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ARRON MONK completed a PDC Unicorn Youth Tour double with a 4-0 whitewash of Michael Smith in Sunday^s Event Three final at the Moorways Centre in Derby.

Monk followed up his triumph in Event One on Saturday by taking the £500 first prize ahead of Smith, who had also taken victory 24 hours earlier, in Event Two, but was denied a double by the Basingstoke youngster.

He began Sunday^s event with a whitewash of Co Stompe Jnr and also defeated Aaron Bateman, Jake Patchett, Jamie Lewis, Steve Haggerty and Sam Hill on his way to the final.

The victory means that Monk picked up £1,075 over the weekend - having lost in the Last 16 of Event Two - and is a huge boost for the youngster ahead of next weekend^s inaugural European Tour event, when he plays Raymond van Barneveld in round one.

"It^s absolutely brilliant, I^m over the moon," said Monk, who won the PDC Unicorn Under-21 World Championship in January 2011.

"This will be my last year on the Youth Tour and I want to make it count. My aim^s to win 14 of the 21 events so this is a great start!"

Monk also competed on the Youth Tour last year, but finished just 18th on the Order of Merit and was then defeated in the first round of the World Youth Championship.

"Last year was frustrating for me," he admitted. "I had a bad patch and was changing my darts and trying to improve my game, and it just didn^t happen for me on the Youth Tour.

"I^ve been practising for a while now with a different throw, where my darts flick up more in the board instead of laying flat, but I^ve never had the guts to try it in tournaments before this weekend.

"Chris Aubrey persuaded me to try in Derby because we^ve been practising together ahead of this and I^ve been hitting 180s and 140s for fun, so it^s a massive boost for my confidence that it^s worked so well."

Smith completed the weekend with £900 prize money, having reached the Event One quarter-final, won Event Two and been runner-up in Event Three, as he followed up his impressive opening on the PDC ProTour with success on the Youth Tour.

He defeated three of last year^s Youth Tour winners in Event Three, seeing off Reece Robinson, Ricky Evans and Adam Hunt, and also overcame Alexander Topper, Jack Hill and Aden Kirk.

Chester-Le-Street^s Hunt, who won last year^s first Youth Tour event in Derby, and Leicester^s Sam Hill were semi-finalists, while Aubrey, Evans, Steve Haggerty and Holland^s Dirk van Duijvenbode reached the quarter-finals.

The next weekend on the PDC Unicorn Youth Tour will see Events Four-Six played at the Rivermead Centre in Reading on May 19 & 20. Entry can be made via

PDC Unicorn Youth Tour Event Three
First Round
Chris Aubrey 4-2 Christopher Quantock
Paul Lee Cooper 4-3 Ben Songhurst
Matthew Dicken 4-0 Gordon Davies-Morris
Oliver Stell 4-2 Brandon Walsh
Rees Hall 4-2 Jordan Matthews
Kirk Deruyter 4-3 Ryan Hitchens
Joe Hunt 4-0 Joshua Richardson
Darren Whittingham 4-0 Liam Cooper
Sam Hill 4-1 Robert Marsden
Leon Bailey 4-3 Shane Friedlander
George Killington 4-1 Martin Walker
Curtis Hammond 4-3 Martin Heneghan
Kevin Wensink 4-3 Joshua Thompson
Harry Miles 4-1 Benjamin Sutton
Jake Patchett 4-3 Joshua Carter
Ryan Maher 4-0 Kirsty Haw
Arron Monk 4-0 Co Stompe Jnr
Aaron Bateman 4-3 Greg Falcus
Jamie Lewis 4-0 Ryan Kershaw
Shaun Griffiths 4-0 Mike Nissen
Dan Read 4-1 Ryan Herrington
Liam Stephen Showell 4-2 Jack Tweddell
Spencer Murphy 4-2 Liam Lewis
Matthew Dennant 4-1 Ryan Harrington
Sam Davidson 4-2 Craig Brown
Lewis Oliver 4-0 Ben Carver
Nicholas Day 4-2 Charlie Burns
Steve Haggerty 4-1 Daniel Wood
Josh Payne 4-1 Sean Ryan
Jake Jones 4-2 John Seagrave
Paddy Meaney 4-1 Matt Gallett
Jake Pennington 4-0 Shaun Frowen
Hermie van Orsouw 4-0 David Galaska
Dirk van Duijvenbode 4-0 James O^Connor
James Thompson 4-3 Adam Smith-Neale
Harry Lane 4-0 John de Kruijf
Josh Clough 4-2 Dan Dean
Adam Hunt 4-2 David Pallett
Rainer Hofweber 4-3 Scott Rollings
James Hubbard 4-0 Joe Harrison
Ash Khayat 4-0 Michael Blake
Jamie Landon 4-0 Derek Park
Jelle Muller 4-1 Ross Dalton-Short
Josh Jones 4-1 Kirsty Hutchinson
Thomas Chant 4-2 Dan Wheatley
James Smith 4-1 Luke Purcell
Curtis Bagley 4-0 Joe Thompson
Ricky Evans 4-0 Sam Hamilton
Kacey Jones 4-0 James Young
Reece Robinson 4-3 Jamie Green
Jack Hill 4-0 Carl Draper
Michael Smith 4-1 Alexander Topper
Aden Kirk 4-0 Chris Bradley
John Esam 4-3 Wouter Vaes
Anthony West 4-3 Marc Evans

