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Article: Pikado Liga knockouts by Projectdarts

Pikado Liga knockouts by Projectdarts

19th December Brilliant run by Dave Wilson making it through to the final proving what a good player he is and Trev Burkhill nearly going out to Anthony Warne in the opener 1st round Dave Wilson 4-2 Stephen briggs... Greg Beard 3-4 Paul Ashcroft Steven Marfleet 1-4 Ben Beardmore 2nd round Dave Wilson 4-0 Daz Layden Daz Weaver 4-2 Paul Ashcroft John Walton 4-1 Ben Ben Boom Beardmore Trevor Burkhill 4-3 Anthony Warne semi finals Dave Wilson 4-1 Daz weaver John Walton 0-4 Trev Burkhill final Dave Wilson 1-4 Trev Burkhill Section 2 Kenny Hoult survived a match dart against croc who wired the bull for a 170 to win the game but Kenny then stepped up a level and was terrific,Rich swainston was very solid all the way through 1st round Tom Sawford 1-4 Shaun Croc Greenfield Stuart Cresswell 0-4 Kenny Hoult Pete Bramley 3-4 Owen Cubitt 2nd round Craig Ingram 4-3 Paul Joshua Buttery Shaun Croc Greenfield 3-4 Kenny Hoult Rich Richard Swainston 4-1 Owen Cubitt Jordan Lister 3-4 Jordan Payne semi finals Richard Swainston 4-0 Jordan Patne Kenny Hoult 4-0 Crig Ingram final Kenny Hoult 4-2 Rich swainston section 3 Andy Bradbury was terrific tonight playing really well all the way through but ran into a inform Rich Richard Schofield 3rd section 1st round Chris Markham 0-4 Anthony Ainsworth Liam Johnson 2-4 Lee Siddle Gareth Baxter 1-4 Steve Newton 2nd round Richard Schofield 4-0 Anthony Ainsworth John Lieber 4-1 Lee Siddle Steven Newton 0-4 Andy Bradbury Tom Briggs 2-4 Gavin Pilling semi finals Richard Schofield 4-2 John Lieber Gavin Pilling 0-4 Andy Bradbury final Richard Schofield 4-2 Andy Bradbury section 4 Nicola Nicola warne was very impressive missing nothing all night but credit to Lee Slack who survived match darts against Stephen Naisbitt and Nicola in the final 1st round Kirsty Hydes 4-0 Deb Macabrey Barrylee Brittle 4-2 Angie Brittle Pat Finney 4-0 Jim Smith 2nd round Kirsty Hydes 0-4 Lee Slack Stephen Naisbitt 4-0 Barry Brittle Nicola Jane Warne 4-2 Patrick Finney Martin cutler 0-4 Paul Brittle semi finals Nicola Jane Warne 4-2 Brittle Paul Lee Slack 4-3 Stephen Naisbitt final Lee Slack 4-3 Nicola Warne Congratulation to Turbo Trevor Burkhill on winning the Red Dragon Pikado Liga,also well played to John Walton and Daz Layden making it such a close race going right down to the final game and also well played to everyone who made it such a great season. LEE SLACK 5-2 TOM BRIGGS Lee played arguably his best game of the season taking out Tom Briggs DAZ LAYDEN 2-5 JOHN WALTON John Walton raced out to a lead and kept the pressure on Daz in a very nervy game with 6x160s and legs of 17,20,13,15,20,19,16 DEBRA MACABRY 0-7 Lee Siddle was deadly on his doubles for the win and a maximum for Debra STEPHEN BRIGGS 3-4 DAVE WILSON game of the week without a doubt with legs of, 116 C/O and 5 180s between them SHAUN GREENFIELD 0-7 Daz Weaver A 14 dart leg was the highlight of a match that both players didn't really get going but have played well all season JORDAN PAYNE 3-4 Liam Johnson 110 C/O and a 18 dart leg for liam in a fine win over Jordan who hit a 106 and a 15 TOM SAWFORD 7-0 NICOLA WARNE JOHN WALTON 3-4 TREV BURKHILL This game was a superb climax to the league season,John kicked off with the first leg trev then won 2,they shared the next before john levelled and trev his a 112 to win the last.3x180s legs of 17,16,21,15,15,17,21 GARETH BAXTER 4-3 ANDY BRADBURY gareth recorded a brilliant victory GAV PILLING 7-0 JIM SMITH BEN BEARDMORE 7-0 PAUL BRITTLE Ben had legs of 21,15,20,2x100 c/o and a 180 STEVE MARFLEET 5-2 JORDAN LISTER 18,19,21 was enough for Steve to edge home PAUL ASHCROFT 4-3 STEVE NEWTON 180 for Paul in a very close game BARRY BRITTLE 0-7 PAUL BUTTERY 17 dart leg for Butts and he never looked back ANGIE BRITTLE 0-7 BRIAN LEWIS Angie got to a double but brian was deadly on his KENNY HOULT 3-4 STU CRESSWELL Stu won the last leg decider with 21 and a 122 c/o TREVOR BURKHILL 6-1 DAZ LAYDEN Trevor was in fine form against Daz in another nervy game but was a spectacle to watch, legs of 17,18,15,18,11,20,14 with 6 maximums PAT FINNEY 2-5 ANTHONY AINSWORTH Pat took 2 legs against throw but Double A was good enough on the night for the win MARTIN CUTLER 0-7 PAUL ASHCROFT CRAIG INGHRAM 3-4 ANTHONY WARNE Cracking game this one and very close Cornish hitting 18,17,17 and Craig 20,20 2x180s LEE SIDDLE 4-3 BRIAN LEWIS Lee just pips The Messiah in a very good close game KIRSTY HYDES 2-5 ANTONY AINSWORTH Kirsty lead but Ants was just too good with decisive finishing TOM BRIGGS 1-6 CRAIG INGRAM 100 c/o was the best in the game as both men struggled to hit top form RICHARD SCHOFIELD 7-0 PAT FINNEY A maximum for Rich and a 17,19,20 was enough to give Rich a full house least darts 11 Stephen Briggs 11 Trevor Burkhill 13 John Walton 14 Daz Layden 14 Daz Weaver 180's 5 Daz Layden 4 Trevor Burkhill 3 Stephen Briggs 3 John Walton 2 Craig Ingram Highest C/O 122 Stuart Cresswell 116 Stephen Briggs 112 Trevor Burkhill 110 Liam Johnson 106 Jordan Payne 100 Ben Boom Beardmore 100 Craig Ingram Raffle winners Debra McCabrey Stephen Briggs Full players stats will be up later and join us next week for the knockouts and thanks for a great season TURBO TREVOR BURKHILL wins SDM: Trevor survived match Darts against Micky Stocks to win the final, Greg Beard and Darren Johnson made the semis and well played to all, Mark Gurran beat his son Tom Gurran in the plate final #reddragondarts TURBO TREVOR BURKHILL wins SDM: Trevor survived match Darts against Micky Stocks to win the final, Greg Beard and Darren Johnson made the semis and well played to all, Mark Gurran beat his son Tom Gurran in the plate final #reddragondarts

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