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Article: Project Darts - 2017 Red Dragon Darts Masters

Project Darts - 2017 Red Dragon Darts Masters

The 2017 Red Dragon/Projectdarts Sheffield Darts Masters got underway this week at Riley's in Sheffield and it was a terrific day played in great spirit and won by a player who if any had deserved on for great performances over the years and had made 11 semi finals in the past.the young guns was in force and a lot of talent on offer. [caption id="attachment_17801" align="alignright" width="136"]Tom Sawford Tom Sawford[/caption] Pre-lim Steve Hattersly 4-0 Steve Thompson Sam Forham 0-4 Lee Cushworth Last 32 Jon Smethurst 1-4 Jordan Lister Liam foster 2-4 Martin Somerton Martin was the victor but pushed all the way by young Liam who recorded a 157 checkout Brad Clowery 1-4 Tom Sawford Ian Hendry 2-4 Jake Rhodes Ian Hendry had a superb 180 but the young Jake Rhodes was on good form Evan Hendry 2-4 Luke Piddlington Luke had to come from 2-1 down against the 8yo Evan who has a big future in the game Chris Keane 2-4 Brian Lewis what turned out to be the best game of the round with legs of 16,16,17 and 3x180s for Brian and a 15 dart leg for Chris Keane also Ben Dulley 4-0 Steve Naisbit Mark Thompson 0-4 Pete Bramley Pete was great he rattled in legs of 15,16 and also hit a 110 & 114 check out Mark gurran 4-0 Antonio cruz Bob Pinder 4-0 Trevor Tye Bob hit 2x180 in his victory over Trevor Tye Simon Sawford 0-4 Tom Gurran Jimmy Haslam 4-0 Bob Lamb Jimmy had a 180 over a very tired Bob but jimmy did play very well Scott Bennet 2-4 Thomas Lovely in the match up of the round Thomas had a 15 and 16 Ric Cruz 4-2 Matt Royle Jo Taylor 0-4 Ryan Goffin [caption id="attachment_17822" align="alignright" width="133"]Thomas Lovely Thomas Lovely[/caption] Last 16 Pete Bramley 4-2 Mark gurran Mark had a 119 out shot but with Pete breaking early it was enough to see him over the line Bob Pinder 4-2 Tom Gurran Tom led 2-1 but then Bob responded with 3x17 dart legs and included a maximum Jimmy Haslam 4-1 Thomas Lovely Jimmy hitting a 17 and 15 dart leg and broke Thomas throw early in the game Ricardo Cruz 1-4 Ryan Goffin Ricardo hit a 19 dart leg and Ryan hit back with legs of 20 & 18 Jordan Lister 4-2 Martin Sommerton Jordan broke Martin at the right time with a 18 dart leg Tom Sawford 4-0 Jake Rhodes Liam Piddlington 0-4 Brian Lewis Ben dulley 0-4 Lee cushworth Ben threw well and lee had to pull out some terrific darts with a maximum and legs of 15,17,18 [caption id="attachment_17823" align="alignleft" width="196"]Pete Bramley Pete Bramley[/caption] Last 8 Jordan Lister 1-4 Tom Sawford Tom showing class in a fun game Lee cushworth 2-4 Brian Lewis both men hitting maximums and lee missed a double which Brian was straight in with the break of throw in a good tight match Pete Bramley 3-4 Bob Pinder A 14 and 16 dart legs with a 180 for Bob at the right time Jimmy Haslam 4-3 Ryan goffin A 16 for Ryan to hold throw at 2-3 down and then a maximum in the last leg for Jimmy set up the win Semi-Final Jimmy Haslam 1-4 Bob Pinder what a game this was both men constant in the treble 20 with Jimmy hitting 1st with a 20 dart leg and