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Article: Bob Nixon Claims Double Top League Title

Bob Nixon Claims Double Top League Title

Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe With the majority of teams in the Sheldon and District Summer League having only three fixtures remaining not one of the four divisions is showing a possible winner. In division one current leaders Mackadown Social opened up a two points lead over second placed Iron Horse Flights when they beat them 5-3 while in division two just one point separates Willclare Sports and Social and Highwood KB’s after both teams chalked up big wins, Willclare handing out an 8-0 whitewash to their hosts Crown Arrows and Highwood winning 7-1 away to Holy Souls to give them ten points one fewer than Willclare. The position is even tighter at the top of division three with Yardley Ex Colts, after losing 6-2 at Ridgemere Social Flights now having the same ten points as their victors and head the table by just one single leg of average. Both of the top two teams in division four Fox and Goose and second placed Highwood Exiles won 5-3, Fox and Goose against Ridgemere Social Ladies and Highwood away to Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights, so the position remains the same with Fox and Goose holding on to their two points lead. Full Results:Week 7:Division One:- George ‘V’ 4 The Pirates (G.Green 180) 4, The Harvester 2 Sheldon Marlborough Arrows (J.Frost 180) 6, Mackadown Social 5 Iron Horse (J.Burdett 122f) 3, Division Two:- Holy Souls 1 Highwood KB’s 7, Crown Arrows 0 Willclare Sports and Social (D.Allen 180) 8, Division Three:- Inn on the Green 6 Small Heath Amateur Gardeners (S.Miller 171) 2, Ridgemere Social Flights 6 Yarldey Ex Colts (B.Law 180) 2, Meadway Sports and Social 2 Shirley RBL Misfits 6, Division Four:- Greville Arms 5 Langley Hall Sports and Social Ladies 3, Fox and Goose (S.Lysaght 180,117f) 5 Ridgemere Social Ladies 3, Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights 3 Highwood Exiles 5.
Leader of the Red Lion Premier League Paul Higgins added another two 4-0 wins over Tim Lowe and Dave Fisher to his tally in week seven to cement his position at the top of the table with 45 points. After missing last week’s games Mark Gwalchmai caught up by playing four this week. He began the night in eighth position and got off to a good start beating Mark Cater 4-0, despite recording a 107 finish he was held to a 2-2 draw by Jordan Ottley before finishing the night with two 3-1 wins against Steve Sidwell and Mick Bown to see him move up six places in the table to second just two points adrift of Higgins. Gwalchmai hit a maximum against Sidwell and his 107 checkout against Ottley earned him £5 for the week’s highest finish. Dave Heighway remains the only unbeaten player in the league as he accounted for both Mikey Harris and Michael Forsyth with 4-0 scorelines to put him on 41 points from 14 games, four less than Higgins but he has played one game more than Higgins and Gwalchmai. Full Results:Week 7:- Mark Cater 0 Mark Gwalchmai 4, Paul Higgins (16 & 18 darts games,180) 4 Tim Lowe 0, Mike Forsyth 1 George Drennan 3, Karl Wilson 0 Ken Hopton 4, Dave Heighway 4 Mikey Harris 0, Dave Fisher 2 Luke Coles 2, Jordan Ottley 2 Mark Gwalchmai (107f) 2, Steve Heeks 1 Lee Harris 3, Mark Henderson 1 Steve Sidwell 3, Mick Bown (18 darts game,180) 4 Mike Forsyth 0, Dave Heighway 4 Mike Forsyth 0, Mark Cater 2 Karl Wilson 2, Paul Higgins 4 Dave Fisher 0, Ken Hopton 1 Jordan Ottley 3, George Drennan 4 Tim Lowe 0, Steve Sidwell 1 Mark Gwalchmai (180) 3, Mick Bown 2 Lee Harris 2, Mikey Harris 1 Steve Heeks 3, Mark Henderson 3 Luke Coles 1, George Drennan 2 Dave Fisher 2, Karl Wilson 3 Dave Fisher 1, Mark Gwalchmai 3 Mick Bown 1.
