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Article: Is the Singha Beer Grand Slam of Darts the most exciting event in the World?

Is the Singha Beer Grand Slam of Darts the most exciting event in the World?

The Singha Beer Grandslam of Darts, arguably the most exciting darts events of the year kicks off this Saturday afternoon with play from the group stages.

The best of the BDO and on-form qualifiers take on the established and battle hardened players from the PDC^s top rankings.

Make no mistake, despite the negative press that the qualifying system has created with the hounding of so called substandard players making a "PDC TV Event", this tournament is a must qualify for every player that has even the remotest shred of ambition to make cold hard cash whilst playing darts.  Why is this you ask? Well it’s the only event you can really benchmark your talent across the closing political divide of the BDO and PDC.

Players, dreamers, winners all get to really see where they stand in comparison to the best of the best without being thrown to Lions on your first night.  For those in the know this format offers a betting bonanza, with correct score games being one of the most lucrative options in the early stages.

The BDO boys are used to playing short format rapid fire games and there will no doubt be a few surprises early on. However, as the tournament lengthens and the pressure builds its hard to see past the usual suspects coming through into the latter stages – but hey we can still dream that a red hot qualifier may bolt from the pack and for a change someone else might just win, incidentally this is where our money is going this year.

Tune in to SkySports to catch all the action LIVE.


Saturday November 7 - Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm)

Groups E-H First Games


Rowby-John Rodriguez v Robbie Green (H)

Terry Jenkins v Jonny Clayton (G)

Robert Thornton v Geert De Vos (G)

James Wade v Michel van der Horst (F)

Keegan Brown v Mark Webster (F)

Gary Anderson v Larry Butler (E)

Phil Taylor v Martin Phillips (H)

Raymond van Barneveld v Andy Boulton (E)


Evening Session (7pm-11pm)

Groups A-D First Games


Kim Huybrechts v Steve West (A)

Jelle Klaasen v Steve Beaton (B)

Michael Smith v Wayne Jones (C)

Dave Chisnall v Mervyn King (D)

Adrian Lewis v Andy Fordham (C)

Michael van Gerwen v Mark Oosterhuis (A)

Ian White v Martin Adams (B)

Peter Wright v Scott Mitchell (D)


Sunday November 8

Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm)

Groups E-H Second Group Games


Evening Session (7.30pm-11.30pm)

Groups A-D Second Group Games


Monday November 9 (7pm-11pm)

Groups E-H Final Games


Tuesday November 10 (7pm-11pm)

Groups A-D Final Games


Wednesday November 11 (7pm-11pm)

Second Round x4


Thursday November 12 (7pm-11pm)

Second Round x4


Friday November 13 (7pm-10pm)

Quarter-Finals x2


Saturday November 14 (7pm-10pm)

Quarter-Finals x2


Sunday November 15

Afternoon Session (1pm-4pm)



Evening Session (7pm-9pm)


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