham are hard to be beat. Ben Beardmore and Micky Stocks picked up lots of points with victories over good opponents and John Lieber was also singing as he fired up good wins over class opponents. Shooter Tom Sawford won 6-1 and was also joined by a same score line from Croc Shaun Greenfield who beat Angie Brittle. Owen Cubitt and Bob Lamb played out the game of the week with Owen winning 5-2 but the match stats had all legs under 19, 2 x 100 plus outs and 2 x 180s in a brilliant game. Owen also hit most 180s on the night with 4 in total. [caption id="attachment_18370" align="alignright" width="196"]Pete Bramley, Red Dragon, Project Darts, Sheffield Darts Pete Bramley[/caption] Most 180s 4 Owen Cubitt 2 Micky Stocks 2 Ben Beardmore Least Darts 13 Micky Stocks 13 Steve Hattersley 13 Owen Cubitt Highest Checkout 136 Micky Stocks 118 Tom Sawford 114 John Lieber S.HATTERSLEY 7-0 A.BRITTLE 19 x 3 and a 13 for Steve P.BRAMLEY 5-2 J.LEACH Maximum for John with legs of 17 & 21 for Pete P.BRAMLEY 6-1 T.BRIGGS 18 and 3 x 19 for Pete D.MACABREY 3-4 A.AINSWORTH [caption id="attachment_22032" align="aligncenter" width="317"]Steve Hattersley, Red Dragon Darts, Pikado Liga Steve Hattersley[/caption] B.LEWIS 6-1 T.HIRST 17 for Brian S.GREENFIELD 4-3 C.SIMONS 16 & 17 for Chris and 20, 21 for Shaun L.JOHNSON 1-6 B.BEARDMORE 21, 17, 16 and 2 x 180s for Ben with a 19 for Liam T.SAWFORD 6-1 P.BRITTLE 118 out for Tom and a 20 dart leg O.CUBITT 5-2 B.LAMB 17, 14, 18, 19, 17 and 2 x 180s with a 100 outshot for Owen with a 16 & 19 leg for Bob S.HATTERSLEY 5-2 C.STOCKS 16, 18, 20 for Steve with a maximum for Charlie with 20, 21 K.JAGGER 2-5 A.LOFTHOUSE L.SLACK 3-4 D.BLUER 19 for Lee M.SLACK 0-7 M.SIMONS S.EDWARDS 0-7 M.STOCKS 13, 14, 17, 21, 21, 18 134 & 100 out with 2 x 180s for Micky A.FRIAR 2-5 B.CHIVERS 21 & 18 for Ben D.BLUER 3-4 T.HIRST B.BEARDMORE 7-0 A.FRIAR 17 for Ben P.BRITTLE 0-7 B.CHIVERS 21 & 19 for Ben A.BRITTLE 1-6 S.GREENFIELD 19 for Shaun M.SIMONS 0-7 B.LAMB M.STOCKS 7-0 G.MARKHAM TOM BRIGGS 2-5 JOHN LIEBER 17 for John JOHN LEACH 1-6 JOHN LIEBER 18 for Leach 19, 20, 21 for Lieber with a 114 out and a maximum BRIAN LEWIS 5-2 KEV JAGGER LIAM JOHNSON 1-6 MICKY STOCKS 3 x 21, 19 and a 13 for Micky Pikado Liga, League Table, Red Dragon Darts, Project Darts

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