With two games remaining in the Small Heath League East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association have won the title, an 8-1 results against second placed Gulp Tribe has put E.B.A.H.A. into an unassailable four points lead with 32 points from 18 games, Gulp Tribe are on 28 points and trail massively on average. Heartlands Club were also 8-1 winners in their fixture with Wagon and Horses and although they trail Gulp by four points they have three game remaining as opposed to Gulp’s two. Full Results:Week 19:- Heartlands Club 8 (Jim Frost 4x100, I.Jones 120b, G.McCormack 100b,100, C.Austin 170, M.Cain 100, John Frost 103b,100) Wagon and Horses 1 (G.Daly 100, J.Sayers 100, A.Cheshire 120,114, J.May 2x100, R.Hampton 100, A.Pearson 100), Emerald Club 6 (A.Fisher 100, M.Fisher 121) Cob’s Bar 3 (A.Lattimer 2x100,100b,110b, M.Atkinson 134, M.Turner 2x100), East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 8 (N.Davis 100,116b, L.Robinson 100, C.Wyatt 100, T.White 120b,100,117,140) Gulp Tribe 1 (N.Parsonage 3x100,105,112b, B.Carter 123, D.Heighway 100,2x140, J.Phipps 125).
With Sean O’Donnell not playing in week twelve of the Sheldon Social Dukes In House League he has lost pole position and dropped to second behind new leader Lee Molyneux whose 3-0 win over Mark O’Donnell has taken his total points to 28 two more than Sean O’Donnell but O’Donnell now has two games in hand on Molyneux. Although Paul Curry won 2-1 against fifth in the table Chris Cotter he has fallen one place to third and Cotter also goes down one place to sixth, Curry has 25 points from 12 games the same figures as fourth placed Paul Sunner who won his tie with Gary Groves 2-1, however Curry has won nine games and Sunner eight. Full Results:Week 12:- Perry Pudge (125) 3 Mark O’Donnell 0, Paul Sunner (125f) 2 Gary Groves 1, Simon Banks (121) 2 Steve Groves 1, Paul Curry (121,2x100) 2 Chris Cotter (100) 1, Phil Ashford (140,100) 3 Mick Hicks (100) 0, Mark O’Donnell 0 Lee Molyneux (140) 3, Rob Hicks (100,105) 1 Perry Pudge (114b,100) 2, Dave Field 2 Adam Plows 1.
Due to the bank holiday just one rearranged fixture was played in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League which saw Delph Bell beat Brewers Wharf 7-2 to keep them third in the table just two points behind leaders Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club and second placed Bulls Head (Netherton) who trail the top team by just two legs of average. Full Results:Rearranged Fixture:- Delph Bell 7 Brewers Wharf 2.
As early as week four in the West Midlands Men’s Super League and only two of the starting line up of sixteen teams are undefeated. Pheasant are top of the table on 25 point’s, they made it four straight wins with a 3-2 result away to Allens Sports Bar ‘A’ who are second in the table on 23 points. The other unbeaten team are reigning champions Landywood ‘A’ who are currently third on 21 points, their latest fixture seeing them win 4-1 at Cabin. Full Results:Match 4:- Staffordshire Knot 5 Bridgtown Social 0 (M.Dyke 4 R.Platt 2, C.Glover 4 M.Craddock 1, C.Wood 4 N.Pointon 2, M.Watkins 4 J.Routledge 1, J.Singh 4 P.Wyse 3), Allens Sports Bar ‘A’ 2 Pheasant 3 (S.Baker 2 M.Dicken 4, D.Nichols 4 J.Platt 2, N.Fullwell 4 S.Guest 2, R.Hosey 3 G.Baker 4, D.Simpson 3 J.Morris 4), Allens Sports Bar ‘D’ 4 Allens Sports Bar ‘B’ 1 (C.Williams 4 S.Bastable 1, P.Harrison 0 S.Jones 4, D.Oakes 4 M.Hampton 1, T.Edwards 4 T.Baker 2, A.Jacques 4 C.Hickman 1), Woodside Inn 2 Gilberts Bar 3 (J.Rollinson 2 J.Evans 4, L.Kelly 4 C.Hill 0, M.Moore 2 A.Quinton 4, R.Colley 4 M.Green 0, R.Pierce 2 G.Rollinson 4), Olde Queens Head 1 Wilson Hall ‘A’ 4 (N.Steventon 1 Ian Townsend 4, R.Smith 4 D.Redding 1, M.Greenwood 1 J.Lowe 4, M.Tedstone 2 D.Haden 4, C.Hall 0 P.Wells 4), Cabin 1 Landywood ‘A’ 4 (P.Williams 1 G.McGrandle 4, J.Webb 2 M.Dennant 4, P.Price 3 D.Chattoe 4, I.Stanton 4 G.Watts 1, S.Price 2 J.Hughes 4), Landywood ‘B’ 3 Three Diamonds ‘A’ 2 (T.Hateley 4 P.Hardman 0, A.Mcreedy 1 A.Bates 4, S.Gillam 4 T.Brennan 0, J.Auburn 4 J.Jefferson 2, D.Webb 1 S.Bourne 4), Wilson Hall ‘B’ 1 Allens Sports Bar ‘C’ 4 (C.Newton 1 D.Stewart 4, S.Hill 2 T.Aldridge 4, A.Galeb 3 L.Marson 4, M.Rutter 1 L.Venes 4, M.Roberts 4 D.Foster 0.
