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Article: Press release Finder Darts Masters 2016

Press release Finder Darts Masters 2016

Glen Durrant, Anastasia Dobromyslova and Justin van Tergouw the new Finder Darts Masters 2016 champions Three beautiful days with top darts, played for a very enthusiastic audience, we had with today the climax of the tournament, the finals of the three building the Finder Darts Masters. After the quarter-finals and semi-finals Glen Durrant winner of Finder Darts Masters 2016 and winner of the tournament in 2014, Jamie Hughes, turned out to be the best players of this event. On his way to the finals Glen Durrant beat Martin Adams in the quarterfinals and the semifinals Scott Mitchell. Jamie Hughes was in the quarter finals too strong for Martin Phlilips and also Geert De Vos could not beat Hughes is the semis In between the quarterfinals and semifinals men the final of the youth tournament was played between Justin van Terg ouw and Owen Maiden from England. These two also were in the final of ng the Winmau World Masters won by Dutchman Justin Tergouw . And also in this finale Justin was superb. In a best of 3 sets best of 5 legs Justin won five consecutive legs before Owen won his only leg of this match. In leg 7 Justin scored 3-1 for his second set and the title of the Yout event. After the semi-final men the final for the women event between the number 1 seed Aileen de Graaf who won this title in 2013 and Russian Anastasia Dobromyslova who won the title in 2012 and 2014 was played It was an exciting match which was played over best of three sets. In the first set Anastasia controlled the set and won this set 3-0. Aileen came back strongly in set 2. She made a break in the first leg and won her own leg for a 0-2 lead. With a 120 finish, the Russian still came back to 1-2 but in the next leg made 3-1 to equalize.. In the third and deciding set Dobromyslova made a break in the first leg and with the darts she made 2-0 and only needed one leg for her third title. But Aileen came back and after 4 legs the score was 2-2 . In the fifth and deciding legs at last Anastasia found the double first and claimed her third title. The men's final between the two Englishmen, Jamie Hughes and the fourth placed defending champion was also a very exciting match. Durrant s managed to take the lead, but at the first break after four sets the score was equal, 2-2 After the break Durrant win the fith set with 3- but in line with the competition Hughes equalized again to 3-3. In set 7 Durrant could makes the difference with better scores and wins 3-1 this set in order to set 8 to finish the job off 3-1 and claim his second title in a row. Results of the final day Men's tournament: Group Player Player Score SCOTT MITCHELL (1) - ENG - DEAN REYNOLDS (8) - WAL 3 2 MARTIN ADAMS (5) - ENG - GLEN DURRANT (4) - ENG 0 3 WESLEY HARMS (3) - NETH - GEERT DE VOS (6) - BEL 2 3 JAMIE HUGHES - ENG - MARTIN PHILLIPS - WAL 3 0 Semi finals: Group Player Player Score SCOTT MITCHELL (1) - ENG - GLEN DURRANT (4) - ENG 0 3 GEERT DE VOS (6) - BEL - JAMIE HUGHES - ENG 1 3 Finals Men: Group Player Player Score GLEN DURRANT (4) - ENG - JAMIE HUGHES 5 3 darts-finder-pic-1

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