Second Round
Chris Aubrey 4-1 Paul Lee Cooper
Matthew Dicken 4-0 Oliver Stell
Kirk Deruyter 4-2 Rees Hall
Darren Whittingham 4-2 Joe Hunt
Sam Hill 4-1 Tom Smith
Leon Bailey 4-2 George Killington
Curtis Hammond 4-1 Peter Browning
Harry Miles 4-0 Kevin Winsink
Jake Patchett 4-2 Ryan Maher
Arron Monk 4-0 Aaron Bateman
Jamie Lewis 4-1 Shaun Griffiths
Liam Stephen Showell 4-3 Dan Read
Brandonn Monk 4-0 Spencer Murphy
Matthew Dennant 4-2 Sam Davidson
Lewis Oliver 4-2 Matthew Hall
Steve Haggerty 4-0 Nicholas Day
Jake Jones 4-3 Josh Payne
Paddy Meaney 4-1 Jake Pennington
Dirk van Duijvenbode 4-3 Hermie van Orsouw
James Thompson 4-3 Harry Lane
Danny Slegers 4-3 Josh Clough
Adam Hunt 4-0 Rainer Hofweber
James Hubbard 4-1 Lee Whitworth
Ash Khayat 4-1 Jamie Landon
Josh Jones 4-1 Jelle Muller
James Smith 4-1 Thomas Chant
Curtis Bagley 4-1 Sam Hewson
Ricky Evans 4-0 Kacey Jones
Reece Robinson 4-0 Robert Raine
Michael Smith 4-2 Jack Hill
Aden Kirk 4-2 Daniel King-Morris
Anthony West 4-3 John Esam

Third Round
Chris Aubrey 4-1 Matthew Dicken
Darren Whittingham 4-0 Kirk Deruyter
Sam Hill 4-1 Leon Bailey
Curtis Hammond 4-2 Harry Miles
Arron Monk 4-3 Jake Patchett
Jamie Lewis 4-1 Liam Stephen Showell
Matthew Dennant 4-0 Brandonn Monk
Steve Haggerty 4-3 Lewis Oliver
Paddy Meaney 4-2 Jake Jones
Dirk van Duijvenbode 4-2 James Thompson
Adam Hunt 4-3 Danny Slegers
James Hubbard 4-0 Ash Khayat
Josh Jones 4-1 James Smith
Ricky Evans 4-0 Curtis Bagley
Michael Smith 4-1 Reece Robinson
Aden Kirk 4-1 Anthony West
Losers £50

Fourth Round
Chris Aubrey 4-1 Darren Whittingham
Sam Hill 4-1 Curtis Hammond
Arron Monk 4-2 Jamie Lewis
Steve Haggerty 4-2 Matthew Dennant
Dirk van Duijvenbode 4-2 Paddy Meaney
Adam Hunt 4-3 James Hubbard
Ricky Evans 4-2 Josh Jones
Michael Smith 4-2 Aden Kirk
Losers £75

Sam Hill 4-2 Chris Aubrey
Arron Monk 4-2 Steve Haggerty
Adam Hunt 4-3 Dirk van Duijvenbode
Michael Smith 4-2 Ricky Evans
Losers £100

Arron Monk 4-1 Sam Hill
Michael Smith 4-2 Adam Hunt
Losers £200

Arron Monk 4-0 Michael Smith
Winner £500
Runner-Up £300

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