A 9-0 win over next to bottom of the table The C’s has seen Journeys End leap frog their local rivals Journeys End Flights and take over the number one spot in the Forest of Arden Summer League with 16 points from nine games, however second placed Flights have the same 16 points as their rivals but from an unbeaten eight games. The leading duo have a four points lead over third in the table Highwood KB who lost ground in the title race when they were beaten 7-2 by Crown Arrows who are fourth in the table and now just two points behind KB with a game in hand. Full Results:Match 9:- Crown Arrows 7 (J.Gaskin 125,100, R.Brown jnr 2x140,100, R.Brown snr 7x100, S.Brown 121,117, D.Field 2x100) Highwood KB 2 (G.Thomas 2x140,100, N.Wykes 140,100,137, T.Hobbis 2x100,121, W.Cooper 2x140,134, N.Byrne 140,120,4x100, A.Cooke 100, D.Memory 100,100f), Highwood Arms 3 (A.Thurman 100, P.Thorley 121, D.Hudson 115, N.Walker 4x100,125, B.Walker 100, K.Hull 100,125) Kingshurst Knights 6 (D.White 100,140, R.Derbyshire 101,125, K.White 140, K.Brush 100,116,125,115, J.Masefield 121,132,100), The C's 0 (L.Walker 100, G.Vasou 4x100,140,120, P.Richardson 100, R.McCarthy 100, S.Guidan 125) Journeys End 9 (D.Evans 2x100,140,115, P.Kingdon 121,120,125, R.Lawrence 135, G.Clinton 3x100,140, A.Howell 105, L.Barberan 100,121,180, J.Jennings 2x100,125,140).
Dave Duncan and Andy Hutchings have run the Crown at Olton Double Top League for over 30 years, sadly Dave passed away just four weeks into the new season but with the help of Sue Kingdon, Andy continued the season in which a total of 25 players did battle for the title and taking the top prize with a total of 64 points was Bob Nixon who lost just two games throughout the season. Nixon’s nearest threat came from runner up Tony Randell who finished the campaign six points behind him, a further six points adrift was third placed Andy Hutchings on 52 points. [caption id="attachment_25475" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Dave Duncan, Double Top League, Andy Hitchings, Bob Nixon, Sue Kingdon, Red Dragon Darts, Alan Towe Dave Duncan Double Top League - Andy Hutchings (Organiser), Bob Nixon (Winner) and Sue Kingdon (Organiser)[/caption] A total of 76 maximums were recorded throughout the season with Tony Randell and John Buckingham each notching nine, Buckingham also recorded the least darts which was twelve plus the highest finish of 164. The league’s doubles knockout was won by Tony Randell and Paul Nunn with Luis Barberan and Peter Kingdon runners up in what was a terrific final. [caption id="attachment_25476" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Dave Duncan, Double Top League, Andy Hitchings, Tony Randell, Paul Nunn, Doubles, Red Dragon Darts, Alan Towe Dave Duncan Double Top League - Andy Hutchings (Organiser), Tony Randell and Paul Nunn (Doubles Winners) and Sue Kingdon (Organiser)[/caption] It has been decided that from here on in, as a tribute and in memory of Dave the league will be known as the Dave Duncan Double Top League.