then Bob hit back with legs of 15,16,17,18 and a 108 checkout but both players played very well Brian Lewis 4-0 Tom Sawford Brian had a 180 in the opener and never looked back but the game was closer than the score reflect,both played well Final Brian Lewis 4-0 Bob Pinder Bob hit a 180 in the first but Brian was clinical on his doubles in the final and recorded his 1st SDM win and it was very well deserved Brian and Bob both hit 6 180s through the day with Jimmy Haslam hitting a 13 dart leg and 11yo Liam foster took highest finish with a 157. [caption id="attachment_17829" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Bob Pinder,Evan Hendry,Antonio Cruz & Brian Lewis Bob Pinder,Evan Hendry,Antonio Cruz & Brian Lewis[/caption]
Sheffield Darts Master The SDM took place over the weekend and players from all over the country came to try and take home the win and some of the darts on offer was amazing to watch.Riley's in Sheffield with manager Chris Rayner and his terrific staff playing host to the Projectdarts/Red Dragon event. [caption id="attachment_17831" align="alignright" width="165"]Maison Wilson Maison Wilson[/caption] 1st Round JORDAN FISHER 4-0 BRAD CLOWERY Jordan was very strong and hit 2x21 darts to finish off the game TREV TYE 1-4 OWEN CUBITT Owen hit a 180 in his victory over Trevor KIRSTY HYDES 0-4 JORDAN MATTHEWS A maximum helped the Bear beat the Pocket Rocket STEVE HATTERSLY 4-2 MAISON WILSON A 109 and a 118 checkout was enough to bring Top Gun Steve Hattersly from 2-1 down to beat the Mighty Maison REECE COE 1-4 GARETH BAXTER PETE BRAMLEY 3-4 JIMMY HASLAM Pete and Jimmy played brilliant and a maximum and a 140 outshot for Jimmy just got him home DAVE WILSON 4-0 MARTIN SOMMERTON 180 for Dave Wilson over the very tough Martin CALLUM HAYWOOD 4-1 TOM GURRAN SIE SIMONS 1-4 SHAUN MATTHEWS 2x16 dart legs and a maximum for Matthews DAVE CREWS 4-2 MARK GURRAN BEN DULLEY 4-0 CHRIS KEANE Ben missed nothing and recorded a 13d leg WES SMITH 4-1 IAN HENDRY [caption id="attachment_17832" align="alignleft" width="163"]Ben Dulley Ben Dulley[/caption]               2nd Round JORDAN FISHER 1-4 OWEN CUBBITT 18 dart leg for fisher with Cubitt firing in 2x180s and 2x17 dart legs JORDAN MATTHEWS 4-0 STEVE HATTERSLY A 147 outshot for Matthews as he passed a tough test against a tough opponent GARETH BAXTER 0-4 JIMMY HASLAM 13&16&18 dart legs for Haslam in a brilliant display of darts DAVE WILSON 4-0 CALLUM HAYWOOD 180 fired in and a 14 dart leg for Wilson JOHN KIRK 0-4 BOB PINDER 2x15 dart legs for The Hellraiser and a maximum MICK HULLEY 4-0 JO TAYLOR RAY HAYWOOD 2-4 VAUGHN FAIRCLOUGH Ray hit a 180 but solid display by Vaughn was good enough on the day HOLLY WRIGHT 0-4 ADY MASON Interesting battle as Ady was drawn against his partner for proper good darts battle LEE CUSHWORTH 1-4 TOM SAWFORD KIETH JIGGINGS 1-4 TOM BLAGG SHAUN MATTHEWS 4-0 DAVE CREWS BEN DULLEY 3-4 WES SMITH EVAN HENDRY 0-4 PATRICK WAIT 8yo Evan gave county youth star Patrick a fright but was unable to take his chance CHRIS MARKHAM 4-1 MATT ROYLE STEVE MARFLEET 3-4 RYAN GOFFIN 15 dart leg for Damorf in the game of the round but it was The Manic who prevailed LIAM PIDDLINGTON 1-4 