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JUSTIN PIPE won his second successive Players Championship by edging out Gary Anderson in the John McEvoy Gold Dart Classic final in Killarney.

The 39-year-old from Taunton had won his first professional title at a Players Championship in Dublin a fortnight ago, defeating Phil Taylor in the final.

He added a second £6,000 first prize to his collection with a battling win over another of the world^s top four players, Gary Anderson, to take the John McEvoy Gold Dart Classic Players Championship title from the Scot.

Having overcome local aces Jason Byrne and Kieran Keho and South Africa^s Devon Petersen in the early stages, he was pushed all the way to a deciding leg by John Henderson and Paul Nicholson and had defeated Scott Rand 6-3 in the quarter-finals.

In the final, Pipe^s regular practice partner Anderson edged into early 2-1 and 4-2 leads, and a 120 finish from the Scot put him a leg away from victory at 5-3.

However, Pipe hit back to level and then took the decider by hitting double top for a 58 finish with his third dart.

The defeat denied Anderson a tenth tournament victory of 2011, but the world number four picked up a further £3,000 prize money at the venue where he had emerged victorious a year ago.

Anderson began his day with a whitewash of John Bracken, and defeated Matt Padgett in round two before picking up a narrow 6-5 victory against fellow Scot Robert Thornton.

He then defeated Steve Beaton, Andy Hamilton and Mark Hylton to reach the final, only to fall a leg short of glory.

Hylton followed up last week^s run to the quarter-finals of the World Grand Prix by reaching the semi-finals alongside Nicholson.

Hamilton reached the quarter-finals of a Players Championship for the first time in five months, while Wayne Jones was appearing in the last eight for the first time since June.

Coventry^s Scott Rand reached the last eight for the sixth time on the PDC ProTour this year as he continues his emergence as a contender at the top level, with Simon Whitlock also amongst the quarter-finalists following his Championship League Darts Group Six success on Thursday.

Ian White, Matthew Edgar and Under-21 World Champion Arron Monk took a further step towards qualifying for the Ladbrokes World Darts Championship via the Players Championship Order of Merit by reaching the last 16.

The John McEvoy Gold Dart Classic Players Championship formed part of the Killarney Darts Festival, which was held at the Killarney Events Centre.

Holland^s Michael van Gerwen had won Saturday^s PDC Unicorn Youth Tour event, while Mark Walsh won the non-ranked Ladbrokes Irish Masters.


John McEvoy Gold Dart Classic Players Championship
(PC23, Killarney, Sunday October 16)
Preliminary Round
Mike Byrne 6-5 Noel Redmond
Tom O^Reilly 6-1 Tom Wiley
Pat Molyneux 6-3 Campbell Jackson
Luke Nolan 6-1 Damien Harrington
Laurence Collins 6-4 PJ Byrne
Dermot Kelliher 6-5 Ross O^Brien
Robert Kelly 6-4 Gerry O^Hara
Kevin McDonnell 6-2 David Murphy (Limerick)
Sean Marshall 6-0 Aiden Campbell
John-Paul Dowdall 6-3 Ali Powell
Arthur Power 6-5 Robert Bracken
Ritchie Walsh 6-2 Karl Smith
Jason Kavanagh 6-5 William Bowes
Mark Hurley 6-0 Daniel O^Connor
Michael Meaney 6-1 Kieran O^Neill
Stephen Holland 6-3 Paul Wade
Ollie Thompson 6-1 Darren Wade
Stephen Byrne 6-1 Michael Kehoe
David Murphy (Wexford) 6-1 Mark Towler
Kieran Kehoe 6-3 Myles O^Neill
Connie Finnan 6-1 Des Byrne
Dylan Rutledge 6-1 Jason Millner
John Herlihy 6-0 Noel McCarthy
Martin Devers 6-1 James Doherty
Joe Byrne 6-0 David Stark
Peter Quinn 6-2 Andrew Davenport
Mark Willis 6-2 Stephen Butler
Stephen Lennon 6-0 Donagh McCarthy
Stefanie Luck 6-1 Jimmy Newport
Jamie Kelliher 6-1 Jimmy Leahy
Noel Kelly 6-5 Dennis Corr