The Netherton Thursday Night League played off their doubles knockout and clinching the title with a final win over the Fairfield father and son pairing of J and S Green were J.Batham and R.Powers (Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club). The last four games saw Batham and Powers take out T.Johnson and D.Shilvock (Fairfield) while the two Green’s beat M.Hall and J.Wrench (Delph Bell). Full Results:Doubles Knockout:Quarter Finals:- M.Hall / J.Wrench (The Bell) 2 S.Purcell / B.Welch (Riddins Tavern) 0, P.Tonks / D.Brown (Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club) 0 J.Batham / R.Powers (Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club) 2, J.Green / S.Green (Fairfield) 2 L.Evitts / C.Raybould (White Horse) 1, N.Cartwright / S.Cartwright (The Bell) 1 T.Johnson / D.Shilvock (Fairfield) 2, Semi Finals:- M.Hall / J.Wrench 1 J.Green / S.Green 2, T.Johnson / D.Shilvock 1 J.Batham / R.Powers 2, Final:- J.Green / S.Green 0 J.Batham / R.Powers 3.
Week five in the Black Country Premier League and the top three continued their unbeaten run. Woodside Poachers added a 12-2 win at Cott A Lot Of That to their count giving them a total of nine points and a slight average advantage over respective second and third placed Blackheath Beechers and Black Country Belters who in turn won 11-3 at Hounds of Hasbury and 11-6 at Windmill Hill Warriors. Halesowen Hunters make up the top four, they like the three team above them are undefeated but had a bye this week and are now two points behind the three teams above them. Full Results:Week 5:- Brickmaker Big Dogs 10 Vintage Gamers 4, Cott A Lot Of That 2 Woodside Poachers 12, Britannia Bulldogs 11 Colley Gators 4, OQH Hunters 12 Hounds of Wynall 1, Hounds of Hasbury 3 Blackheath Beechers 11, Mighty Mitre 5 Shovellers 9, Windmill Hill Warriors 6 Black Country Belters 11, Brick Ay We 5 Silverend Sharpshooters 11, Halesowen Hunters had a bye.
Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ had a convincing 7-0 win against Delph Bell in the Brierley Hill Friday Night League in week six to keep them two points ahead of second place Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ who won 6-1 away to bottom of the table Fox Inn ‘A’ (Lye). As a result of their defeat Delph Bell drop three places to sixth but are level on eight points with second in the table Miners (Wollescote) who were 5-2 winners against Fox Inn ‘B’ (Lye) who go down three places in the table to seventh. Full Results:Week 6:- Pensnett Welfare Club ‘A’ 2 Pensnett Welfare Club ‘B’ 5, Britannia 1 Dudley Sports 6, Fox Inn ‘A’ (Lye) 1 Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ 6, Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 7 Delph Bell 0, Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’ 2 Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 5, Miners (Wollescote) 5 Fox Inn ‘B’ (Lye) 2.
The semi finals of their Rickuss Cup was on the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League’s fixture card which produced something of a shock result with Ivy Bush, who are sixth in the league table on 26 points, winning 4-3 against third placed The Vine who have 32 points. The second of the semis went more or less to plan as Island Inn won 6-1 against The Wonder. Full Results:Rickuss Cup:Semi Finals:- Ivy Bush 4 The Vine 3, Island Inn 6 The Wonder 1.
After a 4-3 defeat away to Riley’s in the Tettenhall Wednesday Night League last week Whitmore Reans WMC were quick to return to winning ways when this week they won 5-2 against Jones Road to keep them four points behind leaders ECC ‘A’ who handed out a 7-0 whitewash to their visitors Dog and Partridge. Full Results:Week 25:- Brewood British Legion 3 Moreton 4, Bull 4 ECC ‘B’ 3, ECC ‘A’ 7 Dog and Partridge 0, Swan Compton 3 Riley’s 4, Village Inn 2 Cleveland Arms 5, Whitmore Reans WMC 5 Jones Road 2.
The Nutan have opened up a four points lead at the top of the Wednesbury and Darlaston Wednesday Night League after beating second placed Black Horse 6-3. A 5-4 win over fourth in the table English Oak has given third in the table Staffordshire Knot ‘A’ the same 24 points as Black Horse after playing one game more than their rivals. Full Results:Match 20:- Churchills ‘A’ 6 Staffordshire Knot ‘B’ 3, Black Horse 3 The Nutan 6, Horse and Jockey 8 Churchills ‘B’ 1, Staffordshire Knot ‘A’ 5 English Oak 4.
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