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Article: Peter Wright Exclusive Interview - 1st Major Title

Peter Wright Exclusive Interview - 1st Major Title

Peter Wright claimed his first ever PDC Televised Major when he scooped the 2017 Coral UK Open Title with an 11 - 6 victory over the impressive Gerwyn Price. Wright started the event top seed courtesy of his No.1 UK open ranking, and was clear favourite with the bookies coming into the event on the back of his recent televised performances, including the second highest ever televised average of 119 in his win over Adrian Lewis in the Premier League. Peter's journey to Number 3 in the world and his first ever major title is a fascinating tale of setbacks, hard work and total self-belief, so we caught up with Peter following his maiden victory. [caption id="attachment_18389" align="alignright" width="300"] Coral UK Open Winner Peter Wright[/caption] Peter said "It feels absolutely amazing to win my first title and it’s been a long time coming, and I was so emotional when that winning dart went in as you can probably see as it meant so much to me and my family and especially my wife Jo who has done everything for me". Heading into the New Year Peter had developed his latest Mamba darts and was absolutely flying, reaching the Semi Final of the World Championships, and it seemed he may have finally found his perfect set, so when he appeared in the Premier League using his Diamond version we were naturally curious as to why? “The Mambas have been flying absolutely superbly, but there are a few times where I want the extra grip and feel that the Diamond offers me as it all depends on the conditions and how I’m feeling at that point in time. Heading into the Quarter Final with Barney I just couldn’t find the treble in the practice room so I switched to the Mamba’s and nearly took them out on stage, but turns out a quick switch back was all I needed as the Diamonds then flew as I wanted in what was another amazing game”. Peter’s game has improved year on year as his commitment to practice and winning are second to none, but he had started to attract the title of ‘The Bridesmaid’, with 5 runner up spots, albeit in the main to Micheal Van Gerwen. “I know I can win titles and I’ve never doubted that, but I have never got close to replicating my practice form in TV games that I just knew would start showing up, and a recent 134 average whilst playing Michael at an exhibition was a huge confidence boost that I’ve been working on the right things”. One of the world’s most popular players, Peter’s win was celebrated by hundreds of thousands of fans who love his heart and soul approach to the game whilst remaining as down to earth as ever and we asked how he did that “I love playing darts, it’s my life and I share that passion with millions of darts players around the world who would all love to do what I’m doing for a living so I never lose sight of that” said Peter. As a Team Peter and wife Jo are totally unique in darts and inseparable as a result, fighting through thick and thin to get Peter where he is today. Jo’s no nonsense approach to Peter’s game and image has been the alchemy helping Peter find his winning formula and they are as strong today as ever “I owe everything to Jo, she’s driven me on when I’ve been down, kicked me up the backside when I’ve needed it and kept our family strong and without her there’s no way I’d be where I am today and for that I’m very lucky”. [caption id="attachment_18390" align="alignleft" width="147"]Gerwyn Price, PDC UK Open, Final, Runner-up Runner-up Gerwyn Price[/caption] Peter faced fellow team mate Gerwyn Price in the final, and with the two of them close we asked what it was like playing against friend and rising talent Gezzy Price, “The first week Gezzy came on tour I could see we had a lot in common, he’s really professional on both his body and game and doesn’t take a backward step from anyone. We both wanted the title very badly and played to win, but it was great to share that winning moment with Gezzy who is a both a top guy and very classy player”. Peter faces James Wade in this week’s Premier League and then it’s off to Barnsley for the Players Tour at the weekend.

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