First Round
Gary Anderson (1) 6-0 Johnny Bracken
Matt Padgett 6-1 Shane O^Connor
Robert Thornton (32) 6-2 Steve Maish
Tom O^Reilly 6-1 Mike Byrne
Steve Beaton (16) 6-1 Noel Canning
Reece Robinson 6-3 William O^Connor
Colin Osborne (17) 6-4 Mick Egan
Pat Molyneux 6-4 Luke Nolan
Mark Webster (8) 6-0 Phil Standing
Andy Jenkins 6-4 Adam Hunt
Michael van Gerwen (25) 6-0 Andy Reilly
Mark Stephenson 6-2 Laurence Collins
Vincent van der Voort (9) 6-1 Tim Ryan
Terry Temple 6-3 Barrie Bates
Andy Hamilton (24) 6-0 Declan O^Sullivan
Robert Kelly 6-5 Dermot Kelliher
Mark Walsh (5) 6-0 Benny Grace
Shaun Griffiths 6-1 Darren Johnson
Dyson Parody 6-5 Tony Eccles (28)
Kevin McDonnell 6-1 Sean Marshall
Kevin Painter (12) 6-0 Paul Davison
Brian Woods 6-1 Dave Smith
Wayne Jones (21) Bye (Terry McNulty timed out)
John-Paul Dowdall 6-2 Arthur Power
Ronnie Baxter (4) 6-5 Michael O^Sullivan
Michael Smith 6-3 Adam Smith-Neale
Ian White 6-1 Brendan Dolan (29)
Jason Kavanagh 6-2 Ritchie Walsh
Peter Wright (13) 6-4 Gerry Rice
Chris Aubrey 6-2 David Coyne
Mark Hylton (20) 6-1 Steve McDonnell
Mark Hurley 6-4 Michael Meaney
Darren Clifford 6-5 Wes Newton (2)
Aodhagan O^Neill 6-1 Mick McGowan
Matthew Edgar 6-5 Steve Hine (31)
Stephen Holland 6-1 Ollie Thompson
Denis Ovens (15) 6-0 Dwayne McEvoy
Kirk Shepherd 6-5 Ian Jopling
Scott Rand (18) 6-0 Barney Reddy
Stephen Byrne 6-0 David Murphy (Wexford)
Justin Pipe (7) 6-0 Jason Byrne
Devon Petersen 6-1 Mick Todd
Nigel Heydon (26) 6-3 Ian McFarlane
Kieran Kehoe 6-3 Connie Finnan
Jamie Caven (10) 6-0 John Nyhan
Joe Cullen 6-1 John O^Shea
John Henderson (23) 6-0 Damien O^Driscoll
John Herlihy 6-2 Dylan Rutledge
Simon Whitlock (6) 6-1 John O^Hara
Ryan Harrington 6-2 Nick Fullwell
James Richardson 6-2 Jelle Klaasen (27)
Joe Byrne 6-3 Martin Devers
Richie Burnett (11) 6-2 Martin Fleming
Arron Monk 6-0 Adrian Gray
Dennis Smith (22) 6-1 John Digan
Peter Quinn 6-1 Mark Willis
Paul Nicholson (3) 6-0 Paul Stapleton
Peter Manley 6-5 Kevin Dowling
Michael Mansell 6-1 Kevin McDine (30)
Stefanie Luck 6-5 Stephen Lennon
Colin Lloyd (14) 6-0 Liam Condron
Paddy Meaney 6-5 Mareno Michels
Steve Brown (19) 6-0 Griffith Smith
Jamie Kelliher 6-2 Noel Kelly


