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Article: Mitchell Clegg wins the Wauchope classic – written by Mitchell Clegg

Mitchell Clegg wins the Wauchope classic – written by Mitchell Clegg


here were 4 pools and each player played 8 games.

Two best finished players 1st and second places off each pool went through to the knockout series.

In my pool i finished undefeated with 8 wins 0 loses.

The quarter finals match ups went

Mitchell clegg vs tony farmer Mitchell winning 3-2
Brad Johnson vs Paul roughan brad winning 3-0
Greg clegg vs pip lancaster with greg winning 3-0
Dave whitmore vs scott johnson dave winning 3-1

Semi finals

Mitchell Clegg vs Brad Johnson

This match went with the walk whoever threw first won there was some big pegs to hold the walk with a 128 from brad johnson and a 108 and 96 from Mitchell
Mitchell was down 3-2 when he opened up with a 180 and came back with a 140 narrowly missin the 180 on his last dart and finshed it in 15 darts to take it 3-3 with mitchell winning the bull shot and won the leg in 16 darts with double top one darts to move into the final
and was up against Dave Whitmore

The final started going with the walk being 2-2 when broke the walk and was 3-2 up with the walk but Dave broke me back and we were back at 3-3 
I held my walk with peggin 74 with doubles tops my last dart while dave was waitin on 40 next leg scoring was even until Dave was waiting one 60 and Mitchell on 126 Mitchells walk I hit the treble 19 and then single 19 and bulls eye to win the match 5-3


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