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Article: Peter Wright Hungry for World Championships Success

Peter Wright Hungry for World Championships Success

Peter Wright believes he is fitter and hungrier for glory at the World Championships thanks to becoming a vegan. Livingston-born Snakebite came through his first fitness battle to beat Diogo Portela after a gallstones scare almost wrecked his title hopes. Now Wright, who faces Jamie Lewis in the second round on Wednesday, admits he’s focused on form and not pain. The World No 2 sounds like Bernard Matthews but admits there will be no turkey for him this Christmas. He said: “I was in bed for a whole week and wasn’t able to get out and not even eating because I wasn’t able to eat anything because it put me into pain. But now I’m the road to recovery. “I still don’t know what the doctors are going to do because they haven’t told me yet, but the vegan diet and eating veg and fruit and these things over the past week has allowed me to go through a week without pain in the mornings. “That must be a good sign, plus I have lost two stones in weight as well. “Normally, ahead of this tournament, I would have been practising between eight and 10 hours per day. Maybe I over practise, but I’ve been ill. “There are lots more darts to go, bet yeah I suppose it could be my year. “I’ve got my eyes on the trophy and mentally the head is correct. It is just the practice that I have to put in now.” This incredible championship has served up shocks galore with the first round exits of big names Adrian Lewis, James Wade, Dave Chisnall and Kim Huybrechts. But the main title protagonists Michael van Gerwen, Gary Anderson, Phil Taylor, Raymond van Barneveld and Wright are still very much in the mix. Wright, 47, reckons he can beat the lot. He added: “Obviously, Gary hasn’t been to many tournaments this year, but he always gets ready for this. “Just look at his record in the tournament, it is outstanding and he is going to be a very difficult customer to beat. “Then, of course, Michael wants to retain his title. But I feel good and I know that I can beat them. “If I can get my practice correct, then I know that I have a good chance.” Wright’s gallstones certainly didn’t stop the showmanship. He did his usual stage dance and changed his Christmas-style shirts at every break - every shirt will be auctioned for Parkinson’s UK in honour of Sky Sports presenter Dave Clark. But Snakebite admitted: “It’s the most I’ve ever sweated on stage. At one set each against Diogo, I was wondering if I had anything in me to make it a fight. “I tried and played better, though not great. But I got through, so it’s back home enjoy Christmas and get onto the practice board on Christmas Day to be ready for the 27th.” Darren Webster has the same East Anglian twang as Wrighty and revealed he’s seeing a HYPNOTIST in the New Year. Demolition Man, who faces Simon Whitlock on Wednesday, admitted: “I can beat anyone on my day. It’s just making sure the right Darren Webster turns up. “I know what it is and I’m going to sort it in the New Year. “It’s in the nerves. On the practice board I can hit 15 180s or 140s on the trot. I sit down, get back up and do the same thing. “I hit almost everything in the practice room. As soon as I get on that stage and start throwing my arm just tighten up a little bit and I’ve got to work on that. “I’m sorting out going to see a hypnotist just to see if I can lose that from my game. “Hopefully that I won’t be tricked so when my walk-on tune comes on I don’t start dancing like it’s the Birdie Song! “Seriously though I think it’s time so get that sorted. I can play for five months brilliant and then suddenly my arm tightens up again. Darts is 90 per cent in the mind and 10 per cent skill.” By Phil Lanning (@lannomedia)

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