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Article: Porters Lodge Darts Results:

Porters Lodge Darts Results:

A decisive week in the IDL this week as Dave Skinsley claimed the Premier Division title with an 8-3 victory over Nick Sheldrick, who was condemned to the relegation playoff, while Rob Madigan booked his semi final spot with an 8-5 win over the relegated Roger Spencer.
Division Two was all action this week as six matches completed the table, with Rob Woodison^s 8-1 win over Dave Buxton enough to claim the title by a point from Dan Gardner, whose two victories earned him promotion, just a point ahead of Bruce Geair in third.
Phil Treeby just missed out, but has the Turner Trophy Final to look forward to as he was awarded a bye after the removal of Quarter Finalists Paul Knapp and Neil Clarke.
 Steve Cooper will meet Craig Smit in the Turner Trophy Semi Final after his Quarter Final win over Nick Sheldrick.
 In Divisions One and Three there are still issues to be decided as four matches were granted special dispensation to be played on Monday and Tuesday. Dave Bateman requires just four legs from his match against Andy Korczak to secure his playoff spot and a match against Barry King, while Andy himself needs to avoid an 8-0 defeat to secure his playoff place against Ian Richardson, who dropped into the playoff after Paul Knapp^s promotion securing whitewash over Graham Smith. Ian Whitmore and Steve Edelman will be eagerly awaiting that result to see if they are done any favours by the result, while Peter Scott is now safely promoted no matter what the result. Division One is slightly more complicated. Chris Gaisford needs to win just three legs to secure the title from Tony Shilling, though both are promoted to the Premier Division anyway.
Frank Daly has three matches to play, and depending on results could still finish in either the promotion or relegation playoffs, though the most likely outcome is somewhere in between. Steve Morgan remains the favourite to land 3rd spot and face Nick Sheldrick on Finals Night, while Ricky Tilley needs a miraculous turn of events to finish above Frank, his 6th place finish is almost certain, and he^ll play Bruce Geair on Thursday^s showpiece Playoffs Night.
Results from Week Eleven are as follows:
Premier Division
Rob Madigan 8-5 Roger Spencer (74, 72 Rob, 91 Roger)
Dave Skinsley 8-3 Nick Sheldrick (110, 98, 68 Dave)
Division Two
Richard Daniels 8-5 Barry King (86 Barry)
Rob Woodison 8-1 Dave Buxton
Bruce Geair 8-5 Phil Treeby
Bruce Geair 8-1 Dave Buxton (100 Bruce, 125 Dave)
Dan Gardner 8-0 Craig Stevens (118, 80 Dan)
Dan Gardner 8-4 Phil Treeby (68 Dan, 72 Phil)
Division Three
Peter Scott 8-1 Steve Edelman (68 Peter)
Division Four
Paul Knapp 8-0 Graham Smith
Turner Trophy - Quarter Final
Steve Cooper 5-3 Nick Sheldrick

As mentioned above, the Turner Trophy Semi Final draw was conducted at the Porters Lodge on Friday 24th September at 10pm, and came out as follows:
Craig Smit v Steve Cooper
Phil Treeby v BYE
The one Semi Final match will take place as part of Playoffs Night on Thursday 30th September.
All remaining IDL fixtures are as follows, with the order of play for each showpiece night also shown here.
Division One
Ricky Tilley v Frank Daly (Monday)
Chris Gaisford v Frank Daly (Monday)
Steve Morgan v Frank Daly (Tuesday)
Division Three
Dave Bateman v Andy Korczak (Monday)
Premier Division Semi Finals (first to 10 legs - must win by two clear legs - sudden death at 14-14)
Dave Skinsley v Neil French (Wednesday)
Steve Cooper v Rob Madigan (Friday)
PLAYOFFS NIGHT THURSDAY 30TH SEPTEMBER (order of play as follows - all promotion playoffs are first to 6 legs, must win by 2 clear legs, sudden death at 9-9)

Division Three Promotion Playoff
6th place Div Three (either Andy Korczak or Steve Edelman) v 3rd place Div Four (Ian Richardson)

Turner Trophy Semi Final
Craig Smit v Steve Cooper

Division Two Promotion Playoff
6th place Div Two (Barry King) v 3rd place Div Three (either Dave Bateman or Ian Whitmore)

Division One Promotion Playoff
6th place Div One (either Ricky Tilley or Frank Daly) v 3rd place Div Two (Bruce Geair)
Also on playoffs night will be the Mills Cup. This is a one leg knockout cup open to ALL IDL players including those who are already involved on Finals/Playoffs Nights. It is also open to new registered IDL players for next season, and previous IDL players, and invited guests of the IDL management. To register, please arrive no later than 6pm, as the draw will be done at this time and no late registrations will be accepted. The Semi Finals and Final of the Mills Cup will take place on the centre board on Finals Night complete with walk-ons, and the draw for the semi finals will be done live on Finals Night after all four players have entered the stage board area.
FINALS NIGHT MONDAY 4TH OCTOBER (order of play as follows)
Premier Division Promotion Playoff
6th place Prem (Nick Sheldrick) v 3rd place Div One (either Steve Morgan, Frank Daly, or Paul Butler)

Turner Trophy Final
Phil Treeby v Steve Cooper or Craig Smit

Mills Cup Semis and Final
(one leg knockouts including final)

Grand Final (first to 15 legs, must win by two clear legs, sudden death at 19-19)

The Autumn IDL will begin on Monday 11th October, the reason for the quick turnaround is that we need to finish the Autumn season in time for Christmas. If you wish to re-register for the Autumn IDL please email to let me know, similarly if you wish to withdraw from the IDL at the end of the season please let me know as well, as this will assist us in managing new entries and the waiting list.
Besides Red Dragon dart flights and stems for sale at the bar, we will also be supplying Red Dragon darts from behind the bar, so anyone interested in buying any new darts or just for advice please speak to Rob behind the bar .
On playoffs night we are hoping to have someone coming to film the event and show it live on the big screen, we will also have a walk on girl. On Finals Night we will have two professional models as walk on girls, a professional cameraman for live screening and potentially a DVD, and we hope to see as many of you as possible at both of these great nights, where the photos will be up on Martin^s superb website at www.plidl.leaguerepublic.comand on Facebook to further enhance the reputation of the IDL as the number one Individual League in the world.
Good luck if you^re still involved, and remember, 180s and checkouts count in the Mills Cup so you could still nab yourself a trophy, even if you^ve been relegated!
All the best

Porters Lodge IDL
Porters Lodge - 02072836599






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