Second Round
Gary Anderson 6-2 Matt Padgett
Robert Thornton 6-3 Tom O^Reilly
Steve Beaton 6-4 Reece Robinson
Pat Molyneux 6-2 Colin Osborne
Mark Webster 6-0 Andy Jenkins
Michael van Gerwen 6-0 Mark Stephenson
Vincent van der Voort 6-3 Terry Temple
Andy Hamilton 6-2 Robert Kelly
Mark Walsh 6-3 Shaun Griffiths
Dyson Parody 6-3 Kevin McDonnell
Kevin Painter 6-2 Brian Woods
Wayne Jones 6-1 John-Paul Dowdall
Michael Smith 6-5 Ronnie Baxter
Ian White 6-1 Jason Kavanagh
Chris Aubrey 6-4 Peter Wright
Mark Hylton 6-1 Mark Hurley
Darren Clifford 6-1 Aodhagan O^Neill
Matthew Edgar 6-2 Stephen Holland
Denis Ovens 6-2 Kirk Shepherd
Scott Rand 6-2 Stephen Byrne
Justin Pipe 6-1 Devon Petersen
Kieran Kehoe 6-5 Nigel Heydon
Joe Cullen 6-5 Jamie Caven
John Henderson 6-0 John Herlihy
Simon Whitlock 6-1 Ryan Harrington
James Richardson 6-3 Joe Byrne
Arron Monk 6-4 Richie Burnett
Peter Quinn 6-3 Dennis Smith
Paul Nicholson 6-3 Peter Manley
Michael Mansell 6-1 Stefanie Luck
Colin Lloyd 6-5 Paddy Meaney
Jamie Kelliher 6-4 Steve Brown
Losers £200


Third Round
Gary Anderson 6-5 Robert Thornton
Steve Beaton 6-0 Pat Molyneux
Mark Webster 6-5 Michael van Gerwen
Andy Hamilton 6-2 Vincent van der Voort
Mark Walsh 6-3 Dyson Parody
Wayne Jones 6-4 Kevin Painter
Ian White 6-1 Michael Smith
Mark Hylton 6-1 Chris Aubrey
Matthew Edgar 6-3 Darren Clifford
Scott Rand 6-5 Denis Ovens
Justin Pipe 6-3 Kieran Kehoe
John Henderson 6-2 Joe Cullen
Simon Whitlock 6-3 James Richardson
Arron Monk 6-4 Peter Quinn
Paul Nicholson 6-3 Michael Mansell
Colin Lloyd 6-3 Jamie Kelliher
Losers £400


Fourth Round
Gary Anderson 6-2 Steve Beaton
Andy Hamilton 6-2 Mark Webster
Wayne Jones 6-5 Mark Walsh
Mark Hylton 6-2 Ian White
Scott Rand 6-2 Matthew Edgar
Justin Pipe 6-5 John Henderson
Simon Whitlock 6-2 Arron Monk
Paul Nicholson 6-5 Colin Lloyd
Losers £600


Gary Anderson 6-1 Andy Hamilton
Mark Hylton 6-3 Wayne Jones
Justin Pipe 6-3 Scott Rand
Paul Nicholson 6-5 Simon Whitlock
Losers £1,000

Gary Anderson 6-3 Mark Hylton
Justin Pipe 6-5 Paul Nicholson
Losers £2,000

Justin Pipe 6-5 Gary Anderson
Winner £6,000
Runner-Up £3,000



MICHAEL VAN GERWEN continued his success on the PDC Unicorn Youth Tour with victory over Joe Cullen in the final of the Killarney event.

The Youth Tour^s two most successful players this year won through to the final at the Killarney Events Centre on Saturday evening.

It was Dutch ace van Gerwen who took the £600 first prize with a 4-2 victory over Cullen as he took a fourth event win of the year.

Van Gerwen also enjoyed wins over Curtis Hammond, Aaron Tansey, Daniel King-Morris, Reece Robinson and Sam Hill during the event.

