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Article: John Part

John Part

John Part only thinks about finals. Photograph: Andrew Boyers/Action Images

Alright John. How about a game of round the clock? Okay.

You have to go around twice and I go around once. Well, let^s see how you play first.

So it^s the World Championships? The big one? The one you prepare for all year? Yeah, it^s the big one. It^s the timing of it — they allow you a few weeks off where you don^t have to worry about being here or there.

Where does last year^s victory rank among your three titles? That^s a difficult question. Between 2008 and 1994 it^s hard to say between one or the other. It^s nice because they were opposite situations and I won both, which was cool. I was the young guy against the old guy [Bobby George] in 94, and I was the old guy against the new guy [Kirk Shepherd] last year. So they^re different things, but kind of complimentary to other. People ask me which win means the most and I always just think about the finals — I don^t have an extensive look at the run. From memory you just think about the final, you don^t think about the other matches. [Turns to board] I didn^t already do these ones, did I?

No, but you^ve done them now. If Small Talk could only hit three we^d be in business. So, what do you like to do outside of darts? I waste a lot of time watching films and television.

What do you like to watch on TV? I like some of the HBO type shows: Deadwood, Sopranos, that kind of thing. I watched Heroes, that^s kind of goofy.

Small Talk is a big fan of Deadwood, Al Swearengen is a hero. Deadwood is great. Unfortunately it^s dead.

Yeah, too expensive to make. Alright, Small Talk has got to pick up it^s game [wildly sends three darts anywhere but towards the seven]. What films do you spend all your time watching? I like anything that^s quality, The Wild Bunch is my favourite.

There^s a big Western theme to your viewing habits. Yeah, I^m a big John Wayne fan, I love all his films. Clint Eastwood, Burt Lancaster, all those guys.

Cheese or chocolate? Hmmm, cheese. There^s very little between them though. I^m partial to a nice Parmesan that has aged well. I try to stay away from chocolate — you eat a lot of chocolate a lot easier than you would eat a lot of cheese. I don^t really have a sweet tooth but when I do I tend to binge on chocolate. I don^t want to do that.

You^re on two or three. Oh yeah, I went bull, one, two, didn^t I?

Small Talk wasn^t going to remind you, but yeah, you did. What part of Canada are you from? Toronto.

Do you ever go to Newfoundland? Yeah. St John^s, Gander.

They^re strange people, aren^t they? Yes. They^re very proud of their heritage. They have for the most part a good attitude.

No argument here, they^re just buck mental. Oh yeah. Do doubles count?

Yes, although we should be handicapping you at this stage. Don^t take offence, but Newfoundland is kind of like Canada^s Ireland. It^s quite separate from Canada and has it^s own distinct personality. You have a chance here, I^ll go on doubles.

Small Talk is on 12, you^re on 13. I^ll try to throw doubles, oh there we go [Hits double 13]

Who would win in a fight, a lion or a tiger? A Tiger, it^s bigger and more aggressive.

Can I ask where you^re nickname [Darth Maple] came from? Are you a Star Wars fan? To an extent, I wouldn^t say I was overboard.

You wouldn^t have time to play darts if you were overboard. Who would warm you on those cold nights on the starcruiser, Princess Leah or Padmé Amidala? Princess Leah, but I^d call her Carrie Fisher. She had a good slave costume in that last film, The Return of the Jedi. [Small Talk hits 15,16 and 17 at one visit to the oche] Whoa!

Pressure is on you now, John. That^s good, that^s when I excel.

You started playing darts in a pub called the Unicorn and you are sponsored by Unicorn darts — is that a coincidence, or do you also have Unicorn wallpaper at home? Just a coincidence. That^s a good bar, live bands, the darts are still there. I think it used to be owned by the Irish Rovers.

Ha ha ha [Small Talk hits 19 and only needs 20 and the bull at the next visit for an historic victory] You have played against Anastasia [Dobromyslova], haven^t you? Yeah. She beat the hell out of me and she still lost 5-1. I could live with losing to her. Like I said before the match, ^I^ve lost to everyone else, so why would this make a difference^.

Do you think she has a right to be in the World Championship, on merit? Well, that^s a weird call. She is the reigning women^s world champion. Did I do 16?

No, you didn^t. You^ll never get the bull.

Small Talk is having trouble hitting 20 right now. But if Small Talk hits the bull it is doing a victory lap. How do you rate your chances this week? Pretty good. It^s there to be done.

Who are you most worried about? Me. Or Mark Dudbridge. Oh ho ho ho, you nearly beat me there.

[Agonising noises as the darts come tantalisingly close to bull] I^ve lost to him twice before, in consecutive years. Yay! [Genuine relief at hitting the bull and beating Small Talk]

Well done. Small Talk enjoyed that and it is probably the most significant warm up you will have. Thanks Small Talk.

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