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Article: Project Darts - Frecheville Open - 25th Feb

Project Darts - Frecheville Open - 25th Feb

Trevor "Turbo" Burkhill lifted the first Frecheville Darts Open in a high quality final of a tournament full of quality players. Project Darts, Frecheville Open Group A OWEN CUBITT 0-3 MICKY STOCKS JOHN SMETHURST 0-3 PETE BELL CHARLIE STOCKS 0-3 OWEN CUBITT MICKY STOCKS 3-0 JOHN SMETHURST CHARLIE STOCKS 3-2 PETE BELL OWEN CUBITT 3-0 JOHN SMETHURST PETE BELL 0-3 MICKY STOCKS JOHN SMETHURST 0-3 CHARLIE STOCKS PETE BELL 0-3 OWEN CUBITT MICKY STOCKS 3-2 CHARLIE STOCKS Micky Slim Shady was in top form making quick work of all his opponents, but was fortunate against Charlie when the youngster bust 118 to win the match after leading 2-0. Pete Bell also fought well missing a dart to beat Charlie and picking up a win over John Smethurst, but it was young Ice Cubitt who progressed. After losing out to Micky he then didn't drop a leg to progress through to the last 8. PTS 8 | MICKY STOCKS 6 | OWEN CUBITT 4 | CHARLIE STOCKS 2 | PETE BELL 0 | JOHN SMETHURST GROUP B MARC ELLIS 3-0 CHRIS KEANE JIMMY HASLAM 0-3 STEVE MARFLEET JIMMY HASLAM 3-0 CHRIS KEANE STEVE MARFLEET 3-0 MARC ELLIS MARK ELLIS 3-2 JIMMY HASLAM STEVE MARFLEET 3-0 CHRIS KEANE Group B was a win for Damorf Steve Marfleet as he produced good scoring and even better finishing without dropping a leg. The game of the group was the last one between Jimmy Haslam and Marc Ellis, whoever won would join Steve in the last 8 and it went 3-2 to Marc Ellis, an unlucky result for Jimmy who blasted in a superb 13 dart leg. Chris Keane threw some good legs and was unfortunate not to pick up a win. PTS 6 | STEVE MARFLEET 4 | MARC ELLIS 2 | JIMMY HASLAM 0 | CHRIS KEANE GROUP C MICK SWIFT 3-1 CHRIS MARKHAM JORDAN FISHER 2-3 JIM SMITH MICK SWIFT 3-1 JIM SMITH CHRIS MARKHAM 3-1 JORDAN FISHER JORDAN FISHER 1-3 MICK SWIFT JIM SMITH 0-3 CHRIS MARKHAM Mick Swift marked his Projectdarts debut with a excellent performance winning all group games and sailing into the last 8 in the most wide open group, in which several of the games that could have gone either way. Jordan Fisher must have stepped under a ladder as the man from Osset had chances in all his games to take them and Jim Smith was beaten in the decider against the Marksman in the last game of the group to go through. PTS 6 | MICK SWIFT 4 | CHRIS MARKHAM 2 | JIM SMITH 0 | JORDAN FISHER GROUP D TREVOR BURKHILL 3-0 REECE COE BOB PINDER 2-3 RYAN GOFFIN BOB PINDER 3-0 REECE COE RYAN GOFFIN 1-3 TREVOR BURKHILL BOB PINDER 0-3 TREVOR BURKHILL RYAN GOFFIN 3-0 REECE COE Turbo Trev was scoring for fun with several maximums in his games taking the group with top points. Young Reece Coe, a very capable and talented youngster, drew the short straw in a group with 3 potential winners of the competition. Bob Pinder and Ryan Goffin produced the match of the round with a 3-2 win for the manic in a game with 4x180s. Project Darts, Frecheville Open PTS 6 | TREVOR BURKHILL 4 | RYAN GOFFIN 2 | BOB PINDER 0 | REECE COE LAST 8 MICKY STOCKS 4-2 RYAN GOFFIN Ryan had chances to level but Micky was very good and stepped up when he needed too in a very good match between the pair. STEVE MARFLEET 4-0 CHRIS MARKHAM Chris was left ruing missed chances as he missed several darts but Damorf was clean on his finishing and went through on a strong performance. MICK SWIFT 1-4 MARC ELLIS Mick had the chance to take a lead and level but tiny won a good battle. TREVOR BURKHILL 4-1 OWEN CUBITT Owen missed 3 darts at tops to level and then on Turbo took it to Owen and ran out the winner for a game where both players played very well. Project Darts, Semi-Final, Frecheville Open SEMI FINAL MARC ELLIS 3-4 TREVOR BURKHILL Tiny Marc Ellis came from 3-1 down to level the game and had the chance at a big checkout to take the game but in the end trevor got over the line. STEVE MARFLEET 4-1 MICKY STOCKS Steve took an early break and Micky then just couldn't get it back as a close game went the way of Steve Marfleet. FINAL TREVOR BURKHILL 4-1 STEVE MARFLEET Trevor Burkhill went 2-0 up with a quick break before Damorf pulled one back and a high scoring final went the way of the Sheffield man with both men hitting there high game with Trevor going on to break again to take the match.

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