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Article: L-Style Flights Product Review

L-Style Flights Product Review

Created by: Independent AIM Test Team With so many options flooding the premium fixed flights and shafts market we thought we’d take an in-depth look at the L-Style Flights and shafts system. It seems everyone is curious with how these flights and shafts perform, especially in view of how eye wateringly expensive they are. The AIM Team were sceptical about the L-Style set up so we set them a task to knuckle right down and seriously test them for months, with a few really decent players chucked in for good measure. Results:
  1. Superbly manufactured and look extremely good
  2. Puts the players’ mind in a positive disposition to them
  3. They create the impression of technological advance
  4. Firm fins produce a kind of glide effect that encouraged by this design
  5. Very durable and can end up being good value for money some lasting 6 months plus
  6. Reports of shafts lasting 2 years on forums
  7. Flights wise it depends how fussy you are about slight nicks etc. But weeks or more are possible from the same set.
  8. Much better with lighter darts seem to work superbly with anything from 10 - 18g helps to provide the feeling of using one piece of kit.
  9. Helps the dart feel like it’s one complete unit as they must maintain form & shape under the highest pressure or Pro’s ditch the idea and return to a more basic feeling.
  10. As barrel weight increases the gliding effect disappears and they seem less reliable, durable or ergonomic.
In short if you take points, shafts & flights deadly seriously L-Style can be a mental advantage for those with lighter style darts but the technical benefit is over stated, especially if you use a dart over 20g. So far on the Pro Tours only Jelle Klaasen has used L Style to great effect in steel tip. Cosmo’s FIT version is also creeping in over time and doing better but really that's because they are also a barrel maker. Overall Cost outweighs benefit and flexibility as these set ups can cost £15.00 or more for x3 shafts and x3 stems so £30 including spares, then there’s the bigger clumsy cases etc. all being a big commitment for many amateur players. If you have any feedback on L-Style drop us a line we’d like to hear our experiences.  

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