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Article: Jamie Cavens Bristol Diary:

Jamie Cavens Bristol Diary:

Got back late from Bristol last night. Had a good couple of days.

Saturday wasn^t so great as i lost in opening game to Michael Van Gerwen 3 sets to 1, but it was on the main stage and any chance of being is spot light is good. It was a good game too, he did play extra special though, his finishing was particularly good. The set I won was in 15 and 13 darts so it just shows you I guess.

Yesterday was excellent. Had a good run, beating Andy Jenkins 3-0 dropping only 1 leg. Then after my next win I played Dennis Smith in the group final. This was on the stage again so obvioulsy I was happy to come through that one especially after being 1 set down, and winning the match 3-1.

In the last 16 I was beaten by Gary Welding in an amazing match. I went 2 sets down - and only had won 1 leg in 14 darts. In the final leg of the 2nd set i was on 56 and he clocked out on 132 (bull, bull, d16!!!)

I then fought back to 2 sets all in quick time. What then followed was unreal. My darts final set - I went 140,85,180 to leave 96. He went 140,180,137 to leave 44. I missed 2 darts to go infront and he clocked the 44. Next leg I went 100,100,180 and missed bull for the 121 and didnt get another throw!

I didnt feel like i had lost as the match was amazing. It was good to be involved and especially playing so well. In the morning before the event, I had thrown a 9 darter in practise. I didn^t actually realise as I threw whilst chatting to a couple of the players - 174 then 177 I realised i was 150 away from it so when I hit the first 2 treble 20s I just threw at double 15 and it went in!

Oh well maybe I will save the next one for a match! That is the first one since the practise session at home which i hit one. Any how - onwards and upwards!!



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