BRIAN LEWIS [caption id="attachment_17833" align="alignright" width="204"]Jimmy Haslam Jimmy Haslam[/caption] 3rd Round OWEN CUBITT 0-4 JORDAN MATTHEWS Two more maximums for Ice Cubitt and one for Matthews in a game that was closer than the scoreline as both players gave all JIMMY HASLM 4-3 DAVE WILSON Both players shared 180s in the match of the round BOB PINDER 2-4 MICK HULLEY VAUGHN FAIRCLOUGH 4-3 ADY MASON TOM SAWFORD 4-1 TOM BLAGG SHAUN MATTHEWS 4-1 WES SMITH PATRICK WAITE 4-2 CHRIS MARKHAM 180 for Patrick and two for the Marksman in a close game RYAN GOFFIN 4-3 BRIAN LEWIS 17&14 for Brian as the messiah flew out the blocks and a 180 for the Manic got him home 4-3 to beat the holder Last 8 JORDAN MATTHEWS 4-3 JIMMY HASLAM The game of the round as Haslam lead 3-2 but Matthews came back at him MICK HULLEY 3-4 VAUGHN FAIRCLOUGH Mick missed a dart to win but Vaughn took out a great win TOM SAWFORD 1-4 SHAUN MATTHEWS A 180 for the Shooter and one for Matthews who was accurate at his doubles PATRICK WAIT 1-4 RYAN GOFFIN Semi Finals RYAN GOFFIN 4-1 VAUGHN FAIRCLOUGH A maximum in the first leg and ryan never let up to take command in the 1st semi final [caption id="attachment_17834" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Ryan Goffin Ryan Goffin[/caption] SHAUN MATTHEWS 3-4 JORDAN MATTHEWS A farther and son battle which could have gone either way but a great finish saw Jordan home Final RYAN GOFFIN 3-4 JORDAN MATTHEWS Ryan lead 3-2 and missed a dart at the double and Jodan hit back strong to win a last nail biter [caption id="attachment_17836" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Jordan Matthews Jordan Matthews[/caption] Brian Lewis remains top after winning the 1st qualifier with Jordan the 2nd qualifier placed 2nd after also picking up bonus points for highest finiah and joint most maximums with Owen Cubitt.Jimmy Haslam is joint 2nd after two good performances and bonus this time round for a 13d leg shared with Ben Dulley [caption id="attachment_17837" align="alignright" width="192"]Brian Lewis Brian Lewis[/caption] SDM 2017 Pts - Name - Played 37 BRIAN LEWIS 2 35 JORDAN MATTHEWS 1 35 JIMMY HASLAM 2 32 BOB PINDER 2 30 RYAN GOFFIN 2 25 TOM SAWFORD 2 17 BEN DULLEY 2 15 SHAUN MATTHEWS 1 15 VAUGH FAIRCLOGH 1 15 LEE CUSHWORTH 2 15 PETE BRAMLEY 2 12 TOM GURRAN 2 12 OWEN CUBITT 1 12 LIAM PIDDLINGTN 2 12 MARTIN SOMMERTN 2 12 MARK GURRAN 2 10 BRAD CLOWERY 2 10 MATT ROYLE 2 10 JO TAYLOR 2 10 TREVOR TYE 2 10 IAN HENDRY 2 10 EVAN HENDRY 2 10 STEVE HATTERSLY 2 10 CHRIS KEANE 2 10 JORDAN LISTER 1 10 LIAM FOSTER 1 10 MICK HULLEY 1 10 PATRICK WAITE 1 7 WES SMITH 1 7 TOM BLAGG 1 7 DAVE WILSON 1 7 ADY MASON 1 7 CHRIS MARKHAM 1 7 THOMAS LOVELY 1 7 RICARDO CRUZ 1 7 JAKE RHODES 1 5 MARK THOMPSON 1 5 ANTONIO CRUZ 1 5 JORDAN FISHER 1 5 GARETH BAXTER 1 5 CALLUM HAYWOOD 1 5 SIE SIMONS 1 5 SIMON SAWFORD 1 5 JON SMETHURST 1 5 STEVE NAISBIT 1 5 HOLLY WRIGHT 1 5 RAY HAYWOOD 1 5 KIETH JIGGINGS 1 5 DAVE CREWS 1 5 JOHN KIRK 1 5 SAM FORDHAM 1 5 KIRSTY HYDES 1 5 MAISON WILSON 1 5 REECE COE 1 5 STEVE THOMPSON 1 5 BOB LAMB 1 5 STEVE MARFLEET 1 5 SCOTT BENNET 1 red-dragon-darts-that-deliver project-darts

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