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Article: Jamie Lewis Darts Insights

Jamie Lewis Darts Insights

Jamie Lewis rocketed himself into the global limelight with his run to the 2018 PDC World Championship semi-finals and his new darts helped guide him every step of the way. We’ll be taking an in-depth look into how his dart has been crafted to suit his throw on the oche and the dynamics of Jamie’s action. Dart Profile: Dimensions 23g 25g Barrel Length: 50.8 mm Barrel Length: 50.8 mm Barrel Width: 6.6mm Barrel Width: 6.9mm Jamie Lewis, Darts, Dimensions, World Championships, Red Dragon Darts Jamie Lewis’ 2018 dart specification saw a grip modification on his previous “Rasta” darts. The barrel remains a perfectly centre balanced parallel profile and has two banks of unique double cut, razor edge grip. The dart still favours a tapered nose to assist in closely packing the trebles and help minimise bounce-outs off the barrel. The Razor Edge grip is separated by a small section of three ring grip grooves that can act as a perfect reference point to keep grip and finger placement consistent. Grip Dynamics The two level 5 grip zones cover the full length of the barrel and have been specifically designed to accommodate Jamie’s rear-based full barrel grip. This combo of parallel dart profile and full barrel grip can also accommodate central and front grip styles alike. [caption id="attachment_35327" align="alignright" width="300"]Jamie Lewis, Darts Grip, Red Dragon Darts Rear focused, full barrel grip.[/caption] Focusing on Jamie’s grip specifically, he places the main pinch between his thumb and fore-finger on the rear grip zone. This is where he propels the dart from and provides the force in his hard, flat throwing style. Jamie then places his middle finger on front grip zone whilst his ring finger rests on the point. These are used to add precision to his aim at the target. These key finger positions were analysed by our engineers and multiple grip changes were tested with Jamie. The finalised sections of double cut Razor edge provide a perfect high level grip in the key contact points. We caught up with Jamie recently and asked him what his favourite aspect of the dart change, he said “The Grip! It’s absolutely amazing and they look so cool. I just love throwing them as they’ve really let me find my natural flow, as they have the grip in the exact place I need it” The central section of 3 grip rings not only gives the dart a stunning aesthetic, painted with Jamie’s signature red, green and yellow, but also serve as a perfect reference point for him to find the natural flow and consistent grip that he speaks of. [caption id="attachment_35328" align="aligncenter" width="803"]Jamie Lewis, Phil Taylor, Red Dragon Darts, World Championships 2019 Jamie takes aim on the Alexandra Palace stage at the PDC World Championships 2018[/caption] Throw Dynamics Jamie’s preferred setup of medium shafts and standard flights provide the perfect flight path into the board to suit his hard, flat throw. Lewis’ darts stick in the board at a 30/35 degree angle that is perfect for packing the trebles, evident in his 107.67 winning average against Peter Wright in the World Championships. Lewis slammed in 13 maximums in that match as he won 4-1 over the World Number two. As can be seen from to the right, the flight path to the target combined with the tapered darts nose allows for the next darts to impact off the first and provides the result of superb, tight grouping. You can check out Jamie's full range of darts by clicking the image below. Jamie Lewis, Dart Range, Red Dragon Darts

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