Cullen overcame Adam Smith-Neale 4-1 in the semi-finals, and failed to drop a leg in wins over Emmett White, Edmund Kelliher and Chris Aubrey.

The final PDC Unicorn Youth Tour event of 2011 will be held in Gladbeck next Saturday following the Players Championship in Germany.

Entry costs €25 and can still be made until 12pm on Friday October 21 by calling the PDC Head Office on 08712 501 180 or by visiting

The PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship will be held on Friday November 4 at the K2 Centre in Crawley - with the top 20 from the final Youth Tour Order of Merit qualifying by right, alongside a series of International Qualifiers and 32 Rileys Qualifiers.

Entry for the Rileys Qualifiers is open until 5pm on Wednesday October 19. To enter, visit

PDC Unicorn Youth Tour
Event 14 - Killarney
First Round
Paddy Meaney 3-2 Brandonn Monk
Paul Barham 3-0 Stephen Lennon
Graham Keatinge 3-0 Robert Kerr
Michael Meaney 3-0 Niall Bradley
David Coyne 3-0 Dean Forde
Cian Buckley 3-0 Simon Kenny
Ryan Harrington 3-0 Brian Butterly
Dylan Routledge 3-2 Gary Condron
Reece Robinson 3-0 Jason Teehan
Daniel King-Morris 3-0 Darren Swanton
Murty Browne 3-0 Derek Thornton
Michael van Gerwen 3-1 Curtis Hammond
Aden Kirk 3-0 Dara Hogan
Jack Hill 3-0 Mike Byrne
Michael Smith 3-0 Kris Lawson
David Stack 3-2 Martin Heneghan
Adam Smith-Neale 3-2 Shaun Griffiths
Steve Haggerty 3-0 Michael Connolly
Jamie Grant 3-0 Michael Keogh
Damien Kelly 3-0 Kyle Ramsell
Joe Cullen 3-0 Emmett White
John Seagrave 3-1 Stefanie Luck
Daniel Foley 3-2 Patrick Morrisey

Second Round
Paul Barham 3-2 Paddy Meaney
Ryan Maher 3-0 Graham Keatinge
David Coyne 3-1 Michael Meaney
Sam Hill 3-2 Cian Buckley
Ryan Harrington 3-0 Dylan Rutledge
Reece Robinson 3-0 TJ Dixon
Daniel King-Morris 3-1 Murty Browne
Michael van Gerwen 3-0 Aaron Tansey
Aden Kirk 3-2 Jack Hill
Michael Smith 3-0 Arron Monk
Adam Smith-Neal 3-1 David Stack
Steve Haggerty 3-0 Lee Clark
Jamie Grant 3-2 Damien Kelly
Joe Cullen 3-0 Edmund Kelliher
Chris Aubrey 3-2 John Seagrave
Adam Hunt 3-1 Daniel Foley

Third Round
Paul Barham 3-1 Ryan Maher
Sam Hill 3-0 David Coyne
Reece Robinson 3-2 Ryan Harrington
Michael van Gerwen 3-0 Daniel King-Morris
Michael Smith 3-1 Aden Kirk
Adam Smith-Neale 3-2 Steve Haggerty
Joe Cullen 3-0 Jamie Grant
Chris Aubrey 3-2 Adam Hunt
Losers €27.50 (£25 to OOM)

Sam Hill 3-0 Paul Barham
Michael van Gerwen 3-1 Reece Robinson
Adam Smith-Neale 3-2 Michael Smith
Joe Cullen 3-0 Chris Aubrey
Losers €110 (£100 to OOM)

Michael van Gerwen 4-0 Sam Hill
Joe Cullen 4-1 Adam Smith-Neale
Losers €220 (£200 to OOM)

Michael van Gerwen 4-2 Joe Cullen
Winner €660 (£600 to OOM)
Runner-Up €440 (£400 to OOM)


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